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  1. Coenut

    Bostrom seat airbag

    Thank you very much
  2. I can't seem to find a replacement for this airbag. It holds air but I'd rather replace it while the seat is disassembled. It's from a bostrom Viking seat in an r model. Is there a go to company or site that can cross reference this?
  3. Coenut

    11r 24" Tires

    I have 11r24.5 triangle tire on my r model. They are nice but the sidewalls are really stiff.
  4. Coenut

    Run away shipping charges

    No matter what I use buy from Eastwood shipping was always around 12.00. I'm 1.5 hours away. I stopped buying from them because the local paint supply has better options.
  5. Used but in good shape aluminum Hendrickson bumper. Minor scuffs and 2 small dings. 200.00
  6. Looks like an old scartelli construction truck.
  7. Got it all figured out. A friend printed me out the wiring diagram on a massive printer. Turns out the previous owners had the wires run differently and they also had the wrong style switch in place. All back together everything working.
  8. What lights does the cl lamp switch activate? What lights does the light switch activate? I have all brand new lights on the roof all grounded. I have the 3 center lights working. With the light switch. The outer lights and the dome light do not work. I have power at booth poles of the cl switch when in on position. No power at the outer lights. If my memory is correct the cl switch turns the outer lights on. Also the thank you toggle switch on top left of dash. Above oil gauge does not trigger anything off. Also all the gauge light sockets with 2 wires are not working,but the gauge lights with a single wire work. Harness is in great shape not hacked up.
  9. Stripped the wood grain off panels. Self etch primed and recovered with 3m ni doc vinyl. Stripped and repainted all the guage bezels. Added a Hewitt boost and pyro combo. Complete update to hvac shroud as well. Local fast signs nailed the decals.
  10. Looks great. I always have plenty of fluffy bath towels or fleece on hand and drape it over anything that I may bump parts on. Latex gloves. You will never go wrong with painters tape on the edges. Make sure to take some tack out of it by taping your shirt 2-3 times then put on panels. Especially with fresh paint. Good luck nice job.
  11. New door. No box. No holes are drilled for lock cylinder or mirrors. Their is a small ding that a hammer and dolly can take care of. Looking for 300 of best offer. I don't know how to correct sideways pictures.
  12. Usually these guys are great with parts. They take the time to look and research parts and part numbers so this was just odd. They could have been super busy. I'm not worried.
  13. I have a part number on my sticker that I wanted to replace. I was told it wasn't a Mack number. No dice.

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