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  1. Chicago R models

    Mine has done the same thing for months now I think like me your at the amount of space allotted for pictures you have to delete some from your stored ones on your profile.
  2. I have enough projects another and I may have to put a bunk on it to live in when I get kicked out of the house.
  3. Chicago R models

    I have no problem with legal immigration and its perks but that being said you cant tilt the table toward the immigrant and make it a monopoly for them as the Us citizen with a business cant compete with their tax exempt status. I also know when their time limit is up it gets sold to another family member keeping the monopoly going. In a perfect world the table being level for both new citizen and those who legally immigrate here would promote competition as it should but it isn't a perfect world and one would have to scratch their head wondering why law makers would make such a stupid law that only has a downside for the born here citizen.
  4. Chicago R models

    If your a foreigner I don't believe they make you pay taxes for a certain amount of years when you start your own business. I had thought of taking the superliner when it was done and hauling gravel but to many south of the border guys hauling to just pay for the truck. Since there is no longer any loyalty to guys who do a good job or have worked hauling for these companies for years theres no point in trying. Business today is all about money they would drop you in a second for someone who would haul a load for ten dollars less. It a revolving door these guys that park in the rolling junk yard across the street always have a trainee in the truck they will blow a little smoke up you know where about working for yourself and how good it is to be an O/O that fall their truck is up for sale to the next victim.
  5. Chicago R models

    Back before everyone had to have 500 horses to pull a gravel trailer.
  6. The mechanic must be ex military that's what the torque rods are called on military trucks I have replaced lots of dog bones.
  7. Chicago R models

    All the junk on the roads is because the soaring cost of liability insurance, tires, fuel etc. I'm sure we are on borrowed time running our company owned fleet of old R model macks hauling gravel to the precast plant. I'm really glad I only have two years until retirement those old junks running asphalt are running by the hour 45 miles per hour down the same two lane roads we need to run they are nothing but rolling road blocks. We have one of those rolling junk yards where they park probably 75-100 of them down the road from our plant they will run you over in their personal vehicles while you make a right turn into the plant in the morning but when they get in their big rig its 45 miles an hour all the way.
  8. Chicago R models

    You have to use their tactics your the minority now so start screaming discrimination but I doubt it would do you any good like it works for them.
  9. Chicago R models

    That truck comes in our concrete yard a lot that's the third or fourth bumper I have seen on that truck in a couple years. Just like our south of the border owner operators in my neck of the woods their requirements for a truck is it has to have a jake brake and twin stacks preferably six inches in diameter that look like a pair of chrome plated culverts strapped to the cab. Oh and lets not forget the huge air dam chrome bumper preferably bent and straightened out on both sides I even saw one with clearance lights lined across the crease to try to hide it.
  10. Have seen both plastic and rubber mine are plastic about a quarter inch thick.
  11. Pedestal for B air horn

    OK I see you want the twin trumpet style horn I have 26 inch singles one for each side they are tall enough to clear the cab lights.
  12. Pedestal for B air horn

    The grover air horns were stock on most old macks. I gave a pair to our shop manager at work his B model had the horns but no back caps or diaphrams. He may just put the horns on his truck if they are the right length I have another set sitting here I will see if the ones I gave him yesterday fit. Mine are used and have some pitting your welcome to them if they fit I will know later today.
  13. Pedestal for B air horn

    I have a couple old grover horns sitting in the shed.
  14. 1967 Mack M123

    Those 10 tons are over width for normal driving on most roads even singled out like this one is.
  15. Probably wont be installed until next spring but its nice to have everything ready to be bolted up when I need it.