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  1. I purchased this kit from Donnie at Global truck. My serial number doesn’t match the line card on my truck...... This kit is a complete conversion from stud pilot to hub pilot. 12000lbs front axle 38000lbs. rear bogey. Bearings,seals,drums all around,front and rear hubs,studs for dual aluminum in the rear and nuts,etc.... Located in ThunderBay,Ontario, Canada. Cost me $5500 Canadian funds. Make an offer. Rob.
  2. @Timmyb What style of hub assemblies were you running on those axle housing’s? Stud pilot, spoke, hub pilot? You also mentioned on your 38,000 pound unit your inner bearing was a 598A And you’re outer is the hm617049/hm617010 combo. Any idea the number on the hub assembly that was on that particular axle? Thanks, Rob.
  3. @Timmyb Any idea what the outer bearing numbers are?between your 38,000 pound and your 44,000 pound spindles?
  4. @Timmyb If you don’t mind, that would be fantastic! Mack is telling me that this truck originally came with 44,000 pound rear ends. The original rear spring packs consisted of 11 leaf springs. Mack is Telling me the original number for the rear spring packs that came with it is 3QK5333P57
  5. Would anybody know these part numbers that I posted? Those two emails came directly from Mack Manitoba,Located in Winnipeg. Any help would be much appreciated.
  6. Yes Rob, I replaced the trunnion due to the fact that the shaft was completely worn out on my existing stand, they are bronze greaseable bushings. The original Mack Camelback spring packs have been replaced With aftermarket ones, hi did not look at the old ones as far as numbers being stamped on the T ends of the original packs. Global truck was able to find out the same information that the Mack dealer in Winnipeg told me. The carriers were swapped out by a old Mack dealer here in Thunderbay years ago. They removed the CRD/92/93 carriers that had a ratio of 4.42 and replace them with CRD/92/93 4.17 ratio carriers according to Mack Winnipeg . Both the front axle and both of the rear end axles were converted from spoke to stud pilot According to Mack Winnipeg.
  7. Yes they are Mack top loaders CRD92 &CRD93 carriers 4.17 ratio camel back suspension 60” axle spread. @Rob where are you saying the information is on these axle housings? My top load carriers are stamped with their own information, i’m going to post a picture of the axle tag that I found on the housing, apparently a company called Hayes-Dana Inc. built these housings. serial#B310 144634 part #19QF5236 date-8/22/84 high strength steel
  8. The seals that global sent me are SKF 42673 The OD fits, the ID of them is too small. The seals that are currently on my truck are 309-0960 which crosses over to an SKF 48000. The id is 4.75 and the od is 6.25. @Rob I found the stainless steel tag on the front rear end housing, but you’re saying that there will be stampings directly on the steel bowl of the axle housing itself?
  9. My existing axles matched the new hubs that they sent me. Global sent me bearing sets 426 and 421
  10. @6368 Is that rare? Is that why the bearings are oversized? You wouldn’t happen to know the hub number that matches up with these 44,000 pound housings would you?
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