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  1. Hauling coal

    Your pretty good. 427, 5 and 2 and 33,000. it didn't look that good when he got it. it was an old township truck. we replaced doors, fenders and hood. He had a new bed built a few years back. It even has a little Mack in it. The gas tank was one i took off my Superliner, had it cut down to fit. He always kept it washed and wouldn't take it out once it snowed.
  2. Hauling coal

    Yes still use it. Dad used to haul this guy a load or two every year. He wants another load this weekend.
  3. Hauling coal

    Thanks it was my dads baby. He passed away in March. I haul a little gravel once in awhile in his memory.
  4. No more Boy Scouts

    I want a set of them
  5. Hauling coal

    Hauled a load of coal with the old Chevy today
  6. 89 superliner E6 300 nine speed

    What size bunk do you have?
  7. Fuel leveling problem

    I had that problem with my Ch it was the vent in the fuel cap. Loosened cap and checked later and they were evened out
  8. keg1 is having cake today

    Thanks everyone. All of a sudden I'm getting thirsty
  9. The All New Mack

    It's just me but I'd rather spend 20 hrs a day in an r model or Superliner than 5 hrs in anything new out there.
  10. The black and white Internationals were Team transport. They had a yard right off 79 and the turnpike
  11. The All New Mack

    Bring back the R model
  12. Pictures of the Week

    That diesel cop was probably just trying to get into Duncan Doughnuts
  13. Turned out nice. Wish I could get that much done it that amount of time.