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  1. Notifications

    When I push on the 3 lines it opens up to the bell and envelope symbol. I'm using an iPhone 4
  2. Dirty Jobs

    My dads brother married a Greek woman and lives in Greece. I remember at my grandparents there was a jar of pickled octopus legs they brought over from Greece onetime.
  3. Notifications

    I think the private notifications you mean are just an automatic alert from the web page letting you know that someone quoted you or liked a post you made.
  4. My truck doesn't apear to have been painted the orange all over like this one . Mine seems to be more a white and orange stripe and maybe orange front fenders.
  5. Well me and my 2 boys do go in it, but the windows have to be down for elbow room.
  6. When I rewired mine I ran all the big circuits through relays. High beam, low beam, 1 trailer lights, tractor taillights, and cab marker lights.
  7. Dirty Jobs

    How about boiled pigs feet?
  8. Dirty Jobs

    I think your "head cheese" is what they call "souse" around here. Beef tongue is somewhat common too.

    What plow setup do you have on your BX? I have a BX2360 and would like a plow just haven't decided what yet. My rear tires are filled with windshield washer fluid and I have wheel weights as well.
  10. Had some spare parts............

    So there is going to be a camera in the garage bay watching the mechanic scratch his ass and pick his nose?
  11. Dirty Jobs

    Scrapple is very popular around here. Lots of people make it and there is a big diffrence in who makes it. I don't eat it but my wife & oldest son do. Along with many others. As for creamed chipped beef,aka s.o.s., aka "shit on the shingles" is great. I like it on toast and homefries. There are alot of interesting "foods" in central PA. I can't pronounce or let alone spell but I'll try to come up with a few in the next few days.
  12. Odd problem...

    When I was wiring and plumbing my B I either read or was told some trucks have seperate brake light switches for tractor & trailer. I don't rember where or who I heard it from.
  13. Local iron show

    Was that a tilt hood? I didn't realize they had them. I thought the "needle noses" where all butterfly hoods.
  14. Our shop guys end up using a big sledge hammer and torch sometimes to get them out. Everything is covered under warranty though. First time truck is in shop after 100,000 miles they pull a warning sticker off tube, unthread a plastic pipe plug, and screw in a grease zerk. No more issues after that. We have sealed landing gear on new trailers too. Same issues, they get drilled and tapped for grease fittings too. Grease is cheap!