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  1. Can someone offer a guess for this vehicle’s weight? B65LT, 11 liter Thanks! DKWIDK
  2. Hey guys, I’m hoping someone might have an answer for 2 questions pertaining to a B model with an END 673 (non-turbo): 1. The vehicle has been converted into a pickup truck by an unknown previous owner. I’d like to see about changing out the pinion and ring gears so it can run at highway speeds. I plan to drive it unloaded, but might occasionally pull a 20’ bass boat unless the esteemed panel recommends I don’t. Any suggestions for the new ratio and a good way to go about doing this? I believe it’s a 4.60 rear end now. 2. Does anyone know the outside dimensions (L x W x H)
  3. Thanks for the input h67st and Dave. I appreciate your insight. Next question: How hard is it to switch out the differential gears for a taller ratio on an old B- model? I won’t be pulling a load, and I’d like to see about having a higher top end on the highway. Thanks! DKWIDK
  4. Guys, I need your input!! I’ve come across a ‘56 B model for sale that has a nonturbocharged diesel. I’m not sure which of the Mack engines it is, but I know it’s a diesel, and it has a Triplex tranny. The guy that’s selling it knows even less about Macks than I do. A friend of mine is acting as the buyer because the truck is in another state. This friend has SOME knowledge of diesels and is a wealth of knowledge in other aspects of older vehicles. Here’s my question: Would y’all be able to give me some quick tips of what to look for to pass on to him? For example, what sh
  5. Guys, thanks in advance for your patience with me. I’m still trying to work my way through the planning phase. Here’s a variation of a question I asked about a month ago: Will an E-7 engine with its turbo plumbing fit onto a B-61 frame (without modifying the bodywork)? Thanks very much, DKWIDK (Don’t know what I Don’t Know)
  6. Question: Would an E7 engine and complimenting tranny (say a Fuller 7- or 10-speed) fit into a B-61 without needing significant alterations? What barriers or pitfalls should be expected? Thanks, DKWIDK (Don’t know what I don’t know)
  7. Thanks Mowerman. It seems like a logical way to go. Finding an R model that can be brought back to reliable running condition shouldn’t be too hard to do and relatively inexpensive as you said. Then it’s a matter of finding a B model whose cab and engine cowl are in fairly good shape. The next question would be how much trouble is it to convert a tandem axle R model with a Camelback suspension to a single axle rear end? Am I better off narrowing the search to an R cab with single axle to begin with? That really limits the selection pool.
  8. Does anyone know if a B-model cab/engine cowling will fit over an R-model frame having an E6 or E7 engine?
  9. Thanks to all for the great picks. They’re excellent for keeping the ideas flowing. Keep ‘em coming! Terry, your kind remark about not letting something degrade into scrap is appreciated. That’s exactly what I’m thinking. 66dc75, great suggestion about using a 3/4 ton pickup frame/drivetrain. I’ve considered that as well, but realized it’s far too logical for my dysfunction. Admittedly, much of it is vanity: I like the idea of saying “no, it’s a full-size truck frame and drivetrain.” Can anyone offer other comments/guidance about the two trains of thought (Option 1 and Optio
  10. Hello everyone. My screen name is DKWIDK, and it stands for “Don’t know what I don’t know.” I’d like to get some input from y’all about bringing a B61 back to life. Please be patient with me; I’m learning. I don’t think a full-blown restoration is what I’m seeking, because I’d like it to be sort of a daily driver here in south Texas. That means freeway speeds, air conditioning, reliability, etc., are all key factors. Also, while I enjoy a manual transmission, the thought of shifting a 5 x 3 to top out at 65mph isn’t practical. (Shoot - we go 65 through a McDonalds drive-through.)
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