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  1. Take a hose and make a line into a jug of fuel, after priming if it runs, it’s a bad supply line from the tank possibly. Loosing its prime, look into replacing the check valve on the return line at the pump. Mine is external on the pump and I was able to buy a new check valve on line and replace it for like 50 bucks
  2. The new washer nozzles are plastic, maybe find used ones if you want to stay original.
  3. I have sandblasted my fuel tanks and now there are several spots that have appeared that look damp. The tank did not leak and these damp spots are located where weld are. Anyone coat the inside of their tanks with a sealer?
  4. What’s involved in replacing the whole vent window assembly? Does the frame and glass get installed as one unit or does the frame go in and then the glass? I see Mack sells them as a complete unit.
  5. My dimmer was a plug, but my headlights were individual wires, could be my headlight switch wires
  6. Restoring a 86 DM 800, installed the cab after paint and now have issues with lights. All the lights and blinker switch are new.Blinkers work until I turn the ignition on, roof lights are dim.I think it’s a ground issue. I have a good ground to the terminal strips on the firewall but I’m thinking because everything was disassembled for paint, I don’t have a good ground to the dash? Should I run another ground to the dash? Where should it go?
  7. Can someone tell me how all the lines for the puff valve are suppose to run on my 86 DM800? I have a 7 speed trans that has an line coming off it, does that go directly to the puff valve or to a tee mounted on the firewall that gets supplied by the parking brake valve? Any help would be appreciated
  8. My 86 DM800 has an air valve mounted in the top of the dashboard. Whoever installed this on/off valve, supplied it with air they took off the power divider switch air supply. This valve that they installed in the top of the dash next to the power divider valve has an airline that runs to a tee that is in the top of the trans just behind a breather, a blue line comes out of the tee and runs up to the top of the shifter. What does this valve do? I'm installing a new dash, and want it installed with the right valves switches etc...
  9. Where does the AC low pressure switch on a 2006 Granite get 12 volt power from
  10. i had an air leaking from a valve that threads into the top of the transmission right behind the shifter. It has an air line that appears to come from a regulator and a 1/4 steel tubing line that runs from the trans to the area of the injector pump where it is capped. What is this valve for?
  11. On my 86 DM, if I push the clutch all the way in, it pulsates. The truck goes into gear fine. What could be causing this?
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