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  1. Thank you very much for the info I may actually have a line on a water pump I will post how that turns out thank you everyone for your help
  2. Motor s/n 27102842 I am actually not sure which Continental motor this is 100% any help on that would also be great thank you in advance
  3. I need a water pump for a flathead six cylinder Continental casting number m600k500. Or And impeller and packing kit? Thanks 2082307330 or email olinHP15@gmail.com
  4. My dad got a EE Mack truck hopfully to haul his hit and miss engines to shows. We got it running but we need a water pump for a continental inline six. We found some good tires so now on to the brakes. We are going to leave it in it's original Condition. The bed was gone so going to build a new one. I'll try to post pics when I figure out how
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