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  1. I have gulf way and want to increase the value of the truck. I called hagerty for a quote just to see. For 30000 in coverage driving an average of a 1000 miles a year they quoted me 838 a year. For one truck with an aths discount.
  2. Not sure if they are different, but I had a east coast f model. Any hydraulic shop should be able to rebuild the cylinders. However the small aluminum cab latch cylinders I was told are tough. Some have small cracks that show up when they are rebuilt and have pressure. For the shop by me to mill a new body and fill the guts would be around 345 each. Found a brand new pair on eBay for 40 bucks.
  3. Thanks. The hood is on. It needs some adjusting. Hitting the home stretch.
  4. Buy a bug shield that mounts on the back legs of the dog. Grab some spot mirrors with the 3 m tape and stick them in the corners of the shield facing back at you. I see this on tmc petes.
  5. Cab is finished fenders,deck plate, driveshaft all on. Next the hood and bumper.
  6. I sent that dash back and repaired the original as best as possible. Passenger side? I did the same thing. Went to a few junk yards all had plastic around hose and wire.
  7. I took a walk today through a junk yard. None of the r model trucks had this grommet. They all had the plastic flex conduit. Mike at Watts couldn't find it either. I will use the plastic. Thank you guys.
  8. I am trying to find a pair of the brackets that mount to the radiator on an r700 that the limiting cables attach to. I don't have any pics to for reference.
  9. Hi everyone I am looking for a part number for the flexible rubber connector that the wiper hose and wiper wires pass through. Goes between the door jamb and the door.
  10. I think the id labels are universal. kenworth,mack freightliner. The ribbon wire is pita. The retainer clips need to be popped out from the back then the plastic id pops out. If not they could break. Cp I used just water to clean them because the black background is a weird coating. A good vinyl shop will be able to make decals.
  11. Have the paint store print you the tech sheets for the products your using. Wait until your ready to paint and buy everything according to your conditions. Heat and humidity. If you go beyond the recoat windows then you will have to scuff, tack, and degrease again.
  12. Protech 48x24x24 storage box. No keys. Needs a repair on one end. No cracks though. Swing open doors . Comes with brackets. 300.00 obo
  13. It's not a Mack and I'm kinda embarrassed to say i own it. So it's the wife's problem.
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