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  1. I remember reading on here sometime in the last few years somebody else was looking for “skinny” rims for an old fire truck. Idk what that outcome was either.
  2. I think that’s the first I’ve heard that you didn’t remember a part #. I almost thought you where some kinda robot. Lol! Just busting on you. Don’t take any offense to it.
  3. Just found your post. I have 4:30 rear, direct drive duplex, tired non turbo 673, and tall drive tires (12r 22.5). It runs 66 mph at 2300rpm. Ok bobtailing pretty sleepy with any kind of load.
  4. Is this a pic of your truck? Saw it on Facebook and thought it resembled yours.
  5. This is what you don’t want. Way to big for the truck. Sorry to the truck owner
  6. Be carful with the height. Mines off a freightliner and it was a little to tall. Looked out of place. My buddy shortened it about 3” to get it to look right. I believe “azb755” (I think that’s his name) has a stainless one on his B too Not sure what he used
  7. I usually take 3 pics when I want to post something. One with my phone upright then turn it each way.
  8. I found with my iPhone I have to hold the phone a certain direction. Either sideways or right side up when taking the picture. I don’t remember which way though.
  9. Agree 100%. And never sit stuff on front fenders or deck plates either.
  10. Service lines inc where my b67 came from had some big radiator b67s as well. I will agree about hitting elbow sometimes on a shift too.
  11. I just read an article somewhere that Pennsylvania just passed a law that a turbocharger is not considered a muffling device anymore.
  12. Mine started from a 359 Pete I think. It was the factory 2 piece aluminum one that bolted together in the middle. I changed the angles where the 2 pieces met and had a guy weld them together. I had to shorten the ends and reshape to fit the cab. I drilled and tapped some 3/4 round stock and cut 3/4” holes in cab for mounting then welded in place. The way the B cab rolled around I didn’t like how the visor would match up. I have to make a center support for it because wind catches it and makes it flop in center pretty bad.
  13. If you grab the drag link you should be able to feel if there is excess play in the ends. It will rotate but shouldn’t have slop in it.
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