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  1. Greenwood Delaware Seagrave

    Thanks very much for the link bigmackattack , I had to wipe the drool off the keyboard after looking at the FWD and the Freightliner tankers.
  2. Greenwood Delaware Seagrave

    I'm not sure if I got this wrong. A friend sent me this pic of a truck not to far from me ( little over an hour north of Toronto, Ontario). I think ? it says Greenwood , Delaware on the door. I thought we had members from that part of the world. I wanted to share the pic ,in case someone knows the truck and would like to know where it ever went. It has a detroit motor and a standard transmission. I didn't think a standard would be very common . I was told it hasn't moved in years and doesn't run . A fire truck lover is going to try to resurrect it . You can also correct me if I'm wrong about the make . I thought it was a Seagrave, but I could have easily got that wrong too.
  3. Thanks for posting this Jim. As always , I learn something new all the time on here. A little off topic but…….I found the trim levels very interesting. I always thought it had to do with floor covering, and door panels and such. I had no idea it was colour. I have a trim level 3 (blue) in my RD. A trim level 2 (silver) in my R .
  4. Gonna build another semi trailer:

    I can certainly take some detailed photos for you. (when snow is gone and warms up a little) It is a simple system. Your are right , gravity puts ramps down. As you can imagine , they can come down fast . I release air slowly so they don't come down to fast.
  5. Gonna build another semi trailer:

    Have you considered air ramps for your project Rob ? I have air ramps that work good . If your interested, I can give you measurements and pics. I have noticed that the new trailers have 2 air bags now , not the single one like mine.
  6. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    Upon further investigation , there doesn't seem to be any type of fuse off of the starter. So it seems that the protection is from fusible link wiring . Thanks guys
  7. There was a thread last fall that might help. 41chevy posted a very good breakdown on model and engine codes. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/51420-r-model-vin-decoder/?tab=comments#comment-382894
  8. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    Thanks Dirtymilkman , I will look at that later today.
  9. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    Thanks Rob.
  10. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    I would say it is around 14 gauge . Everything works fine. Do you think I should leave things alone? Make sure I'm up to date on my fire insurance. lol Or would a fusible link be a good idea on the power line into the headlight switch ?
  11. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    Thanks for the reply Rob. I had the headlight switch out, it doesn't have the fuse . It appears that the wiring has never been molested with . So maybe it is fuseible link wiring , like you say .
  12. Ol' Loadstar headlights

    I've been working on my '76 Loadstar, and curiosity has got the best of me. The fuse panel does not have a spot for headlights. Thinking there has to be some kind of protection against a short , I took out all the fuses. With all the fuses out the headlights still work. I looked all over for relays . Under dash and on firewall. Can't find anything. Am I missing something obvious ? I thought I would try the minds here because I know there is lots of binder knowledge here as well. Thanks in advance
  13. Driving on left side of road to improve safety March 28/2018 Ottawa Today the transport minister was happy to announce that commencing June 01/2019, Ontario drivers will have to drive on the left side of the road. The ministry has allocated 10.2 billion in research and development of the idea. It was found that driving on the left will improve safety and keep traffic moving much more efficiently. Thus, creating less gridlock , which in turn is good for our environment. " It's a win win for us all" , the transport minister tweeted. The new law would require vehicles have there steering wheels moved to the right side of the vehicle. A technical analyst for the Ontario government said "it will be a simple conversion , that shouldn't cost more the $ 350.00" . The Ontario government said it was willing to pay for half of the conversion. The premier of Ontario was also excited to hear about the changes . She noted that with the changes to road signage , and the modifications to automobiles it would be a huge boost for our economy. She posted on Facebook " Ontario is changing lanes " It was advised by a technical analyst to simplify the transition to driving on the left. That it be implemented slowly. It was suggested that only trucks drive on the left for the first month. Then all traffic use the left starting July 01. The final drafts of the legislation will be on the Ontario website , available April fools. A little side note. An article similar to this was in our local paper a long time ago. As I was reading it , I was getting more and more angry. It seemed believable to me considering all the silly things the government here thinks up. Wishing you all a Happy Easter .
  14. Hey all.

    Welcome aboard ! Sounds like you have a pretty nice dog pound there. We love pics . You came to the right place for Mack info. Lots of knowledgeable people here.
  15. Road Closed

    Those are all great pics ! Thanks A customer of mine told me that one of the most beautiful spots in the world was Montana. I think he meant in the summer. However if you were inside , and didn't have to deal with snow , its very picturesque . Brocky, that video is so cool. I like that those were the days that people wanted to see the plow . Now they blow the horn ,keep there high beams on behind us, give the finger and throw stuff at us. People are so appreciative . lol