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  1. 96bulldogpower

    Modern Mack gray paint (color code?)

    I’ve actually asked at my two local Mack houses, unfortunately they need a vin to be able to tell me any information. I wish I had more to work with, i know I’ve seen these trucks on the road but not very often. I’m stuck on the color, it looks great.
  2. 96bulldogpower

    Modern Mack gray paint (color code?)

    My paint guy can computer match it. But I don’t have access to a truck in this color.
  3. 96bulldogpower

    Another allison swap to a CH613

    Big red, the best I can say is that after swapping the transmission on our older truck with the ht740, the truck became more maneuverable on-site compared to having the manual transmission. We do a lot of wet concrete hauling for a paving company and the job site leading to the place where we pour isn’t the best. The automatic does quite a bit better at gliding over rough terrain and maintains speed without having the manual intervention of having to downshift and such in mud holes. The automatic has also saved us on a lot of maintenance and abuse issues we had in the past, but in turn it has cost us a little bit more in fuel. The difference isn’t so bad, but it’s enough to point it out. On our most comparable truck with an e7 and 13 speed manual, we may see about 15-20 gallons of fuel burned per day whereas the automatic may burn 20-25. Again, the difference isn’t going to break the bank obviously but it’ll add up at the end of the year. This same truck Was geared 4:17 and would top out at a miserable 56mph at 1950rpm. I hated the fact that it would run this high in rpm just going down the road, I can only imagine it doing 2150.. much worse. We chose to do a differential swap and we put 3:86 gear ratio in it. It was a direct swap into the existing axle housings, but it now reaches 70mph at 1950rpm. It’s acceptable at this point. Honestly, I know the trash trucks of the ht740’s era we’re geared at ridiculous ratios like 4:64’s. It all depends on the speed you’re willing to sacrifice or perhaps you can afford to change your ratio to compensate like we did. After working this truck as much as it has since performing the transmission swap, I can safely say the truck has continued to make money just fine , but I can’t say I would do the swap over again. It was a lot of work, your best bet is to retrieve every single last piece of parts that you will need from a truck salvage yard such as LKQ. We deal with the Houston Texas location called LKQ Texas best Diesel. Good guys out there, they will set you up with everything you need including all the little accessories like mounts and shifter cables. Just an FYI if it’s something you still ponder about doing. We do believe in automatic trucks, especially for dump truck application, their benefits on-site are endless. Just remember you will always miss your manual trans once you get down the road lol. Otherwise they are great transmissions and work hard. We have bought two more trucks with Allison automatic, a CXU and a CHN, both of which have the 6 speed. Man, talk about amazing driving trucks, almost like driving a pickup truck.
  4. 96bulldogpower

    head light up grade or not

    Look up “genssi XDR9” series lights in your specific size. They make them for all the rectangle size lights. You can source them from eBay or other online stores. There are a number of cheap led lights on the market but these genssi lights really are amazing. They have a beautiful and concentrated light pattern and are super easy to aim. I used our shop roll up door to aim the headlights at night. They look like a Mercedes Benz lighting up the road and you just can’t beat the price, not to mention I’ve tried the big brand headlights and they do not compare. We’ve been running these headlights on three of our trucks, one of them has had the original pair for almost three years without a hiccup. Good luck, I just figured I’d pass along a good experience with a product.
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering if someone on here knew the paint code or where to buy factory match paint for Mack’s modern gray paint. I’ve only seen a few Mack trucks in gray and I have a CHN in need of paint. If I was able to get this paint code or the ability to source the paint, I would definitely go that route. Any help would be appreciated! I could go to my paint guy and have him match the color for me, unfortunately I don’t know anyone that has a truck with this color however. Here’s a pic so you guys know what I’m talking about.
  6. You have a short in your wires somewhere. The reason they come on for a little bit is because your truck uses circuit breakers in the fuse panel, it take a minute to heat up and break the connection, which is when your lights go out. Find the wire that’s causing the short and repair it. Most commonly, shorted wires are traced back to owner added lighting such as fender lights for example
  7. 96bulldogpower

