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  1. My dad said same thing about painting it.
  2. My Mack Tranny is already out. Prob be the last one I have.(but I could be wrong). The one I copied the yoke sat right on top of the crossbar for jack just like it was made for it.
  3. Here’s what I put together
  4. I thought of using a chain around frame and some bell housing bolts but they are only 3/8” bolts and didn’t know if 2 would be heavy enough.
  5. Came right out once I figured what to do at clutch linkage. Now any suggestions how to hold the engine up? It’s currently sitting on a large oak block and 20 ton bottle jack off bell housing . The trucks going to have to move forward about 20’ when it’s time to pull engine (my garage isn’t big enough).
  6. At the moment 2” won’t mean much at all. I understand terry’s point though. Never know what the next project will be.
  7. I borrowed my buddies jack for this weekend. It’s a very nice simple design utilizing a bottle jack. I believe it was some type of military surplus. I decided to copy it and build my own. So far I had a lot of the stuff laying around. I’m going to a 4 wheel setup instead of 3 though, and to simplify some thing it’s gonna sit about 2” higher off the ground
  8. After a lot of doing nothing to my truck for a while now I messed around with it some today. I started the Cummins for the first time since I got it from the junkyard. It started right up no bad smoke or noises. Will go over things a lot more but got excited to see it run.
  9. On Facebook a guy stuck 2 driver side seats out of a mr garbage truck and it looked like a good fit. I’m gonna look into it for mine eventually but don’t have my hopes up with my concave cab.
  10. Well I got the shirt. It’s....ok. I probably wouldn’t order again. The picture I sent in was only from a cell phone so that may be part of it. When the pic was blown up it got kinda fuzzy. All and all it was a learning experience and the shirt is ok
  11. There’s days I just sit back and look at it and don’t do anything too.
  12. My local agent has my homeowners and auto through travelers but they put my Mack through Hagerty
  13. Idk. I asked if it was dishwasher safe and they said yes. I’m guessing she’s gonna keep it for nice and prob not use it much. There is no edge around the print that I can feel with a finger or anything, so I’m not sure.
  14. I found this place online and ordered a coffee cup for my wife and a shirt for myself. Got the cup today and it turned out really nice. Still waiting on shirt.
  15. Thanks too! One thing nice about the HF stuff is the price. I’ve had a few things I welded on / modified as soon as I brought them home. It was almost what I wanted when I bought it, but til I was done it was what I wanted.
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