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  1. Wow!! Your truck looked good before Paul, now it looks amazing ! It looks really good . And to be hand done is a huge bonus . Its very difficult to find people that still do that . Well done .
  2. I got the size wrong Vlad. After checking , I was able to get you some good info that may help you . The RD with 385's has a part # on it of 31674. Thats a 22.5 X 12.25 rim with 3 inch offset . The DM with 445's has a part # on of 13228. Thats a 22.5 X 13 with 3.94 offset. That number is no good any more . But by dimension I was able to get a new number. The new # is 32201TK . The rim part numbers are Accuride numbers . And the way I understand it . The offset is from the centre of the rim , not the outside edge. But I could be wrong , lol . Ive been wrong before . Hope it helps.
  3. I think they are 14 inch rims Vlad. But let me double check and get back to you. I will figure out the offset on them to.
  4. Heres a pic of some 385's on my RD compared to 445 's on the DM . You mentioned your specs. It made me curious as to what rears were in my DM .After checking , It has 5.55 rears. I didn't know but after checking BMT , it turns out its kinda common with a T2070 and 300 maxidyne . I learn something new every day on this site .
  5. I would say that's a good common theme you posted
  6. Now I see why you were asking about tires , lol Congratulations on your new find. Great story to. We have more than an R688 in common now
  7. Yes Vlad, they are 11r22.5 on the back. I agree, they are large but I actually like the look of it. To be honest , I thought they were 425's . Thats what most people run around here. It wasn't till I looked for you that I saw they were bigger. My RD has 385's . I will take a pic for you to show the size difference. The 385's look small beside them , lol .
  8. I agree with you 100 percent about "hammered junk". Normally I would never buy a "site truck" , but the lack of rust was appealing to me. It did look like it was well used. But not as bad as others I've seen .
  9. I agree, some faded paint is easy to buff out. I actually put the back tires on . It had tube type that were cracked really bad. Its got some bent things underneath from off roading. even the speedo drive at back of trans was bent, somehow ? Sure it was stuck bad. The frame is good though. Because it was a site truck most of its life, its never seen salt .
  10. Thanks for your thoughts on the filter Vlad. I don't see any sign of a spin on filter, so I think I will leave things alone . The transmission works and shifts amazing. I believe in preventative maintenance though , and didn't want to have trouble in the future . Thats why I was asking. I'm looking forward to seeing what you want the large tires for . It actually has 445/65R 22.5 tires on the front.
  11. Thanks Bob, its a good solid truck, a little beat up though , lol .
  12. Thanks , I'm slowly going to get it back to its former glory . In the meantime I will use it a little to move fill on some of my friends construction sites .
  13. I agree 100 percent !!!! I've wanted one for a long time and thought I should buy one before they all get exported 😀
  14. Thanks for the reply. I was under the impression its a spin on filter ? I think I must have it wrong . The only thing I can find in the air line to the shifter is this . Has air in and air out . If I clean it ,and tear it apart , It may have a cartridge in it ? Its not very big . On top of the trans on drivers side .
  15. I'm very fortunate to finally have a DM. It was the very first Mack model I ever drove, and I've always liked them. This one is a very solid truck under all the bent parts , LOL It was used as a site truck and never got much attention. Its a 1989 DM 690 , T2070 trans with 300 maxidyne engine. I really like it !!!! I have a question though. Everything I've read says a Mack air shift trans will have an air filter. I can't seem to find one. Do they all have one ? Or have I not looked far enough yet ? Any info would be appreciated . Thanks
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