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  1. Fleets like Ups don't get stuck sitting at a shipper or receiver for hours waiting for some lazy ass to load or unload you either. I'm working for an ltl company with e logs now and yes it's ok but when I was running my own and trying to get home every day they wouldn't work most days.
  2. Team transport i believe. yard was in Warrendale right off 79
  3. I had a 71 Nova 250 six cyl not much of a runner but still a nice car. Guy bought it put a v8 in it and wrapped it around a telephone pole
  4. Keep the Superliner
  5. Thank you. It was hard to watch it leave. He's going to stretch it and put a bunk on it.
  6. Saw it coming out of Titusville at the beginning of the week. I was at Wilcox nursery dropping off a skid and just came around the back of the trailer and saw a flash of orange. Looks real good.
  7. Nice looking Ford
  8. I have a straight 5 speed if interested.
  9. Turned out great, can't wait to see it in on the road.
  10. I believe I saw the Superliner setting at the garage in Centerville today. I was headed south and looked in because there's usually a Mack of some sort sitting there and I did a double take. That thing is sharp!!! Wish I would have been going a little slower to got a better look. You did a great job on that.
  11. Taking the hood off gets the light weight down.
  12. I have roof panels, cowl panels, and other misc. sheet metal, some doors but they're not in the best shape. I have a crate of different air intake to turbo boots and elbows. A set of 5.73 rears. If there's something your looking for let me know I might be forgetting something. Thanks Kevin