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  1. Wow that's a smoking deal there but shipping may be a bit pricy if they will even make the effort to box them up..
  2. Heres one before they took it off the truck they sent me pictures of them so I could see what I was getting.Good thing is they are giving me the brackets and the bonnets too most want to sell you the unit itself but want to charge extra for the straps and bonnets. I think going with a smaller 11 inch unit helps with door clearance and weight on the cab panel mountings and seeing there is going to be two of them restriction will not be a problem.
  3. I just bought a pair of 11 inch stainless donaldsons with the mounting brackets for 500 going to be another 100 or so to get them here.
  4. I have an air ride cab set up from a superliner two but it will work under R model style cab includes mounting bracket, air bag, shocks and leveling valve its complete 125 dollars or best offer.
  5. I'm going with intakes from an international stainless steel bonnet type and 11 inch diameter less interference with the doors.
  6. A friend and fellow amvet sent me this picture this morning of a truck he designed the paint scheme and painted for celli for the 76 bicentennial.
  7. OK you had me worried a bit.
  8. Seems Brad has gone over to the dark side I saw a peterbilt with stark on the doors the other day it almost looked like farmers old lowboy truck.
  9. At least they didn't bend that nice chrome bumper.
  10. Down in the st louis area.
  11. There is a guy in Missouri with four of them he wanted 50 each they were western model tanks no built in step was advertising in CL I bought the aluminum air tanks he had,
  12. Its a fact the civil war was fought over states rights not slavery it just sounded better to add that to the list.
  13. Most guys that drive equipment owned by a large corporation don't treat it like its their own and of course the union attitude is they are always screwing me anyways so make them pay for it. As far as meeting UPS standards your right on my account because I still think for myself and am not a union robot you couldn't pay me enough to get like that.
  14. We run R and RD models hauling gravel to the yard everyday eight loads a day each 45 mile round trip per load. Our old trucks run the most miles all day while the CH and visions haul manholes and pipe less than half the mileage our old R do and we have less problems with the old trucks. Our oldest is an 87 and mine is the newest and its 17 years old if I were an owner operator give me an old superdog or R model any day over a vision. I'm not big on having to have the air ride and other niceties just a good reliable mechanical engine truck that most old school guys like me can work on and don't need an engineering degree. Most guys forgot what makes the money is plain simplicity these kids who cant run a truck unless its got 500 or better horses under the hood and cold AC are not real truck drivers most couldn't jury rig a truck to cripple it back in the shop now they have to be rescued with a wrecker. I can get down off my soap box now I have expressed how I feel about the new age "trucker"