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  1. Found these old tankers on a auction website the lettered one is a 62 and the green one a 68. That little gem of a low boy is out on the west coast I would love to buy it but getting it back may prove to be more expensive than the initial cost of the trailer. I see it has new tires and had the brakes and brake chambers all replaced supposed to be a military low boy pics show no rust underneath.
  2. Why don't they make a jammer for cell phones after the engine starts in the car the phone should be disabled. The phone will work if the car is in park or the driver gets out this eliminates the distracted driving from texting and talking. We wont need this extra crap put on trucks another of many expenses owner operators or companies could do without if we could stop the distracted driving. Better yet go back to manual steering and four speeds most don't have the coordination to drive and talk and text this way could you imagine the whining that this would cause.
  3. That's fine but if you ever feel the need to sell it PM me or holler at me on facebook.
  4. Mike what are you going to do with the yellow steel dash RL you picked up a summer or two ago the one without rear axles.
  5. You have to run route 20 to see me I did see petermack today at 47 and 72 though.
  6. The only problem with this is you will feel compelled to fill the open space up with more toys.
  7. I have a radiator from my western R sitting in the shed if you need parts.
  8. I remember when Kottke landscaping bought one in the 70s brand new with a 430 Detroit I always thought it was a real nice truck even though being a cornbinder.
  9. I would like to get a set of steel chrome plated tube type wheels for my RS there are tons of new tube type 1100X20 G177 tires for sale from the military I can get them for 100 dollars apiece.
  10. The wire harness on the 79 is about all the same color the 88 harness is all different color wires would be much easier to put back together by color if I could find the diagram. All the wire diagrams in the wiki section here are older trucks with the same as my 79.
  11. I wish I had seen this earlier took my old superliner cab off yesterday and took it down to the scrap yard.
  12. That was a Bell lowboy truck that's what he calls it too ole stubby I need to acidize my trailer its pretty dirty but with the dust its hard enough to keep the tractor clean.
  13. Saw you today on 20 in the red and black pete I'm surprised you recognized me my truck doesn't look even close to what the rest of the gravel fleet looks like.
  14. Stan and Lisa stopped by yesterday they were taking it for a sunday drive.
  15. It was probably your dad then I heard you were a bit surprised to find out Stan Guess had bought that old red B model.