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  1. I agree with Terry, the bottle is for an alcohol evaporator. I can't see you will need it . Unless you will be using it in the winter. As for the lights , The left toggle operates only the 2 outside cab lights. the right toggle either up or down will work the 3 middle cab lights. On the subject of lights. Don't rip apart everything if the brake lights stay on. They should be on when the parking brakes are set. they should come off when you release the brakes. If they don't come off ,check the hand valve first . You probably know this already. But just in case .
  2. Sorry, wasn't specific. The oil capacities I mentioned are US liquid quarts. They are out of a Mack Maintenance and lubrication book . I should also mention , that included filters.
  3. Just wanted to be clear. I didn't like this post because I thought this was a good idea. I just find it very interesting how everything today has to become so complicated . I spoke with a person yesterday that is sending their new trucks to the auction and rebuilding their older trucks.
  4. Just in case you didn't know , the steering column slides in and out to allow room. There is a lock handle on the right side of the column . Push the handle down to unlock . You may already know but just in case you didn't . My experience with aftermarket seats has been they take up more room than the factory seats.Giving you even less room. But I'm sure there is better seats out there and hopefully someone will chime in with good alternatives or ideas for you.
  5. Don't try to avoid questions, lol . It gives me something to do on a cold Saturday . From my info 15w40 is good from temperatures 0 deg. to over 90 F . If temp is consistently below 0 , 10w30 is preferred. I was going to say the same oil is used in your power steering ............. but forgot , you don't have any . Sorry , I had to. I'm jealous.
  6. "ESI plus " is what mack called the extended service. It has the 3 filters like yours . They said if you used Mack filters and Mack spec'd oil you could go 25000 miles between changes
  7. Thanks for sharing pics with us. I can't believe how solid it looks . There is new trucks roaming the roads in my part of the world that have rustier frames. Im a little envious. Hopefully someone will chime in if I'm wrong..... but I believe with the 3 similar oil filters it is an extended service interval (ESI) engine. So it would hold 58.5 quarts. The smaller oil pans hold 33.5 quarts . You will know by how much comes out. Make sure you have a big enough drain pan. lol For your fan belts , I would take the old ones to a good automotive parts dealer and let them measure th
  8. Thats a great find. The paint will look great! Please keep us posted .
  9. Welcome aboard and congrats on your new to you "U" . There is a lot of good info and helpful people here. Here is a useful link to some info on VIN numbers. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/51420-r-model-vin-decoder/?tab=comments#comment-382830 If nothing has been altered, you have a U model tractor with tandem wheels. A Maxidyne 237 engine that is absolutely bullet proof. I think most 237 's were backed with either a 5 speed or a 2 stick 6 speed tranny . But could be wrong about that.
  10. Hopefully Alex won't mind if we steer off course . LOL I've added a link that may help. I have a soft spot for international's . My father always had one. So I have had a couple loadstars. Interesting part about the international forums is I always got more information about my Loadstars here on BMT than I ever got on an International forum. I would suggest what Alex said. Start a tread in other truck makes. There is a lot of knowledge amongst the BMT crew . https://oldihc.wordpress.com/2012/11/30/ih-serial-numbers-2/
  11. Merry Christmas everyone . Wishing you all the very Best ! White Christmas here too. Me and the dog got to watch the snow fall and not worry about going out.
  12. Here's another one . This pic is a few years old now. My old R worked the same job, same place for 20 years . It got retired last year because the new contract called for trucks no older than 5 years . Funny part , the old R never stopped in any storm in the 20 years. The same can't be said for the new trucks.
  13. I was getting gravel this past summer and grabbed this pic. I forgot I had it. The guy that was driving the granite said he would far sooner drive mine. He said his engine light is on more than its off. LOL
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