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  1. If you are still going to plow with it. I would not want to engage a trans mounted pto every-time i wanted to raise the plow.
  2. I wonder how much it would add to the cost? As much as i hate new trucks and try to live with KISS as my motto, This is tempting. I know i get in and out of my cab at least a hundred times a day to move a couple feet.
  3. I was attempting to making a sarcastic comment about your average Peterbilt fan boy having to associate with trucks he most certainly looks down his nose at.
  4. My 1989 overhaul manual says that the 300L and the 400 are both 16.5 to 1 compression ratio and interestingly the both use the same nozzles. I don't know if cam timing is the same though. I would check with a parts dept to see if they both use the same timing gears.
  5. Many gliders are Paccar and many glider engines are series 60. Yet when you have trouble on the road good luck finding Detroit help(parts/knowledge) at a Paccar dealer. Drivers would be better off heading to DTNA... how humiliating😉.
  6. How long until this comes to the U.S. ? Perhaps Mack?
  7. Generally i think that is about right... However there is always the exception... maybe these rears were swapped.
  8. My my RW713s has no x in its model name even though a similarly speced RD or DM would. Whats up with that?
  9. My 1987 RD686SX. Not much difference except for the tubeless tires and previous owner converted the front to hub pilot.
  10. the bottom one sure does look like its a peterbilt underneath.
  11. is there any advantage of taking a front axle made for grease and running oil in it? thats what it looks like they have done here.
  12. Why would anyone buy a new truck from a manufacturer they know is going to gouge them on parts.. eventually? Seems kind of short sighted.
  13. i've seen good and bad chinese tires. Mostly when i buy tires i buy a made in the usa tire(ameristeel d460 ..used to be general) from a foreign owned company( continental). because that is what i have gotten the best service from "price underselling" isn't that selling below the cost of production in order to gain market share? You talked of the "club" but didn't mention the USW... i'am sure those guys want to keep making wages that i'am pretty sure exceed the wages in china.
  14. Do you disagree with the findings... or just dislike protectionism in general.
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