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  1. Lol. It is a lot of fun. I need another 200hp though. On my kids phone at the end of the pull when i hit the clutch the front dropped about 5" so it hooked good. It was at the gratz fair in gratz pa. North east corner of dauphin county. There was a multi engine mod tractor class, 2 diesel tractor classes, 2 pickup classes and a buddy and I pulled exabition. Saturday we pulled antique tractors I got a 2nd place with that.
  2. Hobert62

    New Fad for Cars?

    I have a few like that. Let me know when you want to start selling them.
  3. Usually buying a truck like keg1 is selling will be cheaper for you then buying all new parts. You also have to decide what you want. Do you need a $100k toy you will cry when you get your first scratch or a $30k toy you can play with? Do you have a place inside to park it? I bought my wheels for $50-&60 each. even a new polished wheel will have machining marks but it will shine. We started sanding with 80 grit sand paper on a lot of my aluminum to smoothe everything out before the buffing process. We sanded all the way to 1000 grit before buffing. Dewalt has a nice variable speed buffer my dad has. It looks like a big 9" angle grinder but much slower. To fast and you can burn the aluminum. Buffing wheels and the rouge isn't that expensive and not to hard to figure out. Do you need new tires or would a matched set of used ones work for ya? I bought my 4 used virgin Goodyear drive tires and 2 aluminum wheels for $500. I love seeing the trucks at shows that are all perfect,( I really like AZb755's b model) but there not for me. So far I have somewhere in the $10-&12 k range in my B. it's nowhere near a perfect show truck and was built with mostly all junkyard parts. I play with it, beat on it,and don't worry about stone chips, splattered bugs, or mud on the tires. Good luck with whatever you go with, and remember we like pictures of all types.
  4. 4 years ago this week I brought my mack home. Tonight I got to play with it at a local fair. IMG_8817.mov
  5. I have a bunch of buddies in diffrent trades, and it just amazes me people will bring them their own "parts" to use. Then when their "part" fails they bitch about the quality of work they recived from the "shop". My one buddy tells people if you bought the "part" you put it on.
  6. Hobert62

    New Fad for Cars?

    I like Mike Rowe. He's is a true blue colar tv star that's not afraid to get dirty.
  7. Hobert62

    New Fad for Cars?

    That's really out there?
  8. Hobert62

    Spring pins and bushings?

    I see what your getting at K. My dad replaced front springs on his 2000 KW. He said he noticed a diffrence in handling and ride. If I rember right I think it raised the truck up about 1 1/2"
  9. Truck shop. Great video. I alway remember dad, and the guys in the garages drilling out the ball from the end of the throttle shaft to turn a screw. Now I see what they where doing. Thanks.
  10. Hobert62

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    I'm glad the guy had good taste in music.
  11. Hobert62

    Holy Cannoli!!! 66dc75 Has A Birthday!

    Happy birthday.
  12. Hobert62

    And he'll be driving again tomorrow..........

    How many people did he murder?
  13. Starter doesn't know the diffrence works either + ground or - ground with same rotation.

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