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  1. You could keep yourself really busy Rob. Deliver a load of sod in the morning, let them know you can water it. Come back in afternoon with your waterwagon. Not much time for retirement though. lol
  2. Thanks very much for the pics. They're always enjoyable. I doubt the steel coils made it to there point of delivery . I think they are probably in a field somewhere. Hopefully no one got hurt.
  3. It looks like Jamie has his own youtube channel. Here is a look at his new Anthem. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZDk1Q1DOGs
  4. I didn't realize those were installed at the factory. My 85 RD has one . I will take a pic of the cover that goes on it. I always thought it was something aftermarket because I had an international with the same thing.
  5. Its changed a lot since you were here last Alex. I don't go to town anymore .......The town has come to me . Our driveway is gravel and it doesn't seem to matter how careful I am, if I wing it back there is usually gravel on the lawn that's hard to clean up in the spring.
  6. I have one ........... It has 34 years of experience . Never let me down. Here is video of me getting home . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8tv51ePoEvk
  7. Really nice find. Engines can be fixed. Exterior can be cleaned, polished or painted. But new Interior pieces would be impossible to buy. Have fun with it. Hope you keep us updated on your progress.
  8. I've heard stories of a rag left in a lower rad hose will give the exact same problems you described .
  9. I measured hood of my '86 RD688 and hood of '77 R795 . I'm not sure if this helps of confuses the answer. The difference between mine is 10.5 inches . I will measure the hood of my R688 , but i'm pretty sure its the same as my RD.
  10. Really cool truck. Thanks for sharing your detroit knowledge at the beginning of thread. Its very helpful for a detroit greenhorn like me.
  11. Thanks again for the comments . I did a short video of outside, outside and inside . Hope its ok. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KbIYmn0PHqI
  12. Thanks everyone for the comments. The truck is pretty clean . I had to remove some animals and there houses . I still have more to do but work has me very busy right now. I'm not sure of mileage . The speedo is in miles per hour , so that makes me think it is original . If it was replaced at some point it would be in Kilometres per hour. It reads 125k . So maybe ? 1 million 125 k . It had one of the biggest nest behind the dash I have ever seen. And a dead animal … not sure what it was . Maybe a snow weasel .
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