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  1. Hi do you know anyone selling 10.00x22 tyres I’m in the uk and in need of two doesn’t matter if there used thanks Steve 

  2. 6368

    Bulldog stance

    and those drive tires look small
  3. Interesting how we all like different things. i much prefer the pre-facelift hood. I do wish the 87 RD had the air-ride cab that the green one has though. Not exactly sure why but The superliner rides like a cadillac compared to the other two.
  4. You know whats funny so do i. What a dummy. well i'll change my answer rd-690 is a maxidyne made after 1987. seriously i have an 87 rd686 and the remnants of a 88 rd690 only big difference is 88 has a em6-300L and t2060 and the 87 has em6-300 and a TRXL107
  5. I think you are close but not quite. 685=237 686= maxidyne 6 cylinder with intercooling( tip turbine or cmcac) before e7. This number was used on two and four valve engines 690= maxidyne e7 688 = econodyne an S after these number indicates tandem drive These numbers are humbly submitted from my own experience/memory i welcome any correction .
  6. No answers for you, but i would be curious to know.. if you started two qts. low( should be half way between add and full) and ran the steep route . would it continue to loose oil?
  7. Good Luck with your new truck
  8. Easy way to check ground . Run the alligator clip end of your test light back to the battery box (or starter) and hook it to positive. Now check your wire with it. Once you have established whether you have ground or not everything will be easier. Also never take wire colors for granted ..check everything. leds only work one way( unlike an incandescent bulb) so make sure they are not hooked up backwards.
  9. 6368

    mack dm800 value?

    Nice Truck. I personally wouldn't be able to value it for you: however, When you are able to put a price on it please post it back on here . i'am sure that there will be interest on this site.
  10. Does the axle shaft you removed match the bolt patter on the hubs they sent you? also what bearings did they send you . Most 38, 40, 44 have a 3.750 id on the inner bearing ...yours 3.6250
  11. Thats what i was thinking it would look like. I believe that is 44000 with stud pilot.
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