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  1. I'm gonna figure it out for mine one day. Basically because I run out of elbow room in the cab when trying to hang on the wheel. It does go down the road fine but sucks to maneuver in tight spots.
  2. Read your post over there and like your game plan. Can't wait to see it progress.
  3. Yes! We need pictures! Lol
  4. Hobert62

    Nice Pair!

    I'm a teenager at heart, and yes I do act like one once and awhile.
  5. Hobert62

    B model Grille shell

    Good luck. Me too.
  6. Hobert62

    Sights from my road trip

    I'd gladly trade you a ton for a ton!
  7. Hobert62

    Sights from my road trip

    Grab me some gold and ill trade you some hard coal if you swing through my area.
  8. I've heard of people using a steering box and column from a R model. Also remember someone on here talking about freightliner parts. I'd like to learn about the freightliner parts myself.
  9. Hobert62

    Nice Pair!

    Yeah pears. Me too!
  10. Hobert62

    New t shirt

    The lady with the above link was nice to deal with. I sent her a pic of duplex pattern and she gladly made them up for me and the kids. there not a super high quality shirt but not bad.
  11. Hobert62

    1970s roof marker lamp base/housing wanted

    This is one off my B just to show the curve.
  12. Hobert62

    1970s roof marker lamp base/housing wanted

    Yes the light on the B have a curve in the light to fit a curved roof. I think some of the earlier cabovers have the same light except they are made with no curve for flat roofs. Depending on your truck if it has a flat roof or curved roof will help get the correct lights.
  13. Hobert62

    Nice Pair!

    I was also expecting some of Otherdog's or Swish's "pairs"
  14. Could you just grab a brochure from a dealer? Wouldn't that have the colors available like ones at car dealers?
  15. Hobert62

    62? Diamond T C.O.E. CL

    Why are there so many cool trucks on the left coast?

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