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  1. Welcome aboard , Thats a good looking B. I'm sure it will bring you lots of enjoyment . Have fun with it !!
  2. Thanks for explaining the difference between the CM and the CS . Now that I know the CM is Macungie built with CH / R parts , I want one . lol Like all your stuff , the CM looks really good .
  3. Hope it works . Please let us know how you make out .
  4. Before you buy anything or tear everything apart , take the supply line off the control valve and put some air tool oil in it . Then turn wipers on and off a lot , keep putting them in park , if truck has been sitting for a while , might be enough to solve your problem . In case you didn't know , park position is important . If your wiper control is pull out and turn to the right to increase speed , the park is... push in all the way till wipers go back to the bottom . If you turn the wiper control to the right to turn it on and increase speed , turn to the left all the way till wipers go back to the bottom . When they are in park, no air should go to the motor and therefore no air leaking out the exhaust . Just my thought anyway
  5. No it's not. Air exhaust out of it when the wipers are on.
  6. When you shut the wipers off ,you put them into park position . If they are coming on sporadicly, I would lean toward the control valve . Its on the right side of the pic . I think ? its part # would be 7623-7547070 but not sure . Hopefully Watts can help you or a local to you Mack dealer
  7. Just thinking about it ..... Do the wipers work ? If everything works ok and just leaks out the exhaust , I would say the are not going in the park position . Then I would be looking at the control valve .
  8. There is no air line off of that . Its an exhaust for the wiper motor. If it gets plugged at all the wipers won't work. Because its leaking air , It sounds like it is ok . Your problem is somewhere else. The first thing I would try is taking the air lines off the other side and put some air tool oil in them . Sometimes that's enough to get them going . Otherwise you may need a rebuild kit. I don't know much about that , but its been talked about on here . The air tool oil or penetrating oil has always worked for me .
  9. Looks like your purchase went well. . Congrats on your new wheels . Nothing cooler than a steel dash R model. Welcome aboard , it will be a great ride
  10. Your doing a great job Paul, on trailer and videos. I really enjoy watching . Too bad we weren't neighbours , I would enjoy having a beer with you in our lawn chairs looking at your trailer .
  11. I'm happy to hear your stocked with parts to bring your Macks back to life . I had a little setback with my DM. When I got it, not a light ,gauge, speedo ,tack, or anything worked . It moved and dump box worked. I guess that's all that mattered to the previous owner . Well after fixing everything and changing all the fluids , even the coolant . I even fixed the air conditioner 😃 I took it for a test drive and it was overheating. So I've flushed the rad and put in a new thermostat. I'm hoping that fixes it. I haven't had time to test it . So here's hoping .
  12. Not sure if this helps , But here is what the shutter stat looks like . And like Larry said , it has an in and out on it . I posted the box for a part #. Its a Mack # but they always seem to cross it over for me at Mack/Volvo .
  13. Part 2 didn't disappoint . It was very good ! I would have been impressed if you did all that work at your house with the proper variety of tools. I'm totally amazed at what you can achieve with what you brought along. I found it very impressive . Good job! And I like your choice of music . Thanks , I enjoyed that
  14. Thanks for making and sharing this !!!! I loved it , can't wait for part 2 😀
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