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  1. Would you be willing to put the front axle on a pallet for me to have shipped and are the rear axles from a camelback suspension set up?

    1. keg1


      I probably could. It has the taper leaf rear suspension.

    2. ranchhopper


      Found out today its going to be at least two more weeks before they bring me back to work so I really don't want to have to pay to ship them right now. It always works out that way free stuff but shipping is the deal killer.

  2. Hendricksen with mack axles.
  3. I certainly remember those trucks passed them numerous times a big guy with a big beard was always behind the wheel. He was never in a hurry always kept a slow steady pace you can always tell an old school guy who owned the truck he drove by the way they treated it. These guys who own their trucks nowdays beat on it like it was somebody elses a totally different mind set from the old school guys kind of sad really.
  4. That yellow RL looks like the one Mike drug off to iowa.
  5. You may have to redrill the holes everything would have to be moved back because of the long hood the R model has a shorter hood.
  6. I will get the measurements to you today I believe they are longer than a standard R model box.
  7. They are 21 feet long and I'm about a eighty or so miles from peru I know that because I used to go down to princton twice a day for mushroom compost and run them into Chicago.
  8. I have a set of good aluminum frame rails sitting here from a Hayward R model they are straight no cracks $400 for the pair they have been sitting here for a long time if they don't sell this week they get cut up for the scrapper. I would post pictures but for the last week the site keeps kicking them back saying they are to big if you want pictures I can send them to your email.
  9. Having a problem too says the pics are too big.
  10. I have a decent set of battery box covers from one of my Hayward macks they are pretty dent free one has a repair under the hold down but good for a working truck make offer I can ship these if needed. For some reason it wont let me attach more than one picture I will try to load the pics of the other side later today I also have a pretty much perfect set of these from my parade truck too I made a couple sets of them from polished aluminum diamond plate for the trucks so these are no longer needed.
  11. This is an old steel dash Hayward truck I was wondering what engine this has in it its supposed to be an all mack truck the VIN looks to be a pretty low number.
  12. I put in nine hours pushing snow sunday night and seven hours last night doing the same thing I'm walking around in a stupor from lack of sleep.
  13. The old stuff is always the best I had signal stands too they worked like the ones you see at the grade crossings they made some great stuff when we were kids I feel sorry for the plastic generation their stuff will be long gone in the landfill way before they have kids.
  14. Isnt it funny how when you get deep into a hobby it turns into a money pit I'm going to start making battery box covers for my macks out of polished aluminum diamond plate and I'm going to make enough of them to sell some trying to help pay for my hobby. I have a nice new sheet metal finger brake to bend them up and I am going to practice my aluminum MIG welding to make them look nice. I should be able to sell them for half what they get for a polished aluminum battery box cover and mine will be polished diamond plate I'm going to make them for western and regular R models.