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  1. Hood scoop from an r model Mack. Old but nice. $60.00
  2. It's a 53 with a 220 cummins 5x3 trans
  3. Ricky thank you for letting me know. Since the post I made a spur of the moment kw purchase.
  4. If you screw the thumb screw all the way in it will run. You may have a faulty solenoid. One wire is correct.
  5. Restoration specialties has all of that. Even some with the stainless bead. They are fantastic and will send you samples to verify for before you buy lengths. I used them for the doors on my r model. I have a set of workers that I bought from watts of you need.
  6. I have used Eastwood and did not like it. Por-15 is great, but the prep is key.
  7. Where are you located. I'll take the tanks.
  8. They also have 6 sided nutserts that don't spin. A little more difficult than just drilling but worth it.
  9. I have the jack you need. It's yours to borrow if you want too.
  10. I have some odds and ends to finish up on the r700. I like how this looks the way it is. At some point if I decide to dig into this I have some big ambitions.
  11. Yes. Came out of Redmond
  12. Picked this up about a month ago. 220 cummins 5x3
  13. Didnt that belong to someone in this site?
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