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  1. I thought that looks like a truck I've seen. When I zoomed in, the town on the door is only about 15 miles from my house.
  2. Showing up in style

    Just like at work. Anyone that says they never dumped a stack of bread is the same way. I know I've picked my fair share of loafs bread off the trailer floor over the last 17 years. The worst are the ones in parking lots where other people can see ya.
  3. Showing up in style

    Kids always like when we start the tractors with the "cans" on the stacks. I usually have plastic bottles with one end cut out. They bet wich one goes higher in the air. The JD B I pulled I gutted the oil bath air filter and stuck a K&N inside it. People look at us funny when we drive it around with the can on the air stack.
  4. Showing up in style

    Never thought about that before, but it's a good point. Guy I know that had a big truck wrecker had "cans" to put over the stacks when pulling trucks. Said the air moving over the stacks would pull a vacuume and spin the turbo without oil being fed to it. Did it? I have no idea.
  5. Showing up in style

    Thanks. The back ones a H the jd is an A. The mack looks better when your not real close to it.
  6. Showing up in style

    This past weekend a local church had a "folk days" festival. They had a civil war set up, blacksmith, petting zoo, home made soups, and bake goods. They he a couple old cars and always ask if we can take a tractor. This year we took 2 and went in style.
  7. Mufflers

    If they aren't leaking I wouldn't worry about them. Unless you are changing pipes upstream or downstream of the muffler. Then change it all.
  8. Hauling coal

    This part if Pa it's hard coal, and yes it's still used to heat houses.
  9. Napier Deltic

    Any videos of it pumping? I looked on youtube and couldn't find any of it in action.
  10. 1980 Peterbilt 359 International Transport

    I don't want either, mice or snakes. But... If you want to get rid of that bunk and all the mice issues with it I'll gladly take it. Looks about what I'm thinking for my B.
  11. No more Thomas the Tank Engine

    So the Thomas I see on a dropdeck going done the roads not a functioning loco? Now I'm even more sad.
  12. early r model steel bumper with grill guard

    I agree 100% with you on this. I purchase from them in the past and will in the future. Every time i called except 1, I had a very helpful parts guy that was willing to spend the extra couple minutes to help as well. I met Barry at the macungi show when I bought my cab bushings and made sure I told him tank you for this site.
  13. early r model steel bumper with grill guard

    Watt's prob said they wanted his first born child. They unfortunately want almost $700 for the stainless one.
  14. Diamond reo show

    http://www.aacamuseum.org/diamond-reo-truck-meet/ i just saw the sign for it tonight. I've never been to it, but maybe this year?
  15. No more Boy Scouts

    This is a link about a military competition my little sister was in. She was the only female to make it this far and she was a Girl Scout.