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  1. Probably was I think they had a few of them.
  2. Remember them hauling lumber through town when I was much younger
  3. It's an e6 4 valve.
  4. The tag on the engine says it's a 87.
  5. 250 Mack, Mack 10 speed, taper leaf suspension. $5000 in pump rebuild, New: turbo, air compressor, air dryer, power steering hoses, both windshields, rubber molding around doors and windows, newer gray interior, heated mirrors, cab lights, visor, paint, brake lining, u- joints, steer tires, 2 drive tires. Other 6 drive tires are caps at 50%. flatbed is 48x96 alum. Virgin tires at 50%. Driver side winches and toolbox. Both are on 11- 22.5 rubber also have wet line pump and alum tank,mh frame with axles and 8 alum 24.5 tires, 350 4 valve, 5 speed trans, 5.73 rears, r model cab, doors, new roof and cowl panels and other misc body panels. Crate of different air to turbo rubber boots and elbows. Ph. 814-432-2843
  6. Very nice!!
  7. You mean I won't be seeing it running up 79 anymore? Didn't he have a stainless visor on it?
  8. Thank you
  9. Very nice
  10. I just had the pump worked on
  11. I have an 85 r model with a 250 in it. I had the pump rebuilt and turned up. I'm happy with how it runs. I had an 89 with a 350 in it that ran real good this ones not quite as good but does a good job.
  12. I was told Superliners and Mh have one bolt and R models have two. But the mounts on the trans are different between Mack and Fuller.