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  1. Does anyone want or need it? After putting a bunch of local miles on the new one I'm happy with how everything works. Everything seamed tight and truck drove good with it. Front spokes are for 22.5" I'm about 2 hours north west of macungie. Make an offer I'm open to trading. Thermodyne emblems, wet line, and ??? I'd like it to be saved.
  2. The pre 2000 still have to have an e-log if required be the company leased to. They are just only tracked by GPS and not plugged into the ECM of the truck.
  3. Not to sure about the single axle but it would work good to store/haul our tractors.
  4. Nice thing is these grotes are made from some type of nonmagnetic metal and shouldn't rust, or crack like the cheap plastic ones.
  5. These lights have a semi curved base that match up to the B roof pretty well. Not sure how they will sit on the F's roof.
  6. You lucked out. Yours kinda found you... Would a beer keg work? Would have a neat look.
  7. A good reamer is worth it's price. I used a 5/8" for my frame, and with a pilot hole and a little cutting oil it goes through like butter.
  8. Is that Pete air ride?
  9. Have the battery on a charger for a while before you try to crank. For me it will always crank 1 turn not enough to fire when I try starting something for the first time in awhile.
  10. https://www.finditparts.com/products/354341/grote-45333?srcid=CHL01SCL010-Npla-Dmdt-Gusa-Svbr-Mmuu-K354341&gclid=CJ_sxOeqidQCFcdXDQodgFEGfQ I got mine from finditparts. Cheapest place I found them and I think I bought a $7 hose cutter to get free shipping. My original 517's will be come off some day but not sure when.
  11. I built my kids a pulling sled for there pedal tractors. I'm 6'2" and when I put one of them in the weight box and I get on the tractors it don't sound good. Someday I'd like to find one at a yard sale, cut the back 1/2 off and build my own rear heavy enough that we won't destroy there nice ones. I forgot to say that these new ones are junk compared to the older ones. Even ones we bought 7yrs ago compared to 3yrs ago there is more plastic.
  12. I'd like to see the rest of the truck.
  13. It was some kind of cold coffe in a bottle. I know I'm not a real man but I don't drink coffee at all. I'm just amazed she went for a ride and only complaind that it stank inside once!
  14. Must be a common area on the drivers floor. Mine has a patch of 1/4" steel right in the same area yours has the rectangular shape piece welded on.