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  1. I intercepted these on the way to the junkyard.
  2. I drove one for 11 years.(it's name was Fester) I can honestly say it was the most reliable car I ever drove. I beat the snot out of that car and it kept going. This was tire smoke, it did the best reverse lows!
  3. There's 2 or 3 late 90's early 2000's rhd jeep Cherokees I've seen delivering mail around here.
  4. If anyone is looking for shifter boot ideas. I found a pair of ford festiva 5 speed boots seem to be a perfect fit. I had to make the hole in the top a little bigger but with the stock shifters they would probably be a perfect fit. I'm going to make some metal trim rings to screw threw to hold them down. Best part is they where free!
  5. HOT

    The water under your bridge looks froze solid. Is it the polluted that it looks brown like that?
  6. Chicago R models

    Ok, Thanks. Didn't remember them being that square in the grill area on others I've seen.
  7. 07 mack granite cv713 dump truck

    Would it steer by itself sitting still or driving? Always the same direction?
  8. Chicago R models

    What kinda hoods on the hooker? That looks more squared off in the front then others ive seen.
  9. HOT

    And I'm crying about -8
  10. HOT

    Guy I work with said there was something in a newspaper he had read about that. They had to close school be cause of the cold.
  11. Project - drop deck trailer

    Gonna run the whole trailer off a pony motor, or just winch?
  12. HOT

    Isn't the main state confusion? That's where I'm at a lot of the time anyway, the state of confusion
  13. Guess I didn't send enough $. I didn't get 1/2 that.
  14. This is the picture I sent him, and when I got to see the picture of what he did I was like a kid at Christmas. I took a screen shot on my phone and sent it to all my buddies showing it off. I can't wait til the real deal shows up!
  15. Happy Birthday 41 chevy!

    Better watch what he eats with. One of these times there gonna come after him. Happy bday.