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  1. Thanks for you help, the 2oq sounds like a mack part number
  2. Thank you for replies , It is a work truck but maybe a 1000 miles a year I have it filled with grease but it keeps working out of input shaft only numbers i can find are 56955762 which seems like a saginaw number the other number is 2OQCA512 both in casting I really appreciate your help thank You always worried about Ct MVD seeing it leaking
  3. Hi I was hoping someone could help me identify the steering box in this truck It is a manual box , Mack has no info and camerata truck parts cant figure out what it is I was hoping to get a seal kit for it, It is fine except for leak in input shaft Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks
  4. Hi I need some help. I cant seem to find anything on internet or from mack I have a 70 U model, with a thermodyne,at least that is what valve cover says. Purchased truck in 83, we did an in frame overhaul on engine in 2004. All parts available from Mack then Was running perfectly, but it knocked out a wrist pin bushing, about 25,000 miles since in-frame. It has a 1-5/8" wrist pin, I don't seem to be able to find these wrist pins or bushings. Mack is no go and PAI also does not show them. I'm a little confused , i thought all Mack turbocharged diesels had 2" pins. Wondered if these parts were still available. This engine does not have wrist pin oil nozzle coolers. Any help would be greatly appreciated. The motor is perfect except for wrist pins, hate to change if we don't have to Thanks again
  5. it is a Kysor 934029? The evaporater and heater core Come with it How much do you want for it?
  6. i know this was posted a long time ago, is any of this for sale?
  7. I had a switch in my cab couple years back Ct DMV stopped me , they wrote me up for it , it was a big deal had to run the truck through an emission test with it connected so they didnt pull the registration I ended up shimming the valve to get as much as possoble and staying under legal limit for opacity
  8. Need a speedometer angle drive for my 70 U model It has a quad box I beleive for transmission Have not had any luck on finding angle drive from anyone near me Can not get one from Gabrielli the dealer tells me
  9. My 70 U model had an air starter for years, large air tank on rt side for supply. a relay valve right under the pyrometer to start truck Got tired of it about five years ago and installed electric starter, It was an ingersol rand starter also Truck was fitted with a governer bypass valve from factory, will put about 150 psi in tank for more starting air
  10. Is the large tank on passenger side an air tank for air starter.? I had same looking tank on my u-model with an air starter
  11. Are you coming out of Joe Spezzano's Yard on Totoket? About two months ago a tractor and 53' trailer were stuck on snake hill going up, had the road closed for hours
  12. I looked at a couple of r models They had an a at the end of number and are a little different thanks
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