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  1. That’s so we all don’t keep bothering you to build us one. 👍🏻
  2. The Mac one for sale looks very similar to the harbor freight one. Both in design and size. That’s what has me wondering about the hf.
  3. Rob what to the adapters do for specific trannys? I’m guessing they are made to fit an expat way making it much more secure to the jack?
  4. I can justify spending $300-$400 but not $1,000+. It’s something that hopefully doesn’t get used again for a long time. I treat tools as a investment. They will be with me for a long time, and you get what you pay for. That being said I’ve had some very good luck with harbor freight tools in the past, and then some that weren’t worth the extra breath it took to open them.
  5. I saw them but didn’t think they would be heavy enough. The tag only says 500 pounds. That being said I have no idea what the transmissions weigh either. The first one is only about an hour away
  6. I’ve been scanning around local for a good used one without luck. Buddy has a truck garage and said I could use his but I know as soon as I get it he’s going to need it.
  7. Anyone use one of these for truck tranny? Going to use it for my duplex and a baby 13 speed. Not used often just don’t like borrowing tools.
  8. She will sound quite nice with dual 6” stacks👍🏻
  9. I’m going air to air. The engine itself is 4”-5” shorter front to back. My plan is to keep it mounted back in the doghouse gaining the extra space in the front. Then mounting stock radiator on back side of support instead of on the front like originally. This and loosing my shutters should give me enough room to stick an intercooler in front of radiator. Its going to take some time and footwork to find a 3” thick one to fit in the stock grill shell. If I can’t find a stock one in the bone yards I have a large one out of a rear engine buss with the correct tanks to bring the inlet and outlet out above the radiator tank. A local radiator shop told me he could recore it to the width I need. As for hp this is a 250hp according to the cpl code. Buddy said we are going to change the pump timing from 12-17 degrees, adj the anaroind, and put a O fuel plate in it. Should be a safe and reliable 300hp without any parts.
  10. C series. 8.3L 505 cubic inch. It’s big brother to the 12 valve in the dodges. Very similar fuel system but has wet liners like the 855’s
  11. No coronavirus for me. I’m stocked up on high quality China made safety masks from harbor freight. Lol. I respect a lot of people’s knowledge and experience on this forum. I really like seeing pictures of people’s projects(including yours). That’s why I post mine. There are a lot of trucks on here that are absolutely beautiful originals. Some sit in museums and others that should. I really respect the time, skill, and $ people put into them. That being said, I don’t want a truck like that. I’ve had this hooked to a pulling sled a dozen times, drove through down pours, and had it stuck in the mud. I get home dump a gallon of oil in it and it’s good for the next time. My goal now is to give “back in black” some burnout competition at the gerhart show. Lol
  12. You must be a skinny midget or never been around a b67 with a concave cab then. It was a running driving truck when I bought it. I drove it a couple month before I cut the frame off behind the cab for the stretch. Kinda defeated the purpose of the short hood and cancave cab With the new 16’ wheelbase.
  13. I have one similar but without taking heads off there’s no way it would fit. Being a b67 my front end is 8” shorter then a standard B. The back 1/3 of motor is crammed in a dog house under the dash.
  14. Inferior is just an opinion I guess. If being able to get parts off the shelf about anywhere, almost twice the hp and torque as my n/a673, being 100 + cubic inches smaller making fit better, and the fact it’s been around for 30 years makes it inferior, then I guess it is. I also have freightliner air ride, power steering from a fl70, and front axle from a fld120. I’m building the truck to use and abuse with parts that are reliable, easily available to me, and have people experienced in working on them. And mostly because I want to.
  15. I like the idea for using intake. My new setup uses a #2 bell housing. I will pretty much everything left from driveshaft yoke to fan.
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