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  1. It would definetly look good with a pair
  2. Don't know why but I have pictures going every which way
  3. Got the headlights, turn signals, and horn wired. 2 new steer tires and a quick polish job on front wheels.
  4. keg1

    Guess the year of this KW

    Post away and I wouldn't worry out the flack
  5. looks like the oil filter i had on a 52 willys jeep
  6. keg1

    1983 Superliner

    © craigslist - Map data © OpenStreetMap (google map) Rebuilt Mack 350 engine with 7000 miles on it, 9 speed Fuller trans, I believe 38,000 rears on camelback. New rear cab panel due to old one being cut down for sleeper, new roof and cowl panels due to very small amount of rust could have been repaired but I wanted it replaced. Dash has been recovered in leather and wood grain with whiteface gauges. Custom made overhead console with stereo, speakers and CB to replace factory plastic one. All of interior has been dynamated. New Alumitank fuel tanks. Have an aluminum wet line tank that can go with it. New y pipe and straight pipes with integrated mufflers. 4 new batteries. New brake lining, seals, brake chambers, and slack adjusters. 6 polished aluminum wheels. New grill denser. New windshields and rubbers for all glass. New air horns and cab lights. Currently working on running new wiring for headlights and turn signals when I have time. I planned on having new door panels, headliner and back panel made but can't find someone that will come to garage to do it and I'm not putting plates and insurance on it just for that. When I started this I tried doing everything right because I planned on working it and didn't want anything giving me problems but things have changed and I don't need it and don't like having it sitting around.$30,000 Price is firm I have way more in it plus a lot of time. show contact info
  7. I have this 83 for sale that I would have to have 30,000 for. I have done a lot to it and have around 40,000 in it. Everything cost money and I've never got out of them what I put in and that doesn't count my time.
  8. keg1

    Roof-top Wind Deflector

    Sorry about that haven't been by there in awhile.
  9. keg1

    Roof-top Wind Deflector

    You could check with Kennedys near Slippery Rock. Haven't been in there in awhile but they used to get a lot of fleet stuff in. I know they used to have a lot of ABF.
  10. keg1

    New ride

    This one doesn't go off when your over the speed limit but the new International we got does. I guess I lucked out on that. I wish they had aluminum wheels at least on the front. I saw one of Pitt Ohios with that bright red and alum wheels all around it was pretty sharp.
  11. Our terminal got our first Anthem and I guess I get it. Had it two days now and still not sure if I want it or go back to my worn out International. I guess it's not the worst thing out there but I just don't get into all the new modern stuff. Get close to white or yellow line and beeper goes off get within a half mile of someone in front of you and beeper goes off. Don't put your seatbelt on beeper goes off. Doesn't run to bad Mp7 425 with M drive. All the trucks they bought this year are single axles. I wish Mack would have stuck with building R models and forgot this new stuff. Not sure why picture is upside down
  12. Anyone else interested in this truck
  13. keg1

    R-model door driver side.

    There's a pair on Pittsburgh Craigslist.
  14. I'm guessing the y pipe is stock. It looked new when I bought the truck. I came off it with a couple short pieces of flex pipe into I think 4 to 6 in adapter

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