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  1. The 67 also has a smaller diameter wheel then the regular B does.
  2. Just to let everyone know I got my calendar through the mail safe and sound shipped to Pa. it a nicely done calendar. I hope it will be a yearly thing.
  3. I have the original sales receipt and build sheets for it. Along with owners name and address at that time. I bought it from the second owner who basically just drove it home. Original sale price was $27,800.00
  4. Floors and rain gutters are almost missing and rocker panels are full of body filler.
  5. Original owner mod. It has a belt driven water pump and it’s hook up to the aftercooler. Has its own water cooling system.
  6. I posted some in my post now it won’t let me post anymore
  7. Brought it home today. Has original sales receipt and build sheets with it. My question is. What other cabs interchange with a western r700? This cabs shot. But has almost perfect aluminum doors.
  8. I just got home today a RS753 it has the 1674 cat with a Eaton 13 speed
  9. If you don’t want 4wd I’d look into using a bread truck chassis
  10. It has a 1674 cat and looks like a 13 speed and 4 spring reyco. I think the L in the vin means light weight? Looks to have a bunch of aluminum brackets. Cab looks to be about beyond repair and hood is broke several place too. I’ll keep ya’s posted.
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