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  1. Had a bad experience years ago otherwise they do a lot of work it seems so
  2. Donovan is in New Hampshire. If it has the mailhot piston then they're cheapest. Atlantic Star in chesire can change it
  3. Picked up a '78 DM. 300, 6, 44k rears. cleaned up pretty well. Mirrors to be addressed
  4. I think i remember it having D rings welded down sides so probably hauled large rock
  5. PAI was able to find it. Had to cross it over with multiple different numbers.
  6. Looking for a PAI cross number for a 4138AP-1 input shaft. Mack has them but the price is crazy. PAI isnt able yo show a cross for that number but says they have then for 6 speed. Tranny is a X107-1
  7. This truck at a shop in CT? Identical to one a guy in town has at his shop.
  8. Possibly the old style 12 speed that have a shifter for low low instead of air switch on dash
  9. Most are typically red with a silver stripe in the rim. Now most are aluminum so
  10. Picked up this little R-model a few months ago. 237 5 speed. Runs perfect. Going to get a 6 speed and hp boosted up to 300. Has the newer block that can handle the power. Inside is spotless for a '77.
  11. Company still runs a superliner with a E9 moving their equipment
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