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  1. i never saw to many chrome dayton wheels around here but they have a lot down under
  2. that green #20 Superliner in the background looks pretty sharp. i like that color
  3. i don't care what anyone says there was never a better truck built than an R model
  4. sure are some good looking trucks down there
  5. you know you can't make money with a 30 year old truck like that. Lol. i couldn't resist
  6. I'm running a 2016 mack cxu 612 doing ltl freight rarely have over 20000 in the box and avg 6 mpg. the first truck i owned a 1969 r model pulling a dump grossing 75000 to 80000 or more and avg 5 mpg. not much improvement in all those years. maybe running all flat land you might get better but running in the hills that about the best i can do.
  7. i drive for an ltl company. i was in a 07 international with 1.3 million on it ran every day. you might have some little thing wrong but was fixed that night and back to work next day. newer trucks we have dashes light up buzzers go off and they're down for days or weeks. i took a 16 mack because i figured its only a matter of time until they retire the older ones even though they make money every day. i still say its smarter to rebuild the older ones.
  8. yea because new trucks never break down. the newest truck i owned was a 2000 and i ran year round never had a problem keeping a few bucks in the checkbook. new or old you gotta do some maintenance.
  9. b model is in Worthington, Pa
  10. international but i had a new anthem a year ago and gave it up. its not so much the trucks as all the beeping shit they put on them. back in my 07 international with 1.3 million on it, much happier.
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