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  1. Finally have some shoptime.  Looking for DM fender parts and superliner interiors

    Has anyone started making thr R modle style replacement interiors?

  2. Thanks guys thats the chart I needed nice pictures nice people at Adams
  3. I'm replacing the inner frame rail in my 86 superliner w 44 rears. Im having a hard time finding info on drill and ream sizes. Mack is sending me 20 mm trunion bolts and chart says to make hole 22 mm I have mag drill and need to order drill and ream any help and recommendations would be great P G Adams is bending the frame but lead time and cost is the reason I'm doing holes
  4. found 3QHF525B-P1 3QH38D-P and some smaller numbers closer to spindle kinda hard to make out
  5. Just got spindles back from the machine shop after having bushings reamed I think the pin is too tight, I have to tap it in w a hammer and wont turn by hand How tight should the new pin be in the new hub bushings
  6. I have a 237 with a bad starter. It crosses over to a delco 39MT. My 300 plus which is in the shop is a 40MT I'm having a hard time hard time finding the 39 MT. Is there a newer style starter readly available that will work? Are most mack starters the same? I cant imagine mack used many differnt size starters
  7. JD160

    help w/ flywheel

    just replaced clutch. Had to replace flywheel. How do I get it true?
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