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  1. Chicago R models

    I don't see them going cheap big out fits like that always get decent money unless the trucks have rust jacked double frames.
  2. Cummins V903 Celebrates 50 Years in Service

    The military used lots of them to power boats the big problem with these is they were very easily damaged by over revving or overheating them.
  3. 1920 Packard

    Not many know it but Packard teamed up with another company and produced deuces for the military in the early 60s I had a few dated 1963.
  4. 1920 Packard

    I have owned many prewar packards stuck engines never fazed me a mixture of diesel and transmission oil down each plug hole has never failed to free them up.
  5. Set of spiders off mack axles

    I'm not sure if they will fit these came off mack axles but I couldnt say for sure if they would work for you.
  6. Bell housing off mack engine

    Have a good bell housing off a 237 will sell for 100 dollars or best offer.
  7. Set of spiders off mack axles

    I have a set of spiders came off a 73 R model with mack axles 100 dollars for all four need to clean out the shed brake shoes are still on them wont let me load pics they are all in good shape send email address if interested I can send pics.
  8. Rw cab

    Check heavy truck parts ,com I bought mine there all different vendors are listed found one in California they wanted 2500 for it got it for a grand spent 500 to ship it here but it was complete and rust free.
  9. Chicago R models

    That's a pretty nice truck for Berkeley I see some really beat up Berkeley RDs going up and down rt 20 lately
  10. Superliner Engine cross member

    That piece doesn't look to hard to make.
  11. Rw air line diagram

    Me too I recabbed my 79 RW 713 with an 89 cab now I have to replumb the air lines behind the dash everything was so covered in oil I took it all out to clean it up. I could eventually figure out where the ones I didn't label go but a diagram would be so much quicker.
  12. No more Boy Scouts

    I three works "because they can" is why they have to be let into the scouts. We have a starving lawyer lurking under any rock big enough to slither under looking to make a name for their self taking these cases. Just like the bakery the liberals tried to ruin because they stood on their beliefs and wouldn't bake a couple queers (yes lets call them what they are) a wedding cake because bakery owners and us here know its just WRONG. They could have just walked away to another bakery but we all know what happens when one refuses a liberal cause their enforcers (liberal media) go into action to run them into bankruptcy. I really feel for my grandchildren the world has been corrupted and I might say in a very short span of time. All I have to say is rock on Trump keep smashing down all the liberal crap they have been slowly ruining our country and with it the boy scouts, girl scouts and other extra curricular activities our kids have been enjoying for many decades.
  13. Yes I still have the air ride set up for the rear of the R model cab.

    1. Junior9009


      Could you send me some pics of it please?

  14. 750 Mile Road Trip

    Bring some chains and binders we had the big john spade unit put on a ford 8000 chassis in Arkansas almost 40 years ago and drove it back to Illinois. We used the binders and chains to pull it down tight into the cradle to keep it from bouncing around while driving it on rough roads and take the wear and tear off the lift cylinders.
  15. Chicago R models

    Or sometimes you get a real dumb ass that has left the lever down in the down position draining all the oil from the hoist. I seen one do this as they pulled it forward with a chain with no oil in the hoist the box slams down pushing the tractor into what they are pulling it forward with it was pretty comical for me and real costly for the owner of the truck. All I could do is shake my head in disbelief and remind myself these people drive the same roads as my wife and kids.