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  1. are they on spoke hubs or budds ? can you post pictures ?
  2. yep stud mounted, I had to remove it when I repainted the o'le girl
  3. my 89 RW has the econodine badge on the drivers side as well but not on the passenger side, its a factory v8.....for what ever that is worth
  4. I would have to check and see if I still have the sheet
  5. looks like dyed shag carpet !......cool looking little critter ought to be fun to hold on to with a frozen track link !!!!!
  6. Vlad, thanks for posting the pictures ! was nice to see stuff from your corner of the planet !
  7. but will she "blow a rod" if given a little either ?.....that's the real question here !
  8. Thanks for the well wishes guys, was a good day had a bull and heifer sale at the ranch, then had some cake and beer !
  9. the cold storage for apples is about the same 34 degrees a nice cool place to cool off during the summer and a good place to warm up in the winter. three days ago we almost hit 60, today 33 and a 20 mph wind, my poor little calves are a little confused about life right now !
  10. it appears that Herd don't offer one for the Rw. but I called and left a message, will see if they call back !
  11. So wed. afternoon a suicidal Doe leapt in front of the superliner, called the ins. co. and then the local Mack dealer, for front bumper and guard (upper filler plate) + hardware 3800.00 The guard is available but not in stock , dealer would need to buy 5 at 700 ea. to get me one ( I will have one made locally ) but I almost don't even want to tell the ins. co the bumper is 2500.00, better be some awesome chrome !
  12. The only complaint I ever heard of on the KT series was the aluminum front cover failing prematurely, Figenshow lumber had a 600 and a 450 in two powerliners , the 450 had several front covers replaced.
  13. I would have thought the 1693 was done prior to the first superliners, I have seen several 3406 factory models
  14. "CLICK"............"BOOM"..............PROBLEM SOLVED !
  15. Seattle Mack used to sell two kits for them, the minor parts kit (std. kit you get now) and a major kit (included the shift drum) I used to get them in the late 80's thru the early 90's
  16. do you remember the part # for the drum inside of the shifter as well ?....I don't need one this is just a test ! I can never get a parts man any more to get one, only the soft parts kit + the detents
  17. when you say it wont start, and you are checking battery voltage I assume you are saying it wont crank over ? If this is the case, you could have a cylinder full of coolant (caused by a cracked head or failed head gasket as a result of the overheating ) or you could have spun a main or rod bearing due to the low oil level .
  18. hell I'm just impressed some one can spell "trebuchet" properly ! I knew I was butchering it but figured everyone could figure out what I was saying !
  19. I heard tonight on the radio that the annual pumpkin chucking contest is suspended pending a lawsuit from a injury caused at last years show. my question is why cant we get the guy with the big treburgie and load this terrorist into the contraption and give him a fling?......problem solved+ entertainment !
  20. its amazing that the low rpm pressure is that good with a broken spring, the pressures that your e-9 runs are the same as mine.
  21. Mack needs the DNA of the guys who designed these rigs and implant their current designers ........well according to me anyways , just need to make sure this time they are over 6 foot tall so the cab fits
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