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  1. Good to know that they will bolt in. What about compatibility with different side gears and axles/splines? Please share more info about which ones are the same.
  2. the carriers are different numbers 92/93 vs. 112/113. the easy way out is to sell the 58,000 and buy what you want. IMHO you won't be gaining much in comfort. i run 58k camel back everyday and don't think they ride any worse than 44k/46k.
  3. Are the question marks related to the nomenclature? 12.00r24 . I was recently scolded by the tire salesman when i asked for 11r24 tires. he tried to get me 11r24.5 tires. when i told him that was not what i wanted. He says " you mean 11 hunderd R 24".
  4. Can you elaborate as to the disadvantages of stopmaster brakes? I have them on two trucks but i'am not an expert. The first truck( 361 brockway) has served me well but i just got the second one( DM685).
  5. not much information there about anything really
  6. My 81 RD and any newer macks i have been in it activates only with the key on. I was only concerned about the small current draw ... not much i know but the truck may sit for extended periods of time. If i don't wire it through the relay i will probable just install a master disconnect ( probably a better option anyway).
  7. i'am working on a 1975 dm685sx . The volt gauge is always on. i checked the wiring diagram i have and it does not showthe gauge to be wired through the relay that comes on with the key. This doesn't seam right to me..is it?
  8. Hi do you know anyone selling 10.00x22 tyres I’m in the uk and in need of two doesn’t matter if there used thanks Steve 

  9. and those drive tires look small
  10. Interesting how we all like different things. i much prefer the pre-facelift hood. I do wish the 87 RD had the air-ride cab that the green one has though. Not exactly sure why but The superliner rides like a cadillac compared to the other two.
  11. You know whats funny so do i. What a dummy. well i'll change my answer rd-690 is a maxidyne made after 1987. seriously i have an 87 rd686 and the remnants of a 88 rd690 only big difference is 88 has a em6-300L and t2060 and the 87 has em6-300 and a TRXL107
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