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  1. yea i say your truck your money build it the way you want it. i think it looks pretty good. was told that last r model i did was nothing more than a parts truck but i put it to work with no problems and as far as i know its still running up and down the road. i do things the way i want them and don't really care what others think.
  2. i love when people tell you what you should do with things you work for and pay for with your money. you should have left it sitting in the weeds somewhere rusting away instead of doing what you want with it. ill bet the coronavirus made you do it. keep up the good work
  3. I'm pretty sure i scrapped most everything off that. i know i don't have anything now
  4. i don't know why my pictures post upside anymore
  5. you might be thinking of mine, i thought that at first but the new owner painted the bottom half red
  6. i can get some pictures when i go to garage next time
  7. also have R model air cleaner,battery box covers, tan dash parts gauge panels with gauges and brake valves, small diameter fuel tank with brackets off 83 Superliner, ch and mh stack brackets, ch sun visor, pair of new shocks. small misc parts. would like to move everything no longer have any trucks would like the room in my garage back make me an offer on everything. one cowl panel at watts is 1100 ill let everything go for a lot less than that
  8. still have most of this if anyones interested. also have a couple air wipers i replaced with electric ones
  9. i never saw to many chrome dayton wheels around here but they have a lot down under
  10. that green #20 Superliner in the background looks pretty sharp. i like that color
  11. i don't care what anyone says there was never a better truck built than an R model
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