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  1. Hello every one I have a cracked Hub on my 1954 B Mack I have looked for a cast # I have read up on and believe the # is 8Q414 does anyone know if that is right? Also where a guy might find one? I might have a guy with one but he wants me to make sure of the cast #. Any ways hope some one has the answers I am looking for. Thanks Mike.
  2. I am sure I do have it can you give me more details is it the drive shaft from pump to trans?
  3. Hello everyone. I Bought a Fire truck from a guy in Moro Oregon about a year ago. It took quit a bit to get a title for it so it could be brought into Canada so I could get it to my home and start to work on it here in Powell River B.C. The truck at the time I bought it had 28,000 miles on it and was in really good shape it was worth all the work I had to do to get it here. I have posted pic to show what was done to it hope you like it I cant wait to show it off this summer at some truck meets that I want to go to and to drive it and show it off.
  4. Wow I cant believe there isn't ant old tractor trailers out there I cant seem to find one if any one has any suggestions I am open to any
  5. Hello I am looking for a old tractor Trailer Box Trailer in the 1950s or 60s can anyone suggest where I might find one I cant seem to find one tried plenty of sights no luck. Thanks Mike.
  6. I am wanting to buy a old tractor trailer to tow behind my two Mack trucks. Does anyone know where I might find one? Please let me know. Thanks Mike.
  7. Thanks everyone for the positive response on the truck it was a lot of work but well worth it everyone that sees it loves it. Thanks again. Mike.
  8. The lights are on there and matched up just fine thanks again for helping me out with them
  9. Hello everyone. I told a story of my Mack truck that I had just bought and left it with the guy that I bought it from to make sure everything was ok with it cause it had sat in his shop for 23 years. I agreed to leave it with him wail it was there a week later he called me and told me the building had burnt down with the truck in it he gave me my money back dealt with insurance he got paid for it and agreed to sell it to me as is for 500 dollars. I pondered on fixing it up or not and have taken the job and here are the pic of it before and after and it does have the Fulton visor on it I was as
  10. Original lights are glass with stainless steel covers If I was on my computer I would post a pic but am in the middle of moving and my computer is in a box
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