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  1. I had a 69 with the grill guard but it was painted
  2. Nothing better than that
  3. I had a 2000 CH also with a 400 and 9 speed Fuller. I preferred the R models I owned but the CH was probably the most reliable truck I had. Had just under a million miles on it when I sold it. Never much of anything ever went wrong with it.
  4. keg1

    IH 9670 Eagle

    Get the exterior shined up and that will be nicer than any new truck. And a lot more reliable.
  5. Looks like 12 in difference to me according to drawing
  6. I don't see why they make a big deal about that. Doesn't look like a busy street and he's off the street.
  7. keg1

    My new ride .

    It would go off when you got near the white and yellow lines and when someone was out ahead of you. It locked the brakes up twice on me when a car turned onto a side road ahead of me. Would have been nice if the road was icy. I prefer to drive the truck not the truck driving me.
  8. keg1

    My new ride .

    I went from a new Anthem to 06 International. I liked the truck but the thing beeped at you for everything , drove me nuts. I told them to give me my old truck back. No def either.
  9. keg1

    Santa stopped early in a Penski Truck.

    Santa wasn't as nice to me. Found a 360 to replace the 440 that came apart. Just trying to get the little bugs work out of this one and then this. Had a 318 in another truck I bought for parts sticking it in today.
  10. I loosened mine in the driveway just to see if that was the problem. Cleaned them but got a couple new ones.
  11. My caps were vented to. I put a new one on it and didn't have any more problems. I cleaned the old caps good and used them on one of my r models
  12. Happened on my Ch when I had it. Loosened both caps up and in a little while fuel equaled out.

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