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  1. This subject has puzzled me for a long time. I asked about it in a thread back in 2014. This was the thread. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/36092-r-model-hood/?tab=comments#comment-250453 I don't want to confuse things. I just though I would add some more information I discovered since then . It reinforces what Vlad said about different appearance options in the different headlight trim surround's . It appears to me that the eastern hoods are similar . The difference is the extra plastic headlight trim piece . My 1988 doesn't have the extra plastic but my 1985 does. When I took the plastic piece off the hood is the same underneath . The 4 holes under the plastic piece are the same as the holes in the stainless piece on the 1988. Some pics to help show my findings
  2. Even though it didn't start.......... still sounded very cool Good luck with it.
  3. Thanks very much for sharing your pics Vlad. I find all the differences interesting. Especially ,the steel dash. Its also interesting to see necessities in the cab. Like the water and a heater of some type.
  4. How about a 1976 Loadstar 1700 . Its almost Storkmack colours? lol
  5. A little while ago ,I was moving things around in the yard and thought it would be a good time to take a Class pic. Class for classic or classy, your choice. The Dumptruck and red and white float are working trucks. The red and white R688 gets used almost every day when I"m busy. The dumptruck doesn't get used as much. Just a day or 2 a week. This time of year they don't get used at all. I don't want salt and Magnesium chloride on them. Magnesium chloride is a snow melting agent they use on the roads here. Its way worse than salt. The snowplow is retired as of April this year. Not because of its condition, or its inability to do the job. The contracts this winter called for trucks no older than 7 years. Its kinda funny because in the past , the new trucks were in the shop and I was out clearing their routes in the ole reliable RD685. So I'm not sure on its future. I think after working in every storm for the last 34 years, it deserves an easy retirement . Maybe go to the odd show and share its story. The R700 is my newest . Its not a working truck any more. But I'm thinking of putting it back to work. The 8v92, I think would be fun pulling some weight. I have a youtube of 3 of the 4 . If you want to see more. Ive added the link. Enjoy. You tube link https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC0V7S2uREguxfWkFqI8R_kQ
  6. LoL , from your northern corespondent. If you feel these deserve a "like" . Make sure you give it to Alex. I'm just helping out. I don't have the cool mailbox.
  7. Congrats on the new truck. It looks like you could take it to truck shows 👍 Very nice
  8. Thankfully he's ok. I think we all probably take silly risk. Afterward ,you think "that was stupid" I was getting tired of holding computer sideways. Hopefully this helps .
  9. There has been many threads done on decoding vin's and model #'s over the years. I think one of the best breakdowns was done by 41chevy in the following thread from 2017. R model vin decoder. https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/51420-r-model-vin-decoder/?tab=comments#comment-382830
  10. Thanks , it is working really good. The amount of oil on the sides of the engine before I did this , I thought something could have been wrong. But after capturing the oil in one place, there is very little oil coming out of the airboxes.
  11. Thanks, I did put a vent in the top. After reading your post, I noticed its hard to see in the photo. I've been getting guidance from a retired Detroit guy. Thanks again though. I'm always open to info about my Detroit . I'm trying to learn as much as I can . This pic shows the vent in the top better .
  12. Thanks. The dash looks good in photo. In person its not at perfect as it appears. If you have some time on May 11 and don't mind heading south. A friend of mine host a little show and shine in Alliston. Its about 30 min south of Barrie. You can see it in person, along with my Tri-axle RD that's similar to the one you showed the pic of.
  13. I forgot to mention that all I have done to the 8V92 is service it . I did however add a box for the airbox drains to drain into. Originally the airbox drains went into the crankcase. I was told its better to watch what comes out of the airbox. When I got the truck, the drains just drained onto the ground. It was a little messy where ever I went ,LOL. So I put together this box for the drains to go into. I can then drain it and watch to make sure there is nothing in it but oil.
  14. I just wanted to give an update on my R770. I have everything working as it should, Cleaned and painted frame and hubs. Repurposed some tires. The ones on the truck had lots of tread but were badly weather checked from sitting for 16 years . After a polish, this is what I have. A side note about the flags. The previous owners wife would hand sew flags for her husband. There was a stack of them under the seat, so I thought I should be showing them off ,and sharing the story.
  15. Another Ball. Its a little dirty . Been in the shop for a long time . I don't play golf. It was given to me .
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