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  1. Ideas, ideas, and more ideas. I'm thinking a MH cab would fit up to the front of a trailer pretty nice. That would give large front windows.
  2. I think the tri-axles around here haul around 23 ton. Tags are for 73,280 I believe.
  3. That's kinda a tease. Having a KW listed forsale on a Mack sight and mentioning some other Mack's but no pics.
  4. Your waiting for the proper patina/aging affect before you clear coat it.
  5. I agree with you. I do order from them and like to support as well. But...I live about 3 hours away from them and I think theycharged me $12 shipping for the little aluminum spacers that go on the front fender turnsignals on my B so they sit straight.
  6. I think a benefit for the lift axle behind the drives is to give a shorter turning radius with it raised.
  7. I seen it about 2 years ago at a local show here in central Pa.
  8. That's a good question I'm curious for the replays.
  9. truck is back on the ground. I took the bottom 3 leaves off the spring pack and made new blocks out of 2"x4" solid steel blocks. The center pin measurement on the mack axle is 33 1/2". The freightliner was 33". I made the blocks have a the bottom centers match the axle and off set them a 1/4" on the top to match the springs. Now I'm figuring what top spring pads to use and get the matching u-bolts. Then off to the drag link and shock mounts. So far very happy with fitment. I'm gonna be measuring aluminum wheels from a city bus. I believe they have a slightly diff offset that will bring the tire back into the fender a little further.
  10. this is what I thought of when I heard coal slag. Ash from burning hard coal in a stove or furnace.
  11. Something simple like a bad oring on fuel filter?
  12. MEK

    Wow! I don't know what else to say.
  13. MEK

    Sorry to be crude but what is it? I like it, but I'm not sure what it is.
  14. That's the best part!
  15. I am sorta one of the younger group we have, and your right. I will look stuff up on my phone but I do like to have the trusty map as well. When I was a kid my dad hauled steel and on a Sunday night before he left he got the map out and told me where he was going and asked how to get there. One of the "senior crowd" that we have has had the same 3 stores and one depot stop for 2 years. He uses his gps every night and has no idea how far or long it it between stops. Throw a detour in there and wow! he needs medicine. A lot of our guys definatly wouldn't be able to do anything on there own that's for sure.