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  1. I got the part numbers for the 2019 pinnacles but that’s all I ever got, although I love the new pinnacle headlights, I just couldn’t justify spending the $1200 my mack dealer wanted for the set. Maybe later down the road I’ll impulse buy a pair and share some pictures with you guys, but all in all, I only have about $120 and a little bit of my time into these headlights I made.
  2. Get the genssi’s! I’m a huge fan of them, I have a couple internationals running the 6x9’s and the output is excellent. Much better than the cheapo style. The 4x6’s your super liner are almost identical, I think you’d be happy. Give them a shot and take a look at my recent post, I did something pretty cool with a pair of genssi’s for CH model Mack’s
  3. Now to see the results of the finished product!! Here you go guys! Let me know what you think! The optics, light aim, and output are second to none. These things look like a Mercedes lighting up the road. And they look very nice! You can’t even tell it’s a mack housing. I can get some night pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them.
  4. Look carefully and you will see the tiny holes on the side of the lens where I injected the clear resin.
  5. Once I had the LED unit inside and sealed in the housing, I had to find a way to make the original Mack lens less “fuzzy”. This type of lens is a diffuser type, and I wanted it to be clear instead, like on modern cars with clear lights. Not only would it look better, but it would allow the LED arrays to work better as well. I drilled six very small holes, only enough for a 16ga needle to go through to inject the clear resin. The resins job was to fill the void between the mack diffuser lens and the lens on the LED unit, thus creating the clear lens effect.
  6. Finished product is on the left, new oem housing in the middle, and genssi led unit on the right
  7. Alright guys. I’ve been wanting to upgrade the headlights on my CHN truck but like a lot of us, we find zero aftermarket support in the lighting department for these trucks. I went another way to get what I wanted. So I bought new OEM Mack headlight housings, then I bought two 6x9 genssi led headlights and got to work. Everything I needed was bought off eBay. OEM housings, LED lamps, and a total of 16 ounces of clear epoxy resin, and the glue is Gorilla heavy duty construction adhesive from Home Depot. I used five fasteners on each headlight to secure the lamp inside and also to help hold the original lens to the housing. Here are some pics lit up with a weak drill battery for y’all to see. Also a step by step. Let me know what y’all think! I don’t think anybody has ever done this before!
  8. I’ve actually asked at my two local Mack houses, unfortunately they need a vin to be able to tell me any information. I wish I had more to work with, i know I’ve seen these trucks on the road but not very often. I’m stuck on the color, it looks great.
  9. My paint guy can computer match it. But I don’t have access to a truck in this color.
  10. Big red, the best I can say is that after swapping the transmission on our older truck with the ht740, the truck became more maneuverable on-site compared to having the manual transmission. We do a lot of wet concrete hauling for a paving company and the job site leading to the place where we pour isn’t the best. The automatic does quite a bit better at gliding over rough terrain and maintains speed without having the manual intervention of having to downshift and such in mud holes. The automatic has also saved us on a lot of maintenance and abuse issues we had in the past, but in turn it has cost us a little bit more in fuel. The difference isn’t so bad, but it’s enough to point it out. On our most comparable truck with an e7 and 13 speed manual, we may see about 15-20 gallons of fuel burned per day whereas the automatic may burn 20-25. Again, the difference isn’t going to break the bank obviously but it’ll add up at the end of the year. This same truck Was geared 4:17 and would top out at a miserable 56mph at 1950rpm. I hated the fact that it would run this high in rpm just going down the road, I can only imagine it doing 2150.. much worse. We chose to do a differential swap and we put 3:86 gear ratio in it. It was a direct swap into the existing axle housings, but it now reaches 70mph at 1950rpm. It’s acceptable at this point. Honestly, I know the trash trucks of the ht740’s era we’re geared at ridiculous ratios like 4:64’s. It all depends on the speed you’re willing to sacrifice or perhaps you can afford to change your ratio to compensate like we did. After working this truck as much as it has since performing the transmission swap, I can safely say the truck has continued to make money just fine , but I can’t say I would do the swap over again. It was a lot of work, your best bet is to retrieve every single last piece of parts that you will need from a truck salvage yard such as LKQ. We deal with the Houston Texas location called LKQ Texas best Diesel. Good guys out there, they will set you up with everything you need including all the little accessories like mounts and shifter cables. Just an FYI if it’s something you still ponder about doing. We do believe in automatic trucks, especially for dump truck application, their benefits on-site are endless. Just remember you will always miss your manual trans once you get down the road lol. Otherwise they are great transmissions and work hard. We have bought two more trucks with Allison automatic, a CXU and a CHN, both of which have the 6 speed. Man, talk about amazing driving trucks, almost like driving a pickup truck.
  11. Look up “genssi XDR9” series lights in your specific size. They make them for all the rectangle size lights. You can source them from eBay or other online stores. There are a number of cheap led lights on the market but these genssi lights really are amazing. They have a beautiful and concentrated light pattern and are super easy to aim. I used our shop roll up door to aim the headlights at night. They look like a Mercedes Benz lighting up the road and you just can’t beat the price, not to mention I’ve tried the big brand headlights and they do not compare. We’ve been running these headlights on three of our trucks, one of them has had the original pair for almost three years without a hiccup. Good luck, I just figured I’d pass along a good experience with a product.
  12. Hey guys, I was wondering if someone on here knew the paint code or where to buy factory match paint for Mack’s modern gray paint. I’ve only seen a few Mack trucks in gray and I have a CHN in need of paint. If I was able to get this paint code or the ability to source the paint, I would definitely go that route. Any help would be appreciated! I could go to my paint guy and have him match the color for me, unfortunately I don’t know anyone that has a truck with this color however. Here’s a pic so you guys know what I’m talking about.
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