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  1. I hope you didn't think I was being smart about the open air workshop. I'm jealous . It gets pretty cold here . It's hard on the hands trying to repair something outside. If its broke though, sometimes you don't have a choice. My hands give me troubles now from being froze more than once . Your new building sounds impressive
  2. Your truck looks good. I love the all season shop its in . I'm guessing if you want under a roof or in a shop its to avoid the sun . Do you have a hard time finding brake parts for your truck ? I'm one of a few that still run spoke wheels. But in my part of the world its getting difficult to get parts , and if you can find them they are VERY expensive. The steer axle is the worst. The drives are not as bad .
  3. Its been said many times on here, " its worth what someone will pay " . I agree with this. Someone may want a U model more than others , so willing to pay for it. Just like tjc transport said . That being said. I think $4500 would be a fair starting price and then go up . In my neck of the woods.
  4. It almost looks like the truck on the top of the screen. The BMT B model , big stacks ,to boot .
  5. I liked the mud flap video. Thought you might find it interesting ...... There was a thread on the details of the bulldog on the hood. The older bulldogs are not symmetrical. The left and right side are slightly different . Yours should be like that. The same differences were on the older mirrors . New bulldogs are symmetrical . Here is the link . https://www.bigmacktrucks.com/topic/43937-mack-mirrors…something-interesting/?tab=comments#comment-323522
  6. Welcome aboard Adam , I have followed your progress from the beginning and always like what you're doing. You came to the right spot for info, and good people . Keep up the good work
  7. Those are really cool Alex . The detail on the R model is amazing !
  8. Welcome aboard. Great story and truck ! Have fun
  9. Hope you start to feel better. It sure looks uncomfortable . Unfortunately , I can't give any advice. I thought you might find it interesting though that your medicine Colchicine , is being used north of the border to treat non-hospitalized patients with covid 19 . I've added the link if your looking for some reading while your resting. https://www.icm-mhi.org/en/pressroom/news/colchicine-reduces-risk-covid-19-related-complications
  10. I came across this video and really liked the fact they were preserving a part of history. It seems to me that some people are too quick to send our past to the scrap yard. This was nice to see . In the town of Fuquay-Varina . https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SM-i1B4ctzQ
  11. Glad it helped. Unfortunately there is no part #'s in those books. I'm not sure what you could get with part #'s. I have always had good luck getting the info I need on this site. I have John Deere equipment. Like Case IH ( I think ?). I can go on line and get a parts breakdown of any machine , very easily. I wish I could with my old Macks. Instead ...... I go in the dealership , ask for a part for a 1985 R model and the parts person looks at me like I have 2 heads.LOL I'm not sure if you have ever visited the BMT wiki section. There is some cool stuff there . P.S.
  12. I'm not sure if this helps, hope it doesn't confuse . On the back page of an old operators manual I have for DM and DMM is a mention of your reference ( TS 442) Before you say its the wrong book , I actually have one of the books of the pair and it covers all Macks ,including your "U" I wouldn't be concerned if the last revised date was 79. This is the back Page of the manual above This is one of the manuals of the set mentioned above And this is the back page of the Manual above
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