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  1. Big guns moving

    I might be mistaken, but I believe the Yamato carried 20" guns. It would have been one hell of a fight.
  2. Big guns moving

    Those gunships are kind of like a giant rototiller on steroids. They tell me the wart hogs are now the ground pounders best friend.
  3. Big guns moving

    Had an opportunity to see16 inch guns fired at Dahlgren, Va. In 1968/69. Those shells weigh over a ton, and they travel 20 to 23 miles down range, ACCURATELY! Very impressive. The New Jersey worked on the little people with them. Also witnessed 20 mm Vulcan cannon unleash. Sounds like a train locomotive running wild, or as my friends and I remarked, VICTORY!!
  4. 47 EF New here

    ( On ‎5‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 7:49 PM, Mike said: Some of us old tractor boys use brake fluid. It is expensive also, but most people own a can or two of it.) I have used a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone. You can get acetone at most hardware stores. It works very well, and is relatively inexpensive.
  5. Do you have the old clutch disc? With the splined center piece, you should be able to get it rebuilt using modern materials. I have some info on a couple of places that could do this. Will take a few days for me to find the info. In my files. I have seven AC's, I will look this weekend to see if I have any usable spares.
  6. fxfymn MIA

    Carl and his wife bought a house in South Carolina where their son lives. They are fixing it up, and have been spending a lot of time there. My wife spoke with his last evening.
  7. MACK AC

    I have factory drawings of both valves if you need a copy, just let me know. A company that can make the valves is : H & J Machining, Henry Simons, Carrington, ND, 701.652.3289, For gaskets, I got a brand new set made by Olson's gaskets in Washington state. I have factory drawings for many of the AC parts (sheet metal, some engine parts). We are in the steel fabrication business, so I wanted to make my own replacement parts as I have seven AC's and parts for a few more.
  8. Wiring

    The voltage will not change. It will remain the voltage it was wound to. Polarizing changes the ground and positive connections, not voltage.
  9. MACK AC

    Is the pipe connected to the valve/pump Assembly? Could it be the return to tank if the valve is centered and the pressurized oil needs to go somewhere?
  10. MACK AC

    I would be interested in information on the starter and ring gear for AC's. Doesn't the aluminum lower part of the engine have the hole where the starter bolts. Do you have to cut that in, or are all AC engines already preped for a Starter? I don't remember seeing this on all of the AC engines I have.
  11. I agree. The hood and therefore the frame is a bit longer on the AC6 models. This truck looks like the 10 louver hood fits perfectly. Was it modified? Years ago I looked at buying several AC's in New Jersey that had been converted to modern 6 cylinder engines. They used the original radiators and had done a pretty job with the conversion. One of them was a tractor model with the rear spring hangers rolled down and smaller rear wheels to lower the chassis height. I didn' t buy them, but I wonder what happened to them. They were near Woodbridge, NJ.
  12. mack buses and their transmissions

    I have found three (3) pictures, and have many more. Will send these three now, and hopefully, more tomorrow.
  13. mack buses and their transmissions

    I am looking for the pictures as I write this. Should have them to you soon. Steelman
  14. mack buses and their transmissions

    I have a complete engine and transmission out of a Mack bus I wish to sell. Had it on here for sale a while back. I have some pictures, and some info on what is cast onto the engine and tranny. Was removed from a working (ROADWORTHY) BUS BY A FRIEND ABOUT 20 YEARS AGO. I know very little about it. I do not wish to take it apart, but want to sell it complete. Can palletize and load on a freight carrier, or take to a fastenal store for shipping. Contact me here, or 540.371.2301. Located in Virginia, 50 miles south of Wash., DC. Carey Leitch
  15. Kidde Fire Extinguisher Recall

    Thank you very much for the information.