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  1. The 50 wouldn't be gallons would it?
  2. Sorry about your dad to. He was 80 but I think he got around better than I do. Got cancer and was gone in 6 months. We were always working on something together. I guess you never know. I liked the Superliner but I liked my r models better.
  3. No that black one was the last r model I had. I also had a Superliner that I just sold last fall. I lost my dad 2 years ago and I lost interest in having my own trucks so went back to company I used to drive for.
  4. Thanks yours is looking pretty good to. I know what you mean about the Ch. I had one for 9 years and it was a very good truck but after i bought my orange r model I sold the ch.
  5. I thought the same thing when I put that one on. It was taking up room in the garage so I put it on and once I got the stacks on it wasn't to bad. I've only seen the truck once since I sold it and he put aluminum wheels on the rear. I hear he stretched it out now. I know he wanted to put a big bunk on it.
  6. 75T

    I seen the R -model you built recently,  looked like they stretched it by 4 to 6 foot.

    1. keg1


      I heard he stretched it. When he bought it he said he wanted to put a big bunk on it.

  7. I clamped mine to the headache rack. Hard to see in the picture though.l sold the truck or I would take a better picture.
  8. The Granite looks nice but your B is way nicer
  9. If they run them until they breakdown that would be a short trip in a new truck.
  10. We're not laughing at you were laughing with you. Lol
  11. Picture of the new purchase
  12. It never needs to get above 65 or 70 in my opinion
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