    07 ctp713

    Replace fuse and try again. If it blows the new fuse then check wiring very closely to make sure the compressor clutch engagement wire is not shorting out somewhere intermittently with vibration. If wiring is good then perhaps the clutch is faulty. We had to run new wire from the a/c switch to the dashboard because we were never able to find the short. Ours was a 05’ CX, the new wiring fixed our issue.
  8. Hey guys! I recently acquired a new-to-me truck to add to our growing fleet. The truck is a 2008 mack CHU.. truck is great and everything but as with all CH’s, the headlights really suck. We have 4 CH models in our small fleet among other model trucks. We’ve tried everything from 100watt bulbs to HID and LED ballast bulbs Nothing will make the halogen housings produce great light on these trucks even after replacing housings with new ones. Ive seen the new 2018-19 pinnacle set-forward-axle trucks that are coming from the factory with LED heads and turn signals, the shape and relative design is nearly the same as all the older trucks but with the added benefit of great visibility and lighting performance. So i got to thinking, what would the cost of purchasing these headlight and turn signals cost from Mack? I can re-use my factory bezels, and if there are mounting differences, they would be simple to remedy. Any input is appreciated!
  9. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    By the way... I have the engine’s existing EECU at a ecu repair shop here local to me in Dallas, TX. They seem profesional.. I’ll let you guys know if it works! They claim the ecu will retain the factory data so that I wont have to take the truck to Mack to have it reflashed. They will save me a cool buck if it is successful.
  10. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    I was able to finally pull the valve covers off yesterday and found all of the intake pushrods were bent. The truck has engine brake but the exhaust side pushrods with the spring on them were fine not bent at all. I bought six new pushrods from Mack and installed them this morning, i cranked the truck up still using my other truck’s eecu, and it runs much better now. However there is a very loud “thud” noise still present... the sound is reminiscent of one of my other trucks years ago when it wiped a couple cam lobes. I’m almost certain this truck has a bad cam or failed lifters. When I reinstalled the rocker shaft assemblies with the new pushrods i noticed that at least on two exhaust side rockers there was so much rocker play that the pushrods could nearly come off the socket on the rocker. I ran out of time to work on the truck today but I guess the next step is to remove the oil pan and begin taking apart the front of the engine to pull the cam. I’m not very excited about this job at all, the last time we did an in house cam job parts alone cost us over $2000.
  11. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    Okay NEWS! I swapped VECU from my 04 and nothing happened, then I swap the EECU and it started!! Then I plugged the original VECU and it still worked. Even the transmission works just fine! This means the truck’s original EECU is burned out! Now I’m going to start looking for a used EECU and hope that my Mack dealer will program it to my VIN. On another note, I thought I’d be happy to hear the engine running... unfortunately now that it runs, it revealed another issue, there’s a sound coming from the engine exactly like when our other truck wiped a cam lobe It sounds like a loud thud coming from one cylinder Although the engine doesn’t really shake as badly as our other truck when it wiped a lobe, and idle isfaily smooth with exception of the thud noise. The engine also blows a medium amount of black smoke when you press the accelerator.. I ran out of time today to mess with it, so I’ll get back to working on it this weekend hopefully, I’ll first remove the valve cover to see what’s going on. Any ideas?
  12. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    Perfect! Sounds like a long shot but I’m willing to try anything to get this thing working! Tomorrow I’ll go ahead and swap ecu’s around while my 04 is at the yard. Hopefully it does the trick! And yes, I did check every relevant connector I could find, they all looked clean and dry. ill report back with what I find out by swapping out ecu’s first thing tomorrow!
  13. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    Unfortunately I do not have a tech tool to scan the truck, I’m doing my best with what i have. QUESTION.. I have a 2004 cxn613 with the same AC motor, but this one is manual as opposed to the truck with the problem which has Allison automatic.... if i pulled the eecu and vecu from the 2004 and put them on the problem truck, would that work to help me rule out ecm failure? Or would t not even start because it has a different transmission?
  14. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    I’ll call my Mack dealer in the morning and see if they can diagnose computers on their bench, if that’s the case then I’ll pull them out and take them to the dealer to see what they have to say. I’ll report back as soon as I get an update!
  15. 96bulldogpower

    Blink code 6-4 no-start CHN613 AC400/Allison.

    Okay.. well I tested the resistance on the wires today. I had 60 ohms on the abs plug I disconnected. Then I reconnected it and tested both ways from the bulkhead connector at the firewall, I have 120 ohms both ways. I looked all over the harness coming down from the cab and even in between the frame rail and could not locate the three wire plug I did however find a two wire green and yellow connector (had black paint over the wires) but it had a cap at the end of the connector, I found this near the top of the transmission on the driver side frame rail. I believe what I found was a terminating resistor. Here’s a picture: I disconnected the batteries but the truck still has a blink code of 6-3, it turns over fine but refuses to start. could this really mean I have a bad ecm? If so, how would I go about finding out which one it is that’s bad?

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