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  1. I acquired this guy this winter.. Have a notion to shove a 4560 in it , massage the engine with a nice twin turbo setup for my local "parts runner"... truck is heavy spec 65 rears 20 fronts in real nice shape... but has a 15 speed in it now... any thoughts ??
  2. Allison has these........trying to find flywheel housing for 4560 application... mack em9-4560 configuration.pdf E-9 mack 740 config.pdf
  3. Anyone here ever see an E-9 with an allison behind it?
  4. 4560? if its got 295 fluid in it and it doesnt look polluted dont change it , maybe change the filters, DO NOT USE AIR TOOLS ON THE FILTER BOLTS HAND TIGHTEN ONLY , you can strip them otherwise..
  5. I need some expert help, trying to setup stationary PTO operation on a former NYC a Mack LE... total different layout of fuses and relays, than I am used to..(would love a service manual for this build) has lots of extra switches for plow operation...which we are not using, I'm pretty sure its a problem related to parking brake switching into vecu, parking brake light goes out on dash indicator but vcads still sees park brake engaged.. Cruise switch is seen in vcads and set/ resume are both seen...Ive tried all sorts of programming changes trying to simply get some speed control.....any exper
  6. I have an MR with a CEEMAT transmission that we put a fifth wheel plate on, e-7 mechanical engine, needs some love, runs and drives as is, but it is heavy specs, 20 front 44 camelback... has a/c needs a charge ( maybe more)..
  7. Got a superliner I'd sell for a puller... e-9 ambac pump 12 speed tranny.....i think 4.64s might be 4.17 on neway air suspension.....engine runs fine exhaust maniflods need some help and the pump could use a "going though"...
  8. Check the governor , 4 bolt cover on driver side near the output shaft, pull the cover off, grab the governor with the weights in your hand and the gear facing up, squeeze the weights in and out the spool valve inside should move up and down freely if not clean it thoroughly ( look for tiny metal filings) put it back in. try it again, also check operation of your kick down mechanism ( electric, pneumatic or cable) make sure that it functions properly. now for the bad news...... if none of the above helps pull the pan, note how much "gobbledygook " is in the bottum, clean the pickup screen
  9. tryed ebay no luck yet local dealer is checking but nothing yet....
  10. To any of you fine gentleman, I need to purchase an operators handbook for a Mack LE 2000 vintage..... If anyone could help I would appreciate it, new or good used would work...
  11. engine has 2 timing sensors one in the front on passenger side,,, will not start at all if that one is bad, and one under the starter in the flywheel housing, will start but hard if it is bad or has "green wires" bad connection etc....
  12. frozen adjusting ring on a clutch can be freed up using an air hammer........ rattle the cast clutch housing while turning on the adjuster _safety glasses and breathing mask would be suggested...have done it many times ..
  13. about $3000 for an ht740 from ATR in mundelin ILL (866-738-7267), and about $4500 for the hd4560 from the same location.....2 year waranty leaking oil buyer beware could be the tranny came loose from the bell, might be more to it just fyi....
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