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  1. No problem Vlad , I will get you some good pics. It will take me a bit of time , just like you , I'm elbow deep in work and working on my RD685 in my spare time.
  2. Boy , I can't believe I missed this . Thanks for sharing a great story and find with us . Its very impressive that you travel so far for a . The Cruiseliner has a very good new home now. Congratulations ! You mentioned the bullet type roof marker lights . I'm not sure , but they look like the same roof marker lights on a GMC General . If you would like some dimensions or pics , I could get them for you . Thanks again for posting , It was very interesting . Pic of GMC general roof lights
  3. Happy B day Alex !!!
  4. Glad to hear it moves . Thats definitely a step in the right direction. When it comes to adding shinny stuff, remember ....... Chrome don't get you home Thanks for including us in your project. I've enjoyed it
  5. I like my Macks......... But that is Sharp.
  6. This is an interesting thread . It reinforces what is repeated a lot on here. Mack listening to customers and building what the customer wanted. Not building something they say is good for you.
  7. Looking at your pics , I can tell you that it is not a 350 4 valve. It may? be a 350 2 Valve . But I thought they had 2 oil filters plus the rotor . You just have the 2 oil filters . If you look behind the injection pump ,under the exhaust , there should be an id plate. Regardless, that motor comes in different hp , all are VERY reliable . Can't wait to see, hear it running
  8. Thanks for the updates. The pic of the number off the motor , I believe that is just the oil cooler part number . The " 10 88 " in the middle line is a casting date. Which could mean your truck is newer than you though . Or, it was replaced at some point. I have the same numbers on my oil cooler. Its an E6 350 4 valve. If you take a pic of the motor , I'm sure we can help.
  9. Yes, the 1985 is a maxidyne with no CMCAC. I believe they were in produced till 1987 or 1988.
  10. Welcome aboard Looks like you have a nice project to work on. I liked the video. Just my 2 cents....... Before you put batteries in it and start cranking. Change oil and filters and change fuel filters. Take out air cleaner and check animals haven't made a home in there somewhere. If the project is for entertainment value, I guess it doesn't matter much. It looks like a nice truck though, that deserves a fighting chance. I'm assuming you checked engine ,and its not stuck.
  11. It sounds like you have a plan for going ahead. I noticed something in your picture that triggered my curiosity . On the inside of the front spring bracket, are some tabs that a cross member bolts to . I thought it was very far forward for the front of the engine. It didn't seem right. So my curiosity revealed that one reason for different front spring brackets is the Radiator that is used in the truck. On both my R and RD 688. The rad goes down beside the front spring bracket ,with not a lot of extra room. The rad is supported at the top side of the frame above the spr
  12. From all the work I have seen you do. I'm very sure you could figure that out .
  13. Maybe on a positive note. Maybe the bolt pattern is similar to your R688 ,even if the brackets are different.
  14. Thanks very much kscarbel . I tried for over an hour to find any info at all on this. Thank you
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