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  1. Great video !! Thanks for sharing. I would probably run over the camera trying to get that perfect shot that you did.
  2. There used to be a repair kit. Like everything else old..... its probably not available now, but I don't know. Though I would share in case its of any use .
  3. This may help a little. I had to fix an air leak in mine to . I just matched the o-ring up. I was fortunate that there was still one there , it had just got worn from old age. I think you are supposed to use a special grease when you put it back together. I just used chain lube . Not sure if that was right. It doesn't leak any more and works well.
  4. I have friends that are changing their trucks. I just can't do it though. Seems wrong to change something that has worked well for the last 36 years. I will just haul my small loads for now........ Then maybe I will get smart and get a proper job, lol
  5. Thanks, I'm sure you will see some more Canadian trucks. They have been selling at auction cheap. I would think they are heading south.
  6. Maybe I could register my RD with St. Louis plates so I could haul a real load , LOL In Ontario, Canada my tri-axle is only legal to haul 13.6 metric Tonne or 14.9 tons your money . Jan 01 of this year I am not allowed to use my lift axle. If my truck was a 2005 or newer I would be allowed to with a permit. But because of the age of my truck I can't get the permit. The people that make these rules sure do annoy me .
  7. I'm pretty sure its wondering what's in your lunchbox today , lol
  8. It goes on a brake chamber. the push rod goes through the centre.
  9. I hope you didn't think I was being smart about the open air workshop. I'm jealous . It gets pretty cold here . It's hard on the hands trying to repair something outside. If its broke though, sometimes you don't have a choice. My hands give me troubles now from being froze more than once . Your new building sounds impressive
  10. Your truck looks good. I love the all season shop its in . I'm guessing if you want under a roof or in a shop its to avoid the sun . Do you have a hard time finding brake parts for your truck ? I'm one of a few that still run spoke wheels. But in my part of the world its getting difficult to get parts , and if you can find them they are VERY expensive. The steer axle is the worst. The drives are not as bad .
  11. Its been said many times on here, " its worth what someone will pay " . I agree with this. Someone may want a U model more than others , so willing to pay for it. Just like tjc transport said . That being said. I think $4500 would be a fair starting price and then go up . In my neck of the woods.
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