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  1. Didn't you guys have 1 or 2 DMs as well? Theres a bunch of local guys here. I grew up in Warrington and I'm in willow grove now.
  2. I used to gawk at your stuff when I delivered auto parts to the collision shop next door to your yard. Cool to see you made it here!
  3. Yeah still sidelined. Every once in a while I throw a line out to my boss about having it rebuilt. No they're incandescent, it's just the way I edited the picture that makes them look really bright.
  4. Lord knows I tried but they're beat. All the aluminum needs to be sanded and then polished out with a machine. I try to keep it all acid washed and clean at least. Plus, the fuel man spills fuel on the tanks daily 😕
  5. Still doing 50 a week at night! I heard this job is supposed to be going to Christmas at least, and then we have another job running all winter with somewhere between 5-8 Triaxle's daily. Hopefully I can make a full 12 months on the lowboy. Got the rig looking really clean too. Just took this last night.
  6. As the nights get colder, the 12 speed in my truck gets harder to shift for the first 15 minutes of driving. I recall a "warm up" procedure on the 6 speeds where you put the main in 3rd and the aux in neutral, can I do something similar with the 12 speed? I was thinking 3rd gear position with the splitter in neutral.
  7. I've seen a guy trying to sell the rollback on Facebook recently. It's now painted white.
  8. I stopped updating my Philly trucks thread because every time I try to upload a picture, the site gives me an error message.
  9. I don't honestly expect it to, I'd just like the truck to look like the cab isn't sitting on top of the fuel tanks.
  10. It already rides like it has square wheels lol so I'll take any improvement. I'm gonna call the local Mack dealer and price them out. I also have access to a crane to make things easier.
  11. Thinking about trying to tackle the cab bushings on the R I drive if it's not too much of a chore. Anyone done it recently that could offer some tips? I wanna know how deep I'm getting in before I start the job. Is it as simple as unbolting the rear bushings and popping the new ones in? Or do the front mounts have to come apart at the same time? I'm assuming the cab would have to be lifted a little bit in the rear since it's sagging so badly. The truck is a 1978 R612ST and it has a bar across the frame that the two cab bushings are attached to. I'd love to post pics, but this forum keeps giving me an error message when I do.
  12. Brian Blair is a cool guy and a total Mack nut. He has a lot more than just that Superliner in his shed. I ran into him last week and he offered me some spare parts, just gotta find the time to get over to his shop.
  13. Pretty cool except for the auto. With that turbo setup, I'd like a stick or two so I could hear them sing at different RPMs.
  14. Doesn't look like either of the 2 Lund visors they pressed for Mack cabs. The one on my Superliner doesn't have a Lund part number on it either.
  15. Aren't those factory Superliner visors? The 86 I drove at work had the same one.
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