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  1. b model is in Worthington, Pa
  2. international but i had a new anthem a year ago and gave it up. its not so much the trucks as all the beeping shit they put on them. back in my 07 international with 1.3 million on it, much happier.
  3. terminal manager couldn't believe i didn't like the new truck. still in it hoping i can get an older one this week.
  4. give me a 30 year old r model any day over this new junk. I'm in a 2020 now and i told them to put me back in an older one.
  5. Very nice ill have to keep my eyes open for that when i go through headed for Bradford
  6. i have some panels depending on what you need
  7. Had one in my 71 nova but none of my macks
  8. keg1

    Cab Replacement

    I have some roof panels if your interested.
  9. Turned out nice. I put air ride under the cab of the Superliner I just sold. It did make a difference. I got lucky and found everything I needed off another cab. I still had to fab up some things because nothing ever just bolts on. I had to make the brackets for the firewall that the rollers bolt in. After everything you did to it should last you a long time.
  10. I saw a red granite in Warren Pa Friday . lt looked like a tractor without the fifth wheel and a couple big blocks on the back. Mack trucks on the door. i was sitting at a red light daydreaming when it came around the corner looked a little odd with the blocks on it and then i remembered this post.
  11. i had Alumitank make me a set for my 2000 CH
  12. why would someone replace this. thats a beauty
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