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  1. 6368

    Roto brake can?

    I wish i was. I just checked Barry's site they are cheaper there $681 thats everything to do both doors.
  2. 6368

    Roto brake can?

    Their parts pricing is attempt to make older macks more expensive to work on. Example: i got a quote from Transedge last week for door gaskets and cat whiskers on a drivers door (95 RD).... over $500. Thats insane. Mack always had the lowest cost of ownership Volvo certainly fixed that.
  3. I have a 1987 rd686 with the chassis mounted air cooler. The em7 vs em6 makes the most sense. What confused me was several of these rd690s are before 1989 i thought that was when the em7 came out.
  4. Can someone tell me what is the difference between an rd686 and an rd 690. I thought it was just a year thing but now i'am not sure. Maybe the 686 has only 6 speed and 690 has 7 spd or more Maxitorque gears.
  5. Update . I ordered a new bumper for the 96 from valley chrome. I'll post pictures when it gets here. Mack dealer wanted $1400 (ouch!) Valley Chrome should be less than half that.
  6. I recomend GE. I got this one second hand about eight years ago. I think it says 1954 on the back.
  7. 6368

    New to BMT

  8. Surely you jest. My mack dealer has hard time finding a fuel filter.
  9. In this photo( borrowed from FB) They are both extended mounting swept back channel types, but only the one on the right is deeper and has center tow. Could someone tell me a part number for the one on the right and what parts would be need to change from the style on the left . Thanks
  10. Looking at replacing bumpers on an 87 and a 96. The 96 has a hendrickson 7643 on it now, and the 87 has a 7644. When looking at images of other peoples trucks i sometimes see a bumper with a center tow hole. Was this always an option? The bumpers look the same from the 80s up until cv granites . are they interchangeable? What is needed to mount it?
  11. 6368

    1994 Mack DM690S

    can anyone else see these? Apparently i don't have the app

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