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  1. Superliner RW Hood Bezel

    Most I have seen around here including mine has pitted chrome.
  2. The first one is whats on there now I have a 79 truck I was told the third one pictured is what my truck should have I didn't think the first one was a factory mount I guess I'm wrong but would like to get the right one for the truck.
  3. Its for my superliner it has an aluminum frame its non existent somewhere down the line another mount was made or jury rigged I need the whole thing. I have a Hayward superliner 1 I should have said that instead of RS but I want to put a factory mount under it again.
  4. I'm in need of a rear cab support bracket for a RS if you have one you want to part with.
  5. I have a set of six aluminum dually rims I need picked up from a municipality.
  6. White Constuctioner

    Saw a lot of them years ago with redi mix drums on them.
  7. I need a factory rear cab mount for my superliner 1 it has a home made one put under it from someone who owned it years ago anyone with one I would like to buy one.
  8. Praise V8 Diesel!

    Nice to see guys running the old iron and they take pride in their equipment its spotlessly clean.
  9. Air valve leaking

    For some reason the center air valve (yellow) leaks when its cold does anyone else have this problem? Its only below 40 or so degrees leaks pretty good out of the bottom where the exhaust port is the brakes do release but the light does not go off charges a full 120 PSI but gets pretty irritating.
  10. I have a friend customizing a 920 military semi tractor and he wants a set of bird catchers to go atop his air intakes like the aussies use is there a source for them here in the US?
  11. V12 detroit swap

    I think this was a generator engine they are pretty big though.
  12. V12 detroit swap

    That's another hurdle to figure out how I'm going to manage moving it around short of an I beam A frame holding it up over the engine bay.
  13. V12 detroit swap

    Good points I will give that some thought I do have a long frame the truck had a sleeper on it at one time.
  14. V12 detroit swap

    I saw two RS700Ls with V12s in them cool trucks I have one of those too could do the swap into either truck.