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  1. :(

    I'm sure it will be good to the new owner. It was well taken care of. I bet you have a new truck soon. Please let us know what you get. ………………Even if its an off breed .
  2. :(

    Hopefully you like the new SPIF spec'd truck . I haven't met too many people that like them. It seems to me that more people in our area are switching to the dual steering axles instead of a steering lift axle .
  3. The pit they were hauling from was less than a mile of flat ground away from the barge. I don't think they had to worry about the DOT stopping by either. LOL
  4. Recently I had the good fortune to go to the Caribbean. It's interesting to see the Macks living their next life down there . I though I would share some pics with you. The first pics are from St. Maarten The next ones are from St. Kitts The next ones are from Dominica But my favourite was in Barbuda. I did some video of some well used DM's . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q5rSYFtEPJc Hope you enjoy !
  5. Wow ! That's cool . Thanks for posting
  6. Thanks for the info. I tried to find the line ticket already. Didn't have any luck. I've been told that I can get one from International. One day I will try that .
  7. Thanks very much for the info Paul. This has me really interested now. I just thought they were rare around me. I have heard of Sundance II's , but I have never been able to find out the difference between the 2 of them. I did find out that the Sundance decor package was $333.56. My International has everything listed below.
  8. Thanks for the comments. I know GEOFF, a BMT member has one. He hasn't posted for a long time . I think he is on "just old trucks" He might be able to tell me how rare it is . I will have to try to track him down .
  9. Thanks Paul. I'm not sure how rare they are . I am going to try to figure it out. I just know they are rare around me in southern Ontario.
  10. Anyone that knows me , knows I have a soft spot for International Loadstars. My father always had them, and I got my CDL on one. Last week I had a Loadstar Sundance cross my path. It has a special decor package that was offered in late 75, 76 and 77.(I think) It had an upholstered dash, door panels, two tone paint . The frame and wheels were painted the same colour as part of the cab. To me a Sundance was like a unicorn, people said they where around , but I had never seen one . Now I am fortunate enough to have my own Sundance. It needs a little attention, but it will be worth it. Didn't run. (does now) No brakes . Rust issues . Cracks in hood !976 Loadstar 1700 MV 404 gas engine 5 speed with 2 speed axle 25,000 original miles
  11. I found that out the hard way. No pics to prove. I slid one off that wasn't leaning as much. Once it starts to go there is no stopping it. It was 25 years ago. My machine didn't have ROPS. All i could do was jump as far away as I could. Machine ended up in the ditch ,upside down, 3 inches from my legs . Was a Lucky day ,and a life lesson. I'm with Lmackattack, if the floats not level , machine is not coming off.
  12. Mmmm……….. maybe one great mind, and a simple mind along for the ride. lol This past weekend I was down to have breakfast and talk Macks with Alex G . He took me for a short ride, and I was able to take some video of his truck. It looks and sounds great ! He said it would be ok for me to share with you all. I have to warn that the sound at the very end did not turn out. It seems the bark of the engine brake just comes out as distortion . I will try to correct it for next time. Here's the link https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYiL1SIAaCQ On a side note, I would like to thank Barry and the folks at WATTS. Because of them and this site, i've been able to meet some great people and get valuable advice. It all helps to keep my 3 working "R"s running perfect
  13. Pics of wing up and wing down . On right side of truck though. A wing on the left side would be easy to use because you can see the wing. On the right side.Can't see the wing as easy. You hope you're not too close to guard rails , bridges , light poles and cars . LoL If anyone is interested, some dash cam video of plowing, to the music of Jeff Brown https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duKFJUHkAMM
  14. In my travels a little while ago, I came across this amazing model? toy? Im not sure what to call it. Unfortunately I never thought to see who it was made by or what scale it was. I was too busy looking at the detail , and thinking "I need pics of this"
  15. I think before i started taking the pump off I would try what Dirtymilkman suggested. Check the puff limiter rack limiting cylinder on the front of the pump. Before you do this …. If you mash the throttle with the brakes on , does it blow black smoke ? From what you said it won't , I just wanted to make sure you did this simple test to see if it is pump related or puff limiter related. My 350 4V seemed lazy . It would only get boost around 1600 - 1700 rpm . It turned out to be the puff limiter relay valve on the manifold.