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  1. ranchhopper

    1975 RS685LT

    I have a pair of hayward mack battery box covers sitting in the shed.
  2. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    Yeah you do just not physically.
  3. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    That's not information I want spread around yet they don't know.
  4. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    Im going to retire and have to downsize right now where I live I don't have a place to park it indoors and hate to see it sit outside to let the weather ruin it. My insurance company wants to raise the rates because of the liability of people riding in the back too. I will turn it back into a semi tractor if it doesn't sell and just do truck shows with it. I thought I would just put it out there to test the waters and see if there is a good market for it Im not eager to sell it but will if the right person and cash come along.
  5. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    1974 RS700L semi tractor has military cargo bed on truck with fold down troop seats for doing parades can be easily converted back to a semi tractor. Truck has a custom interior polished aluminum wheels all the way around with new tires both drive and steer axle. Has a fantastic running 237 with a five speed site wont let me upload pics I will send them to you if you PM me your email address would like to get 10K much more invested truck has won numerous awards both in parades and shows call 847-468-9676 anytime I will answer any questions you may have.
  6. ranchhopper

    Set of budds front wheel hubs

    Im 40 miles west of Chicago I still have them.
  7. ranchhopper

    Complete trunnion and camelback rear suspension.

    Rubber bushings in the saddles drums are outboard its budds wheels not hub piloted so there is a outer and inner set of lug nuts.
  8. ranchhopper

    Complete trunnion and camelback rear suspension.

    The carrier ratio is 417 not sure of the weight rating either 38000 or 40000.
  9. I have a complete R model rear suspension for sale has budds wheel hubs newer brakes and drums. Person I got it from put new bearings and seals in it has new driveline seals as well. Carriers were taken off and resealed the trunnion stand has no rust or cracks $2200 or best offer.
  10. ranchhopper

    Superliner I steering gear

    I have a good usable axle mounted steering gear for a superliner one $250 or best offer I can ship if needed.
  11. ranchhopper

    Rebuilt 300 plus tip turbine engine for sale

    Yes I still have it and its in northern Illinois.
  12. ranchhopper

    Chicago R models

    You been hanging with Stan Guess to long if your getting into corn binders too.
  13. ranchhopper

    Chicago R models

    Yep Brad has gone over to the dark side probably have old darth vader driving that pete too.
  14. I tried to delete some of my attachments site wont let me do it.
  15. I cannot post pics anymore because I have reached my attachment quota and the site will not allow me to delete some to free up some space. Anyone here know how to delete some of them that could advise me how to get it done.

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