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  1. Hi everyone I am looking for a part number for the flexible rubber connector that the wiper hose and wiper wires pass through. Goes between the door jamb and the door.
  2. I think the id labels are universal. kenworth,mack freightliner. The ribbon wire is pita. The retainer clips need to be popped out from the back then the plastic id pops out. If not they could break. Cp I used just water to clean them because the black background is a weird coating. A good vinyl shop will be able to make decals.
  3. Have the paint store print you the tech sheets for the products your using. Wait until your ready to paint and buy everything according to your conditions. Heat and humidity. If you go beyond the recoat windows then you will have to scuff, tack, and degrease again.
  4. Protech 48x24x24 storage box. No keys. Needs a repair on one end. No cracks though. Swing open doors . Comes with brackets. 300.00 obo
  5. It's not a Mack and I'm kinda embarrassed to say i own it. So it's the wife's problem.
  6. Everything fell into place and won't need a temporary lot. Thank you very much though.
  7. I purchased another truck. Odd scenario but I'm looking for a spot in the muncy pa area for a few days. Anything is helpful.
  8. I will make some spacers. That will also help the rubber elbow clear the hood a bit more. Thank you
  9. I just reinstalled the aircleaner on the truck. It touches the cowl on the bottom. Has anyone had the issue before. Also seats are in.
  10. I might have one. Not sure if it's for an r. Pin has a slight bend in it. It's new in water logged box.
  11. I'm looking for 2 of these speaker bezels/grills. I cracked the one I have.
  12. Hopefully someone else can help but why us the non original red wire linking both circuit banks?
  13. I'm not an electrical knowledgeable person but I would use a test light on the relay. I think with key off the large right lug should have power then key on the left lug should then have power and energize the right bank of circuits.
  14. Thank you . That's what I was thinking. Never hurts to ask.
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