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  1. There has been many threads done on decoding vin's and model #'s over the years. I think one of the best breakdowns was done by 41chevy in the following thread from 2017. R model vin decoder. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/51420-r-model-vin-decoder/?tab=comments#comment-382830
  2. Thanks , it is working really good. The amount of oil on the sides of the engine before I did this , I thought something could have been wrong. But after capturing the oil in one place, there is very little oil coming out of the airboxes.
  3. Thanks, I did put a vent in the top. After reading your post, I noticed its hard to see in the photo. I've been getting guidance from a retired Detroit guy. Thanks again though. I'm always open to info about my Detroit . I'm trying to learn as much as I can . This pic shows the vent in the top better .
  4. Thanks. The dash looks good in photo. In person its not at perfect as it appears. If you have some time on May 11 and don't mind heading south. A friend of mine host a little show and shine in Alliston. Its about 30 min south of Barrie. You can see it in person, along with my Tri-axle RD that's similar to the one you showed the pic of.
  5. I forgot to mention that all I have done to the 8V92 is service it . I did however add a box for the airbox drains to drain into. Originally the airbox drains went into the crankcase. I was told its better to watch what comes out of the airbox. When I got the truck, the drains just drained onto the ground. It was a little messy where ever I went ,LOL. So I put together this box for the drains to go into. I can then drain it and watch to make sure there is nothing in it but oil.
  6. I just wanted to give an update on my R770. I have everything working as it should, Cleaned and painted frame and hubs. Repurposed some tires. The ones on the truck had lots of tread but were badly weather checked from sitting for 16 years . After a polish, this is what I have. A side note about the flags. The previous owners wife would hand sew flags for her husband. There was a stack of them under the seat, so I thought I should be showing them off ,and sharing the story.
  7. Another Ball. Its a little dirty . Been in the shop for a long time . I don't play golf. It was given to me .
  8. Thanks very much for the pics. They're always enjoyable. I doubt the steel coils made it to there point of delivery . I think they are probably in a field somewhere. Hopefully no one got hurt.
  9. It looks like Jamie has his own youtube channel. Here is a look at his new Anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZDk1Q1DOGs
  10. I didn't realize those were installed at the factory. My 85 RD has one . I will take a pic of the cover that goes on it. I always thought it was something aftermarket because I had an international with the same thing.
  11. Its changed a lot since you were here last Alex. I don't go to town anymore .......The town has come to me . Our driveway is gravel and it doesn't seem to matter how careful I am, if I wing it back there is usually gravel on the lawn that's hard to clean up in the spring.
  12. I have one ........... It has 34 years of experience . Never let me down. Here is video of me getting home . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tv51ePoEvk
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