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  1. Turckster, very helpful! I did what you said about checking the timing. The timing is right where it needs to be. I have done a few things since I last reported. I bought and installed a used ECU and VECU, thinking that it would solve my issues but it did nothing, as a matter of fact the engine wouldn’t even crank with the replacement computers, I did not even get anything on the dash screen just like before. So I reinstalled the factory ECU AND VECU, and I’ve decided to stop chasing electrical issues because all computers are getting power and the truck seems to respond to the gauges most
  2. I primarily buy trucks at auction for our family business. I know what you mean about auction truck nightmares, but I bought this truck as a known non-runner. So I guess you can say I dug my own grave. I’ve chased all the typical electrical connections and all seem good. I’d like to know which pins at the ecm to test for power, do you happen to know which they are? Although i haven’t tested compression, the engine doesn’t sound like it is freewheeling or has a dead cylinder as it cranks over. Obviously not a accurate way of gauging compression, but it does sound l
  3. Hey guys, I’m stuck on another truck again. I’m working on a 2014 Mack CXU with a MP8 and mDrive transmission. Bought the truck at auction, so I know nothing about it. Put fresh batteries in it and a new starter. I have looked through the fuses and found none burned. The truck cranks and every now and then sputters like it tries to start but never starts, not even on ether. While cranking engine, the engine sounds fine, no abnormal mechanical sounds present. Another thing is, the information screen on the dash does not turn on. Have any of you guys encountered this? No codes, and
  4. All Mack cabs with the “newer” interior from 2002-2007 are the same and completely interchangeable. The only modification you might have to do if you swap the whole cab, you might have to transplant your original dash harness to the replacement cab but even this is not difficult, I’ve swapped them in about an hour. 2007.5 and later are slightly larger cabs and have the redesigned interior. These newer cabs won’t work as a simple swap.
  5. Hey guys I’m back at it again with yet another project. I recently acquired a Mack single axle dump truck. It’s a 2001 set back axle with the old CH style hood. I wanted to know if it was possible to update to the CX (vision) style hood? Does it just drop right in place like the original hood? The existing hood is cracked on the main mount, I rather update it with the vision style if I can rather than just buy an old style replacement. Ps. The hood I’d be using is the early 2000-2004 CX hood that mounted to the narrow Mack frame. 2005+ Hoods were on the wider chassis.
  6. I got the part numbers for the 2019 pinnacles but that’s all I ever got, although I love the new pinnacle headlights, I just couldn’t justify spending the $1200 my mack dealer wanted for the set. Maybe later down the road I’ll impulse buy a pair and share some pictures with you guys, but all in all, I only have about $120 and a little bit of my time into these headlights I made.
  7. Get the genssi’s! I’m a huge fan of them, I have a couple internationals running the 6x9’s and the output is excellent. Much better than the cheapo style. The 4x6’s your super liner are almost identical, I think you’d be happy. Give them a shot and take a look at my recent post, I did something pretty cool with a pair of genssi’s for CH model Mack’s
  8. Now to see the results of the finished product!! Here you go guys! Let me know what you think! The optics, light aim, and output are second to none. These things look like a Mercedes lighting up the road. And they look very nice! You can’t even tell it’s a mack housing. I can get some night pictures if anyone is interested in seeing them.
  9. Look carefully and you will see the tiny holes on the side of the lens where I injected the clear resin.
  10. Once I had the LED unit inside and sealed in the housing, I had to find a way to make the original Mack lens less “fuzzy”. This type of lens is a diffuser type, and I wanted it to be clear instead, like on modern cars with clear lights. Not only would it look better, but it would allow the LED arrays to work better as well. I drilled six very small holes, only enough for a 16ga needle to go through to inject the clear resin. The resins job was to fill the void between the mack diffuser lens and the lens on the LED unit, thus creating the clear lens effect.
  11. Finished product is on the left, new oem housing in the middle, and genssi led unit on the right
  12. Alright guys. I’ve been wanting to upgrade the headlights on my CHN truck but like a lot of us, we find zero aftermarket support in the lighting department for these trucks. I went another way to get what I wanted. So I bought new OEM Mack headlight housings, then I bought two 6x9 genssi led headlights and got to work. Everything I needed was bought off eBay. OEM housings, LED lamps, and a total of 16 ounces of clear epoxy resin, and the glue is Gorilla heavy duty construction adhesive from Home Depot. I used five fasteners on each headlight to secure the lamp inside and also to help ho
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