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  1. The serial number should be stamped on the frame on the left (drivers) side, facing up (on the top flange of the frame). What is that number? We can tell you when built (approximately), and what size/capacity it is. It should be a number, like 10ACXXXX, or similar.
  2. Any heavy weight transmission oil, like 90 wt. would work in the transmission. There is no rear end that takes oil. The bearings in the wheels take wheel bearing grease. What do you have? Any pictures??
  3. On all of the AC's I have seen or ever fooled with, the pto is on the drivers side of the tranny, and it is controlled with a shaft that puts it in or out of gear. The only other shaft to the tranny is the gear shift lever which rotates and moves forward and back to select the gear you want.
  4. ekennedy21 is correct. But there are some new 4 ply tractor tires and turf tires in 24" rim size that will work for knocking around. Miller tire in Wauseu (sp), Ohio has a catalog with these in them. They are only 4 ply with about a 2500 pound capacity, but we are talking parades, etc, not running a load. Might work for what you want to do.
  5. Not really a parts truck, but a complete truck I would like to restore some day. I have quite a few AC's I can work/play with, and Don only had the one truck. I knew he wasn't well, so I sent him the parts so he could enjoy it while he had time left. We shared a lot of similar interests, and I enjoyed talking with him regularly. I will need the(replacement) parts someday, but I don't regret sending mine to him. This is a hobby, and it let him see his project completed. Steelman
  6. His name was Don Steinman, and a friend of mine. I gave him a radiator and shaft with bearings from one of my AC's so he could complete his truck. He was able to take it to the ATHS show in Washington, but passed away a few months later. They had an auction, but it didn't sell. I saw it for sale in Hemmings Motor News last year for a good bit of money. Don't know if it sold.
  7. i responded to this back then, and told him what they were. Offered to purchase, but never heard back.
  8. I had a great time at the show and got to see a lot of friends and meet some new ones. I bought a "George Sprowl" lil' B which we brought to the show before taking it home. I stopped for the pickets, they went across the road once and collected together so we could pass. As went went by, they waved and thanked us. I am no fan of unions, but I felt like they were very respectful so we acted likewise. The staff and volunteers did a great job, and I look forward to the next trucktoberfest in 2021!
  9. I spoke with the office today (Wednesday, October 16, 2019), and the event is a go. An email will be sent out as soon as it is approved by the appropriate folks. I was assured that the show is on! I look forward to being there. Steelman
  10. Is that a generator connected to it? What would it take to own it?
  11. I have used aluminum oxide and it last quite awhile. So does steel shot. Garnet in my pressure pot can be recycled a few times. Glass beads are good for fine work like mentioned above, but I think it breaks down quickly compared to aluminum oxide , garnet or steel shot.
  12. Yes, George Sprowl did the red "Baby" B model. I spoke with the folks that brought it to the show, and spoke to Mr. Sprowl just two days ago. Steelman
  13. I am old enough (68) to think sometimes that the young men today do not have the backbone the men of the "greatess generation" had. But then I meet a few young men that are or have served the country, and I am struck by the patriotism and courage of these young men today. All is not lost........yet!
  14. It is considered good practice to replace bolts that have been in high stress situations whether it be a truck frame, a building or whatever. The bolts have been torqued properly and were stretched slightly. The threads could be deformed ever so little, but enough to lead to a failure. Do you really want to bet your life or that of an innocent motorist on a fastner that costs a couple of bucks?
  15. Love the Mack service sign! I have only seen three of these in my life.  Where did you find it?  An almost perfect one was for sale about a year ago from a fellow in Europe.  Can you tell me how wide and how tall is it?  Carey Leitch, aka Steelman


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