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  1. Hello did you sell the rocker panels ?? wasmur@comcast.net thank you
  2. ?? do you have a crankshaft pulley
  3. Hello just purchased a B model fire truck there is no serial plate or engine serial # ( ground down to mount the coils ). Stamped in the frame is B85-f1185 right rail behind the front Axel I was wondering what engine it has its a OHV 6 cylinder mack engine Thank you for any help you guys can offer
  4. Hello : Do you have a drag link and pitman arm ???
  5. Hello I am looking to buy a pitman arm and drag link for a late 50. B42 thanks
  6. Hello i could use some information if any of you would help me ?? I have a C600 with a transplanted endt673 With a ape6bb injection pump starts and run smooth but is tired and smokes I happened across a 1979 endtb 676 long block rebuilt from a company that no longer runs Macks OK the questions when i sit the engines side by side they look the same How different are they can i use the injection pump from the 673 on the 676 i remember back in trade school this was a good model pump any help would be great thank you
  7. I have no idea how these old posts stay up but I'm in connecticut and would be interested in the auto car cab and hood if you still got them thanks
  8. Hello I have a C600 model C609 T serail # 1008 it has a turbo charged 6 cylinder mack engine where is the model # or data plate on the engine thanks for any help
  9. Looking to purchase a Cummins NH 743 good running engine 190 or 220 or supercharged
  10. Went and took a look proves you can take a good picture of anything
  11. at anytime sooner the better but there is no set time thank you
  12. Hello i need to move a C600 single axel dump truck it is 271 miles can anyone help ??
  13. I would be interested in the stainless and the tow old side dogs and the script ?? I'm in ct so could come and get them
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