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  1. I had a great time at the show and got to see a lot of friends and meet some new ones. I bought a "George Sprowl" lil' B which we brought to the show before taking it home. I stopped for the pickets, they went across the road once and collected together so we could pass. As went went by, they waved and thanked us. I am no fan of unions, but I felt like they were very respectful so we acted likewise. The staff and volunteers did a great job, and I look forward to the next trucktoberfest in 2021!
  2. I spoke with the office today (Wednesday, October 16, 2019), and the event is a go. An email will be sent out as soon as it is approved by the appropriate folks. I was assured that the show is on! I look forward to being there. Steelman
  3. Is that a generator connected to it? What would it take to own it?
  4. I have used aluminum oxide and it last quite awhile. So does steel shot. Garnet in my pressure pot can be recycled a few times. Glass beads are good for fine work like mentioned above, but I think it breaks down quickly compared to aluminum oxide , garnet or steel shot.
  5. Yes, George Sprowl did the red "Baby" B model. I spoke with the folks that brought it to the show, and spoke to Mr. Sprowl just two days ago. Steelman
  6. I am old enough (68) to think sometimes that the young men today do not have the backbone the men of the "greatess generation" had. But then I meet a few young men that are or have served the country, and I am struck by the patriotism and courage of these young men today. All is not lost........yet!
  7. It is considered good practice to replace bolts that have been in high stress situations whether it be a truck frame, a building or whatever. The bolts have been torqued properly and were stretched slightly. The threads could be deformed ever so little, but enough to lead to a failure. Do you really want to bet your life or that of an innocent motorist on a fastner that costs a couple of bucks?
  8. Love the Mack service sign! I have only seen three of these in my life.  Where did you find it?  An almost perfect one was for sale about a year ago from a fellow in Europe.  Can you tell me how wide and how tall is it?  Carey Leitch, aka Steelman


  9. My father was a friend of Jake Smith's, and after Dad closed up his truck company in 1977, he leased the terminal to Smiths Transfer and Roadway Express. I remember those U models very well, as Dad had quite a few of them, and I drove them when I could. I probably have some pictures of them, or at least the U model tractors they had at the Fredericksburg, Va. yard. If I can find them, I will post them. I made a model of a twin screw U685 with a Fruehauf van like my Dad used and gave it to him around 1973 for a Birthday present.I have it now (he passed away 7 years ago at age 93). I used a model kit of a DM model and modified it, painting it the same forest green Dad and Smith's used. Carey Leitch
  10. That is a 1926 frame[mack cut out on rear cross member is the give away). A few decent parts on it. Anyone call about the price? My guess would be scrap value, maybe $500.00 or so.
  11. 41 Chevy, Talking about the fish eye reducer wiping out the steam credit, I have always heard that one awshit wipes out all of your atta boys. Carey
  12. What type of I formation are you looking for? I have a couple of them as well as parts books. I would be glad to help if I can. I love the ab you just got. Very nice, excellent condition. I am jealous!
  13. Nobody has mentioned no hard hat! That is the first thing inspectors notice and write tickets for.
  14. That video is fascinating! Thank you for posting it. The New modern mini mills are electrically charged, use mostly shredded scrap, and heat the steel much hotter, to near white in color. The steel flows like water at those temperatures, and many of these mills are casting continuously, rather than in smaller batches or heats, to a near net shape. The chemistry and physical properties are so ACCURATELY controlled (where the fellows were adding manganese and other minerals) that the actual strength of most steel now is much higher than that of only 20 years ago. I find watching these videos very interesting, and seeing all of the work that goes into making steel, it is a wonder it doesn't cost more.
