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  1. With a rear like that you only prob need 1 shift.
  2. I just use my iPhone 4 yet and go through the photo album on phone
  3. My mom and aunt are on a trip in Iceland and thinking if me they took a pic of this 1961 Volvo they saw there.
  4. Can't help you with #'s, but... Is it that easy to change your water pump that you don't mind risking using a cheapie ebay pump with the risk of it being cheap for a reason? I'm not preaching buy mack I like to save $ when I can, but I don't think a water pump is the place to take the ebay gamble. Strictly my uneducated opinion.
  5. Butane... as in lighter fluid?
  6. Not a curved neck but an older one. https://williamsport.craigslist.org/hvo/d/step-deck-trailer/6205952193.html
  7. That truck had a very nice sounding exhaust sound. They had it running when we looked at it.
  8. I bet Swishy has some good pictures somewhere of the skirts. A little more detailed.
  9. One of my favorite dumb movies of all times.
  10. So did it power hydraulics on the trailer or did the box go up mechanically???
  11. I know nothing about this, but it shocks me. I figured something like this would be worth more then that.
  12. Seams like a beast of an R someone needs to save from the scrapers. Kids picked up an "AuctionTime.com" book and its in there.
  13. I turned the nuts on the rack 3 more flats and it made a big difference.