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  1. Its marked 36A on engine and the back left side of tractor and it is a direct drive with no decelerator
  2. This is my friend Dan's CL Elite. It was bought new in Kennersville, NC in 1994. He retired the truck in Dec. of 2016 with right at 3 Million Miles. The hour clock shows 62,600 hours. We met when he brought his truck to our shop to do work on it and we became good friends. This man takes real pride in his job and family and country. He is a Navy Vet BTW. He put 2.434 Million miles on the transmission before it was rebuilt. That shows the durability of the Mack Trucks when they are well taken care of. But on the other hand I know if I put him in any other truck, the end result would be the same. I think we need more Dans in the world. The picture with the 2 other trucks next to it was in Salem, Oregon at the 2016 ATHS National truck show.
  3. Hauling sack drilling fluids to the natural gas wells north of Wamsutter, Wyoming
  4. This old truck has gone up and down the Wind River Mountains many a times
  5. Sorry to hear about your uncle. Next time I'm around some old timers in Casper, I will have to ask them.
  6. In Wyoming with 8 axles you can go 117,000 lbs on the interstate. But with 10 axles you can still only go 117,000 lbs. On the secondary and primary highways with 10 axles you can go 129,000 lbs with the federal bridge. The lightweight on that picture is about 40,000 lbs.
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