  15. I have had a video security system at home and at work for over ten years installed both systems myself. I used hard wired systems (cat5e) that run the power to the cameras along side the cat wire. Too many issues with wireless. First systems were analog, very inexpensive, and were four camera systems I bought on line. Worked great. Recently upgraded with new eight camera digital systems I bought at Costco. Less than $800.00 per system work great, and zoom in and clarity of picture is really good( plate number picture). I set to only record when they detect motion. With 2 terabyte memory, you can record months of activity before it starts to write over what you already recorded. With my system at work, we were able to identify three guys who broke in one rainy Sunday night and stole a rollback and forklift, and have identified a couple of people who dropped off truckloads of trash in our parking lot after the the local drop off station was closed. Printed pictures of them and truck for the cops, and trash disappeared, and we got out vehicles and lift back.
  16. My dad owned a small truck company here in Virginia with authority that was 35 air miles radius around, with extended authority into Washinton, DC area. We were an interline carrier with Hemingway and others. Met Phil Hemingway as a teenager. Unloaded at least 2 trucks a day of theirs. I remember U models, as I liked driving them. Dad shut down around 1978, sold his authority and trucks. It wasn't too long after that Heminway was gone, as well as a lot of other carriers. Dad said he had started in trucking before regulation, and he wasn't going to go back to that. Just about every big carrier in the country was gone within 5 or 10 years of deregulation.
  17. Jack, I am no expert, but I have 7 AC's and have "played " with them since 1972. I have some info and parts, and would be happy tp help you if I can. Send me a message. Steelman, aka Carey Leitch
  18. As ekennedy 21 pointed out, AC Mack E2 was a 3 1/2 ton and one of two experimental trucks that were built at the 64th street plant in the winter of 1915. August 7, 1915 the truck left NY city in a military convoy of 15 trucks to Plattsburg, N Y. It pulled a 3 inch gun as well as other guns, thousands of rounds of ammo and 30 men. John Montville's excellent book "Bulldog" has pictures and more description of this truck and this event on page 22-23. There are pictures of several different hood styles and lovers that were tried. If you have interest in early Macks, get John's books. His first was called Mack, and came out around 1974, and Bulldog came out around 1979. They show up for sale on eBay. GREAT books! Credit to Mr. Montville for the above info.
  19. I have put a Tekonsha Prodigy P3 on a class 7 truck with air brakes and on a class 5 truck with hydraulic brakes and had no problems. Pulling a 40 foot gooseneck with 25 000 pound gross trailer. The trailer has hydraulic disc brakes with an electric over hydraulic pump. The brake controller is about $100.00 , and took less than 1/2 hour to install.
  20. Two years ago, I coated the inside of the two fuel tanks on my toy hauler (freightliner). On the way to Macungie, the truck shut down on the interstate because the coating came off and plugged up the fuel line. I changed fuel filters, and cut them open, and found more sealant in the filter. Had to clean the fuel lines, and cut the ends off both tanks and removed all of the sealer. Put back together and have had no more problems. I have over 45 years working with antique cars, trucks, engines, etc., and had never had a problem before. I will not coat the inside of another fuel tank, especially a diesel.
  21. I might be mistaken, but I believe the Yamato carried 20" guns. It would have been one hell of a fight.
  22. Those gunships are kind of like a giant rototiller on steroids. They tell me the wart hogs are now the ground pounders best friend.
  23. Had an opportunity to see16 inch guns fired at Dahlgren, Va. In 1968/69. Those shells weigh over a ton, and they travel 20 to 23 miles down range, ACCURATELY! Very impressive. The New Jersey worked on the little people with them. Also witnessed 20 mm Vulcan cannon unleash. Sounds like a train locomotive running wild, or as my friends and I remarked, VICTORY!!
  24. ( On ‎5‎/‎26‎/‎2017 at 7:49 PM, Mike said: Some of us old tractor boys use brake fluid. It is expensive also, but most people own a can or two of it.) I have used a 50/50 mix of ATF and acetone. You can get acetone at most hardware stores. It works very well, and is relatively inexpensive.
  25. Do you have the old clutch disc? With the splined center piece, you should be able to get it rebuilt using modern materials. I have some info on a couple of places that could do this. Will take a few days for me to find the info. In my files. I have seven AC's, I will look this weekend to see if I have any usable spares.
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