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  1. ranchhopper

    Liz Warren

    That's what happens when you have a media in the tank for the democrat party they are very good at lying by omission of key facts CNN is a expert at it.
  2. ranchhopper

    36" fiberglass bunk

    Im not going to recognize that old dog running down the road this summer with a piece missing.
  3. ranchhopper

    rust free R model floor pan

    I have a rust free R model floor pan came out of a 1985 California truck cab $100 plus shipping the site STILL wont let me load pictures so I can send you some if you PM me your email address.
  4. ranchhopper

    "We're Getting Soft"

    The news media has gotten out of control CNN lies by omitting key facts of stories everyday to tailor them to fit their ongoing narrative. I no longer watch the news nor do I listen to it I get most important information I need listening to farm shows on rural TV like RFD channel. I occasionally listen to fox news but in general have sworn off major media outlets when something comes on and in the first paragraph slams the president we turn the channel or turn the TV off. As for the weather reports they panic the normal yuppie into running to the store and buying up gallons of milk they will end up throwing out days later when the storm of the century doesn't materialize.
  5. ranchhopper

    NOS door installation

    I went and found a better stiffer, denser closed cell foam rubber for my doors the new hollow stuff is crap it doesn't hold the doors from rattling in the jambs. I used this stuff and it only puts a small indentation in it and that's enough to hold the door rigid and seal out the weather. I went and sourced all my window felt for the tracks ang cat whisker from ebay stores works better and half the cost.
  6. ranchhopper

    HELP - Illinois Medical Card

    It really sucks a weekend warrior can drag his 40 foot camper trailer anywhere he wants no special license or medical card but pull a trailer for a living and things change quickly.
  7. ranchhopper

    Chicago R models

    That's no lie Im right there with you.
  8. ranchhopper

    M819 Wrecker unit.

    Keep an eye on the GSA bought a real nice 816 a few years back for 4500 they also come up on gov deals the price tag on that truck is pretty steep.
  9. ranchhopper

    Wasted Management

    They used a lot of them around here years ago but they are all gone now. The company is just a shadow of what it was around these parts they drive around in rusty junk now.
  10. ranchhopper

    Winter Trains, Happy New Years

    Great video kind of surprised the UP wasn't in it.
  11. ranchhopper

    Bush 4141 Locomotive

    Nice SD70aCE they are a nice big power road locomotive.
  12. ranchhopper

    Mounting an auxiliary trans

    I PMed you.
  13. ranchhopper

    Mounting an auxiliary trans

    Im looking for an auxiliary trans if anyone has one for sale need it for a project it has a spicer direct drive five speed in it now and 50 MPH is top end.
  14. ranchhopper

    1985 RS688LST

    Five bucks probably be more to ship it than the cost it could go 1st class mail though 2-3 bucks to ship.
  15. ranchhopper

    1985 RS688LST

    I think I have a small M brand new in my truck junk pile.
  16. ranchhopper

    1975 RS685LT

    I have a pair of hayward mack battery box covers sitting in the shed.
  17. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    1974 RS700L semi tractor has military cargo bed on truck with fold down troop seats for doing parades can be easily converted back to a semi tractor. Truck has a custom interior polished aluminum wheels all the way around with new tires both drive and steer axle. Has a fantastic running 237 with a five speed site wont let me upload pics I will send them to you if you PM me your email address would like to get 10K much more invested truck has won numerous awards both in parades and shows call 847-468-9676 anytime I will answer any questions you may have.
  18. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    Yeah you do just not physically.
  19. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    That's not information I want spread around yet they don't know.
  20. ranchhopper

    1974 RS700L parade truck

    Im going to retire and have to downsize right now where I live I don't have a place to park it indoors and hate to see it sit outside to let the weather ruin it. My insurance company wants to raise the rates because of the liability of people riding in the back too. I will turn it back into a semi tractor if it doesn't sell and just do truck shows with it. I thought I would just put it out there to test the waters and see if there is a good market for it Im not eager to sell it but will if the right person and cash come along.
  21. ranchhopper

    Chicago R models

    You been hanging with Stan Guess to long if your getting into corn binders too.
  22. ranchhopper

    Chicago R models

    Yep Brad has gone over to the dark side probably have old darth vader driving that pete too.
  23. I cannot post pics anymore because I have reached my attachment quota and the site will not allow me to delete some to free up some space. Anyone here know how to delete some of them that could advise me how to get it done.
  24. I tried to delete some of my attachments site wont let me do it.
  25. ranchhopper

    Trouble uploading pics

    I have been trying to delete a bunch of them and cant seem to get them deleted.

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