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  1. Thought of that. But I’m not sure if an industrial engine will work right in a truck the way the governor is set up
  2. I’m trying to justify buying it. Pretty sure I can get it for less then 1800. Have no need whatsoever but hate to see it gone forever. They estimate there’s 200-300 pounds of copper in the generator. If I don’t get it will prob be taken apart with an excavator.
  3. It is a H model delivered June 1951. Got some more pics. Will post soon. Oil looks clean in it. Said it would take $1800+or- to own it.
  4. I like mine for my 15 stops a night. But like I said, It took a little while to get use to it. Hated it for a few weeks.
  5. Didn’t see much on the tag. Plan on going out tomorrow again, I was on a different mission today. He has a Amish guy that buys most of his generators so prob won’t end up scraped.
  6. Yes. Pretty sure it was a generator, didn’t really look at that end. They had a v12 Cummins awhile back with a generator too. Idk on a price. He was leaving when I got there today and said have fun. I will talk to him tomorrow
  7. Found this at my buddies scrap yard today. I’d like to save it but have no need or knowledge on it or anyway to handle it. My 8.3 Cummins was almost to heavy for my engine hoist
  8. I wish my b was on the road when it was there. Would have made a lot better picture
  9. I’d put the b-61 cab and hood on the 5 ton chassis.
  10. That’s the one. Pretty sure it had s kt under the hood. Parked my beater car just for size comparison
  11. No you don’t. If you drive it just once you will hate it. They take a little while to get used to. At least it did for me.
  12. I know nothing about these model trucks but if the foot brake valve is for air brakes and you know what the valve is check on eBay. I bought a new one for my b and it wasn’t that bad of $, if I remember correctly.
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