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  1. https://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucitsrh/?sl=91QSCI18091601 This is the oldest one I have seen for auction on this site yet.
  2. Chicago R models

    Big surprise there most of those outfits ie palumbo in the "buddies" club with the Chicago unions and politicians end up in prision or slapped on the hand somehow for screwing the tax payers out of millions.
  3. Its cold here.

    Been either single digit or below zero most of the last two weeks right now its raining and freezing on everything it lands on its global warming I tell ya ha ha.
  4. Chicago R models

    That's what happened to this guy he hit the ground head first on the other side of the truck.
  5. Chicago R models

    Usually the trailer will go over then like in slow motion the tension in the frame will snap the tractor over in the blink of an eye I saw a guy get hurt pretty bad that way years ago. They were dumping fill in a marsh his trailer wasn't at the top of the second stage yet and it gently laid over on the passenger side. The guys name was Buddy he got out and was standing on the fuel tank on the drivers side and the spring tension in the trailer flipped the tractor over too one of the bad attributes of frame style dump trailers..
  6. Chicago R models

    The soft fresh snow like the video shows isn't bad and if you hit something while pushing up that plume of snow you would never know it its the hard packed snow drifts that are dangerous for those you use one of these. You can hear how they notch it up a bit and pull back as not to pack the rotary tight with snow.
  7. Chicago R models

    Its kind of like this if your the first down the line after a night of blowing snow tough to see the whistle boards coming up on the crossings in this video you can see one before hitting the heavy snow.
  8. Chicago R models

    That lindahl truck is hauling snow I remember that storm we were punching holes through it with locomotives had to be careful not to ride up on the hard drifts and derail ourselves. Had to really watch and be ready with the brakes around bends you come up on a nine or ten foot drift the weight of the consist would push you right up on the snow hard to believe something as heavy as a locomotive could be derailed by snow.
  9. Its cold here.

    I have had many a ride up front in old 9911A its hard to believe that unit was built I believe in 1940 and still runs out the way it does they had her up to 80 MPH on that trip. That freight train was sided up to let the zephyr pass as it was on the main but its a real shame they didn't save that locomotives cab less B unit before it got scrapped.
  10. Its cold here.

    That was the hard part for me when I first sat on the conductors side of the locomotive while riding with a family member who was an engineer back in the 60s. Didn't take long to get used to though some of the lines in southern Wisconsin got bretty rough though.
  11. Its cold here.

    Alcos were great locomotives the UP owns the only steam locomotive also an alco built in 44 never retired from service. Alcos were always great for pushing out the blackest diesel exhaust ruining the tree huggers day.
  12. Its cold here.

    This is one of the best videos for the whine the two stroke roots blown V16 567 makes while being notched up watch how this guy bounces around like being in a truck. Nice old original barrel style control stand which are all gone now I'm just glad we still had a lot of the older units in service you never forget the sound of these this was a single engine unit the E9s had two of these in each unit..
  13. Its cold here.

    Some of the older EMD reversed the generator to start them some were equipped with twin air starters turning the ring gear some were electric most of the older units we worked with had the V16 567s which were 567 cubic inches per cylinder then they were upgraded to 645s. The EMDs are a two stroke and had massive roots blowers when notched up if you were in the car body your ears really took a pounding.
  14. Its cold here.

    It cant be that cold there the thermal indicators are not sticking out yet.
  15. Its cold here.

    I remember our 91 R models would start great in the cold even the ones with 500K on them it was more of a problem keeping them from freezing up during the day while running with them.