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  1. Haz BMT bin hacked

    There gone ! Thanks !
  2. Haz BMT bin hacked

    I still have it too Jim. When I hit the home button. It goes to corrupt zone . I googled it ………………….. Its a forum of some type??????? Whats this world coming to ?
  3. Mine has an external speaker Vlad . I would never be able to hear it without .
  4. So after some investigation Vlad, I found the CB is mounted with 2 screws mounted to the front. Screwed into some home made brackets. The CB is actually resting on some foam so there isn't much stress on the front. I attached some pics to help. As for the amount of room . It fits no problem. You could even set it in a little farther if you want . Just a little though. Remember you need room for antenna and power wires . Please keep us posted on your progress
  5. Vlad, the previous owner put the CB above the passenger seat. I had always figured it was turned a bit for a little easier access. It could be possible though, it is because of room. I never thought of that . I have never had it out , so I can't answer you properly. I will try to do some investigating for you on the weekend.
  6. Great videos . Thanks Paul. I was thinking , even if you posted your wiper problem , I would have never thought to ask if you were using control properly. I think I would have suggested a new control first , before you changed wiper motor.The wiper motor in the plow is 32 years old and is used every time time truck is out plowing . Had to replace control though.
  7. Vlad, my favourite spot is on the dash by the ash tray. Its easy to mount and easy to use there. My 1988 R has it mounted in the overhead console. It looks really good and is tidy. But its not as handy to access controls though. But it is certainly manageable. My off breed truck has it overhead as well. in the centre. the mic cord hangs down in front of me . but it doesn't bother me at all. its nice and handy. I have added pics for you. Maybe it helps a little .
  8. Thanks so much for taking the time to share this with us. I enjoy your episodes way more than anything on TV.
  9. Like Button?

    At the very bottom of the screen there is a spot that says "Theme" . I had mine set to Carbon. (Like button wasn't there) When I changed it to Flux (default) or just Default , the little Bulldog is there for a LIKE button. I kinda like it because you have the choice of 5 different reactions.
  10. Like Button?

    Its not just you Back in Black. I seem to have lost it too .
  11. Looks really good Al . I need to do something similar on my "88 . I would LIKE it , but I don't seem to have that technology now.
  12. Western Movie Themes

    Thanks Truck Shop. I love spaghetti westerns . When I hear that music, I see a horse and rider in the distance, slowly getting closer with a dust trail behind them. It got me thinking I could do the same with an old bulldog and a worn out driver that doesn't look anything like Clint Eastwood. Here is my version with the music from Good, Bad and Ugly . Thanks again for the thread https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VxbR5ArrUa0
  13. :(

    I'm sure it will be good to the new owner. It was well taken care of. I bet you have a new truck soon. Please let us know what you get. ………………Even if its an off breed .
  14. :(

    Hopefully you like the new SPIF spec'd truck . I haven't met too many people that like them. It seems to me that more people in our area are switching to the dual steering axles instead of a steering lift axle .
  15. Caribbean Macks

    The pit they were hauling from was less than a mile of flat ground away from the barge. I don't think they had to worry about the DOT stopping by either. LOL