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  1. Clear coat B61?

    I use PPG acrylic urethane for metallic and solid color basecoats, and clearcoat everything. You can wetsand and buff the clear for an outstanding finish, and buff again later for minor surface scratches that appear. It's also much easier to repair your basecoat if you have a clearcoat to blend to. I use this method for farm tractors, cars, and trucks.
  2. many e9 parts for sale

    I need the crankshaft pulley to drive the AC compressor. John at 585 317-6859.
  3. Were the Magnums built just in '85, or were some built in '86. My friend has an '86 Superliner, red level 4 interior, E9, passenger seat is a Magnum-labeled seat. Truck has been re-painted.
  4. E9 Exhaust manifold gaskets

    Thanks for your replys. Now the fun starts.
  5. I have multiple packing leaks on the exhaust manifolds and exhaust manifold piping on my '85 RW with a '94 E9. The manifold -to-head gaskets aren't leaking, but all the doughnuts are. None of the manifold bolts want to break loose. Anyone have any suggestions on getting them out? Looks like trouble.
  6. Air Governor

    I recently bought a 1985 RW with the E9. The air compressor seemed to run continuously, and the relief would blow down air. I adjusted the governor so it bypasses at 120 lbs by the gauge. With the truck running at 1000 RPM, when the governor bypasses, within 50 seconds, the pressure will be down to 100 lbs, and the compressor will pump back up to 120 lbs. in about 45 seconds. Then this cycle continues. I can hear no air leaks when the truck is running, and there are no leaks or loss of air pressure when I shut down the engine. Is this normal? If not, is it the governor, or something in the compressor?
  7. New Dog

    Yes. From the S&H Landscape auction in Chalfont.
  8. The new dog home and out in the sun. E9 with a 12 speed.
  9. RW bodywork

    I applied the Eastwood's 2000K flowable seam sealer to my roof channel this morning. It worked great, used 2 1/2 tubes. A spare set of forearms would have been a plus, even at 70 degrees in the shop.
  10. RW bodywork

    I haven't used it yet, but I bought flowable two-part seam sealer from Eastwood's for the roof seam. I had to remove all the existing as it had started to rust underneath. Hope to get it applied late next week.
  11. Practice? My wife said I needed practice. Not sure what she was talking about.
  12. This cab had a few issues.
  13. I'm doing some door repair and had quite a struggle to remove the glass and all the operators and linkage from the door. Does anyone have step-by-step instructions for re-assembling the working? Any advice would be helpfull.
  14. Why would someone choose a Hendrickson beam suspension, as apposed to a camelback?
  15. What are the pros-cons of a Hendricks walking-beam compared to a camelback?