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  1. it appears to have the dark gray interior that would make it at least an 85, Mack on hood is definitely 80's. older style vertical louvers on radiator would rule out late 80's or 90's unless it was swapped. It is really tough to say for sure because really any of it could have been swapped. my guess is 80's though
  2. my guess is that they are long gone........
  3. i have a couple of the 2 inch ones, They are fairly small. I also have a few of the 4 1/4 bumper pole dogs
  4. the hood ones are around 6 inches bumper poles are about 4 1/4and the mini ones are about about 2
  5. break that down to inches. There are the full size ones on the hood then there are ones that are about 4 inches long then there are ones that are about 2 inches.
  6. To me, the prices seem very reasonable.....
  7. Thanks, I was able to get one from mack....
  8. somebody told be that switching from a zenith updraft carb to a stromburg sf-2 will fix all my problems.
  9. Please send a pic of the hood - see if it’s in better shape than mine. 




  10. never mind. Found it. The screw up by the throttle plate.
  11. Its hard to hind a solid set of fenders, but the earlier fenders are fairly straightforward to recreate. The domed fenders can be made to, but naturally it is more complex. If you couldn't source them locally, Melnick metal works in Ct. could replicate either as well as a hood from blueprints from the mack museum. I have a hood that would need some body work. If you are interested, I can send you pictures.
  12. Is that the t screw on the bottom of the carb bowl that sticks out at an angle?
  13. seems to be running well now, but it is idling substantially higher then before the magneto rebuild. Could his be related to the timing?
  14. also my magneto is a bosch zr4 with an impulse if that matters
  15. 2 questions if you could, Where is the upper air duct hand hole? and how do I unclamp the mag drive?
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