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  1. One thing no one has mentioned the biggest promoters of the division of our country is the liberal news media. They lie daily by omitting key facts of news stories to slant them to their liberal views. One cant blame one whole sector of people for their views when the liberal news media spoon feeds them the line of crap daily they are promoting. I think places like CNN and MSNBC should have their FCC licenses pulled not because their views differ from mine but because they have turned into propaganda mills turning out one sided views and like I stated before they are masters of lying by omission of key facts in news stories.
  2. I think I saw that Greco truck on FB market place.
  3. I messaged Randy about that truck I was kicking around the idea of buying it glad it went to a good home.
  4. I don't think they put anyone in it yet the shop fore man doesn't want it trashed.
  5. Thanks I am already enjoying it way to much my wife says.
  6. I retired first of august so no more fighting traffic everyday.
  7. Yeah Brad and his dad went over to the dark side since mack stopped building real trucks.
  8. https://gsaauctions.gov/gsaauctions/aucitsrh/?sl=71QSCI19595007 Not mine but a nice project truck that doesn't look like it will take much to turn into a great truck.
  9. Good radiator out of a mack western RS600L no leaks came out of a truck I bought for parts can ship if needed make me an offer site will not let me upload pics if you send me an email address I will send pics.
  10. Got a real nice superliner 1 chrome bumper if you don't mind redrilling the holes to make it fit.
  11. That's what happens when you have a media in the tank for the democrat party they are very good at lying by omission of key facts CNN is a expert at it.
  12. Im not going to recognize that old dog running down the road this summer with a piece missing.
  13. I have a rust free R model floor pan came out of a 1985 California truck cab $100 plus shipping the site STILL wont let me load pictures so I can send you some if you PM me your email address.
  14. The news media has gotten out of control CNN lies by omitting key facts of stories everyday to tailor them to fit their ongoing narrative. I no longer watch the news nor do I listen to it I get most important information I need listening to farm shows on rural TV like RFD channel. I occasionally listen to fox news but in general have sworn off major media outlets when something comes on and in the first paragraph slams the president we turn the channel or turn the TV off. As for the weather reports they panic the normal yuppie into running to the store and buying up gallons of milk they will end up throwing out days later when the storm of the century doesn't materialize.
  15. I went and found a better stiffer, denser closed cell foam rubber for my doors the new hollow stuff is crap it doesn't hold the doors from rattling in the jambs. I used this stuff and it only puts a small indentation in it and that's enough to hold the door rigid and seal out the weather. I went and sourced all my window felt for the tracks ang cat whisker from ebay stores works better and half the cost.
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