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  1. Hobert62

    NOS door installation

    You should eliminate the vents and put 1 piece glass in the doors like the guys do to 67-72 chevy trucks.
  2. What's the blueish boxy thing in the center of this pic?
  3. We like pictures. Thanks, and good luck
  4. That thing has to catch wind going down the road.
  5. If I remember I think Alex had a new one for a R for sale not long ago.
  6. Hobert62

    5" or 6"?

    I have dual 6"'on my B. my top sections are removable so it fits in garage door. With them removed the stacks are level with the top of the cab and its very loud. Sometimes exhaust will loop around and come into windows. With the top sections on I don't hear the exhaust unless echoing off buildings, and get no fumed. The big stacks give it a nice deep sound and the non turbo part gives it almost a v8 sound to it. I get lots of compliments on the sound from old truckers around here. If staying with single exhaust I'd just use 5", 6" would look out of place to me.
  7. Hobert62

    Joining the gang

    Thank you!
  8. Hobert62

    Amazon Challenge......

    As for harbor freight some of their tools are good quality. Others aren't worth the junky cardboard they're shipped in. I'm a fan of the better toolboxes. Defiantly worth checking into. Also like the jackstands I have several 6 ton and a pair of 12 ton.
  9. Hobert62

    another Jake brake question.

    Didn't the brand Barry sell start wit a T? Tech brake maybe?
  10. Hobert62

    Triplex transmission mount bushings

    I thought the cab mount bushings are used for the tranny too
  11. Hobert62

    another Jake brake question.

    Kinda like a baseball card in a bicycle wheel.
  12. Hobert62

    another Jake brake question.

    Don't forget to hang an empty chip bag out the window for the sound.
  13. Hobert62

    Need more space

    What you going to cover the frame with? Just plastic or some kind of heavier tarp?
  14. He was prob. 1/2 in his yard and half in his neighbors flower bed.
  15. Hobert62

    Gear ratio

    Maybe this will help with some info. Rob has it ln a listing for a engine in the parts forsale section.

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