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  1. That truck has a mean look about it! I wish it was in my barn.
  2. Hey guys I went to replace the air compressor on a friends truck. 95 dm with a e7 350. Any way the new compressor he supplied has side to side play on the inlet. Like a lot, about 3/16 side to side. He wanted me to put it on but I said something isn’t right. The old worn out one has no side to side play. I suggested taking the new compressor back it came from fleet pride. Am I right or am I worried about nothing? As always thank you for any answers ahead of time.
  3. Is there a secret to adding pictures I olny can get the one to load.
  4. We had a bad season with accidents this year but luckily nobody was injured. 3 trucks wrecked with zero of our drivers at fault. Our quad had a car cross the centerline and hit it head on. Our tri axle had a car run a red light and t bone it and a pick up had a semi rear end it and puts it into another semi. I fixed the quad and the tri axle there was no hope for the pickup. Will get pics having trouble uploading them.
  5. I am very interested in this I sent a pm please get back to me
  6. Any word on how he’s doing?
  7. Sent a text out. I hope he gets better soon my dad just had a single bypass and a valve replacement. It was scary enough and we caught it before a heart attack. I could not imagine finding out the way his family did. Prayers sent to another brother of the road.
  8. Today I got a score one the bid for a pair of mirrors both heated and one power $78 for both with brackets and convex mirrors. Though the brackets are not for my superliner I'm still pretty stoked.
  9. 66rmack


    Happy thanksgiving to all and your families!
  10. 66rmack

    Mel Tillis

    I love Coca Cola cowboy one of my favorites
  11. All of these these articles are hard to read. I grew up not wanting kids. So I was never really exsposed to the joy/fun kids bring you. (Frustration too) I made it to 30 without a thought of having or wanting kids. Then unexpected things can happen. Lol, but the point of my story is after my son was born and I saw him for the first time I don't understand how you wounldnt want the best for them and teach them the things they need. Like life skills and how to be respectful a strong work ethic and a trade skill. I was at the airport the day before thanksgiving three years ago waiting for a flight, there was a family with two little girls just walking and talking. And I opened up some licorice and both of them came over to me and asked if they could have some. The parents looked horrified as there kids walked up to stranger and asked for candy. I asked them if it was ok and they said yes. It was one of the cutest things ever just the looks they gave me when they asked.. lol Anyway how could you want to inflict pain on the kind of innocence that kids have. it's beautiful that for a few years they can be ignorant that the world they are growing up in is in the toilet and only be worried about things like snacks and toys.
  12. The truck turned out great it's beautiful. I have one ? Where can you get the cutout for the breather?
  13. Not sure if this will help you or not but I saw this.
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