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  1. I guess I’ll give it a good drive and see how it rides sounds like the best bet is to swap out the whole thing, and yes it has the 5” wide springs versus 4” for the 44 & 46
  2. i am buying a truck with 58,000lb rears but would like to go down in weight rating in the spring to get a nicer ride. will the 58,000 lb differentials fit into a 46,000 lb housing ? i am looking into swapping in a Haulmaxx cutoff but in the interest of saving money would prefer to keep the differentials and transfer them over.
  3. that's my thought especially if its governed at 1750
  4. hey gang, i am looking to purchase another truck . it is a 1992 DM that has a EM 7 300,Eaton 8LL and 5.73 axle ratio, i thought EM 7's are governed at 1750 rpm, the seller states peak torque is around 1700 rpm and it will pull up to 2100. am i wrong ?
  5. Can someone attach a link for the K&S shop ? I’d like to talk to them but not sure of the location of the shop.
  6. Ok I’ll ask this question another way, can a E7 be turned into a EM7 ? what would have to be changed ?
  7. i like that the EM 7 has peak torque way down at 1020 rpm, if my AMI made torque that low it would a game changer.
  8. it seems the differences are in the pump,turbo and injectors on a mechanical EM7 300. I'm not completely sold on the Mack trans over the Eaton, although I have never run the newer Mack trans, only the ones found in a 83 R model. i don't want to lose the ease of shifting and the gear spread i have in my 8LL, maybe i just need educated but from what i hear the T2080 type trans has big jumps between gears especially going into OD, that seems like one could get fatigued after a long day on the job. i would appreciate someone who has real world experience driving one of these to educate me
  9. i am talking about a mechanical EM 7 300 seems a Eaton 8LL amd 4:42 axle ratio would be a great set up, i see how well that set up works with my AMI 370, that's rated at 1480 ftbl @1300 rpm
  10. so what is different on the EM7 ? is it in the pump or are other things involved ?
  11. here is a hypothetical question, can a E7 be turned into a EM7 ? also what is the highest HP rating for the EM7 ? seems to me ive seen a 350 hp listed some place. seems if one had the right transmission and axle ratio the EM7 would be quite a sweet set up. My AMI 370 runs just wonderful but i like the idea of the EM7 max torque way down at 1025 rpm versus 1250 of the AMI i understand that the EM7 is governed at 1750 rpm and the AMI at 2150 rpm but honestly most times i can shift at 1700-1750 i am typically loaded around 72,000-73,000 lbs in a dump truck.
  12. no idea, its listed as a 6 speed Maxitourqe that and the 1997 model year is the only info I have right now. I am confused with the 4:42 axle ratio, I thought the mack trans had a .60 OD and typically used a 6:00 or lower axle ratio
  13. I am looking at a 1997 Mack DM with a 6 speed maxitorque transmission, its a ready mix chassis with 4:42 axle ratio can someone tell me what ratios this transmission would have, I've searched the internet briefly and haven't found the info. I am most curios about 1st gear and 6th gear ratio. thanks in advance for any info
  14. i have a question about the Mack air ride used in dump trucks, i saw a AL461 suspension rated at 46,000lbs, is this a true Mack suspension ? I have heard they are built by Hendrickson and it looks like the Primaxx does this suspension offer the stability and articulation like the Primaxx ?
  15. the big issue i find now is price, I have been told $25000-$30000 by two different shops, i don't understand how that could be possible, especially if i find a donor truck. i should be able to find a single axle RD with a E-Tech and Allison for a fair price.
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