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  1. Ok so im replacing the ignition switch on my 94 Ford l9000 to a universal switch. Problem is i can't find a wiring diagram anywhere. 3 wires theres red/green, black/green and yellow/black. Does anyone know wich one is the battery, ignition, acc?
  2. Ok all i see is 300842 on the side of the motor. It is a cummins big cam. It has a cummins PT fuel system and i don't think the electric fuel shut off valve is wired correctly. It only has 1 post on it. Should i rewire that?
  3. It cranks no problem. It just won't fire up except sometimes. And when it does fire it doesn't last very long.
  4. The engine is red but i believe it's an L10.
  5. Ok so i have a 1994 ford L9000 and it will not start... the starter is fine. The truck just won't turn all the way over. Sometimes it will start up and run for a couple hours until it randomly shuts off. The truck has 3 brand new batteries. My coolant and oil is fine. The water separator is also fine. I also just replaced my 2 oil filters yesterday. So what do you pros think? Im not very experienced in working on dump trucks.
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