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  1. Does anyone know where I get a borgwarner 199359 compressor wheel for my turbo. 1976 R with the 300 Mack engine. Thanks Don
  2. Should both engines timing marks be around the the 12:00 area. My truck with the late style engine has no pointer. My parts truck does and is at around 12:00 looking threw the inspection hole.
  3. I believe I have a 1924 model. That is what I was told. I can’t find the pointer reference for the timing. I accessed threw the rectangular cover plate at the fire wall . Found number mark on the flywheel. I also think I should have the Jug head motor, but have the later style with removable heads. Should the pointer be somewhere around the top of the flywheel. I have another parts truck with the Jug head engine and the pointer is at the top of the flywheel. Does the later engine have the pointer elsewhere? Truck serial is 10313759 Thanks Don
  4. I guessed everything needed changed. I think I will leave it alone. Thanks
  5. My R model has 22.5 Dayton wheels and hubs. What all needs to be changed to go up to 24.5 wheels. Thanks Don
  6. does anyone know a source for the old 700x24 tires, or also called 6x36. Other than Coker tire who wants around $700 each. I was told that there was some farm equipment tires in this size. Cannot find anything. These are for a early AC Mack turck. Thanks Don
  7. Thanks for the information. I measured from the back of my Allison to the rear end. This is going to require two Very short! drive line connections. Will need to talk to my drive shaft guy to see if it is even possible. From the Transmission mounting flange to the center line of the rear end is only 57". Subtracting 33" for the length of the Auxiliary, this only leaves 24" for two drive lines. This is going to be a tough one. Does anyone have any thoughs on this.
  8. Wanting to install a Spicer 8341 in a 1976 R model Mack. Does anyone know, how long from center of yoke to center of yoke a Spicer 8341 is. Need overall length to determine if I have enough room for one. Thanks Don
  9. I had ask for help in a earlier post, locating a Spicer 5831A gear box. I have had a lot of response helping me locate one and others have given suggestion on the installation. I would like to Thank everyone for that. But It has been pointed out to me by several, that the 5831 may be a little small going behind a old 300 Mack engine, and that a 8000 series Spicer would be closer in line with the torque. NOW! the question is does anyone know where I might find something like a 8341 which is a 4 speed. I am not sure which model number was used for the 3 speed and would be interested in either one. I would like to still have the .73 Overdrive but again have been told that they are very rare. .84 will work. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Don
  10. I read what I wrote in my post. It sounds a little arrogant. I really did not mean it to come out that way. I think one thing and write another. I am definitely not that way. In the future I will proof read a little closer!. About your question about pictures, I do have pictures showing what I started with, and where I am now. I have not figured out yet how to post them! As soon as I get it worked out, I will post some of them. Thanks Don
  11. I have considered the length of the gear box and the drive line modifications. This is pretty standard stuff for me. I am the Plant Supervisor for a Fire Truck manufacture, and Dirive line modifications are performed daily in our shop. Of coarse this project is me at home but can fabricate anything that I need at work. My biggest problem at this point is locating a Gear box. No having much luck at this point!. Any help locating one would be great. Thanks Don
  12. Needing a Spicer 5831 auxiliary transmission with the .73 Overdrive, to bolt behind my Allison Ht 740 Transmission. This is a 3 speed gear box with a direct, low and overdrive also known as a Brownie box. I know that these are really getting hard to find. This needed for my Mack R model that I am restoring into a giant Pickup truck. Please let me know if you have one or know where I might find one. Contact Don (859)525-6798 or email donwilson5201@gmail.com
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