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  1. Freightrain to the NHRA phone

    Bob sold the place last year I think my buddy said. New guy has been doing a bunch of improvements to the place I guess. I've only ever been there 1 time, just to haul his car their. Good luck with the weather, like you said not looking real good.
  2. Freightrain to the NHRA phone

    Beaver is this coming weekend? My buddy said the guy Beaver Bob sold the track to put a bunch of $ into the place.
  3. 1952 KW 825

    I'll take it!
  4. Ramp trouble:

    Why a cylinder change?
  5. Beach Boys call it right....

    What do you have under your cab? I remember you having a picture at night one time. I want to mount some under mine, just looking for ideas.
  6. The other year when I drug mine out of the shed to start working on it, i made my youngest son help too. He's been very interested with the whole project ever since.
  7. Dog house really isn't in the way for the driver. I agree. The worst part is the shifters being 7" back further in the floor. Combine that with a contour cab there's not much elbow room when shifting, or belly room between the seat and steering wheel. I'm 6'2" 225#
  8. That's the dumb things about these new trucks. People keep preaching safety safety safety, and they keep putting more blind spots in the new trucks. My freightliner seams like it has telephone poles for A-pillars.
  9. I don't watch sports on tv, but my kid likes the packers. It's a nice short hood. Would look good at my place. Is it a flat back cab?
  10. When I lose things it's usually small stuff I put in a safe place so I know where it is when I need it.
  11. Out of Altoona?
  12. Brockway "Toughest Truck In The World"

    Very sad, but prob true. Just shows how disrespectful people really are.
  13. Beach Boys call it right....

    They're only 3/4" lights? They light up pretty good.
  14. Happy Birthday Doug Maney

    Is this the guy that got his mustache shaved off at macungie last year? Happy b-day