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  1. I am in the process of converting my 1963 B61 from a generator 12 volt positive ground to an alternator and negative ground. My question to anyone who has done this, is what should be done as far as the pulley goes? The generator has the original 2 groove pulley and the pulley on the new alternator has a narrow one groove pulley. Should I just change out the pulley to a single wider one? Is it ok to run with just one belt? I don't believe the alternator shaft is long enough to install a double pulley. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  2. Is that one of those models that was built for the Air Force? Aluminum frame? A similar one was for sale in New Mexico a few years back.
  3. That Autocar was nice. It looked like even the front axle was chromed. The B model is mine. I drove it to Macungie from Long Island. Pretty bouncy ride, especially over the Cross Bronx Expressway and the GW Bridge. It's something I always wanted to do though. It ran like a top!
  4. Thanks for posting! Nice pics. Looks like it was a good show!
  5. Actually on the eastern half of the island there are quite a few farms, vineyards, nurseries and pine barrens etc. It's rather nice. The western half is endless suburbia, and traffic though. Another pic, a nice Model A pickup.
  6. Nice RM seen at the Long Island ATHS show at the Long Island Antique Power Association today. And my B61LT in the lineup.
  7. Hi Robert, re. your wish list for parts, I have found the cab roof marker lights (KD 517) on Ebay. There are usually a couple listed. Try to find ones with bases. The originals are usually rusted out. Restoration specialties carries reproduction rubber gaskets. The front fender turn signals are still a current part available at any truck parts place. I bought a pair of front parking lights from Barry at Watts last year but he said he was running out of them. The original glass is frosted clear, but many vintage glass lenses fit. I put amber lenses on mine. Also found on Ebay. Try Chuck at Kingofsalvage.com for the grab handles. He's the got original type and aftermarket. I might have a set of mirror brackets. I have to dig around in my garage for them. I'll PM you if they are decent.
  8. Thanks for the advice guys. I'm pretty sure the clamps are bottomed out. I'll take a closer look this weekend. Too bad, the nice powder coated rims are all scratched up now.
  9. Question 1. I have 2 B61s and I have been switching to tubeless radials and rims as I find them. What can I do with the old tube tires and split rims? Is there any market for them? They have good tread and look period correct on an old truck. I also have 2 Goodyear tube type 10-20 radials. Or do I just check them in the dumpster? Question 2. One of the rims on the rear of my wrecker spins on the rim. Due to my less that perfect driving skills, I popped the clutch and the rear outer rim spun past the little bumps that are supposed to stop that and broke off the valve stem. I got the valve replaced and tightened everything back up. A few months later the same thing happened. This time it happened starting up normally. Could there be something wrong with the rim and/ or clamps? I tightened them by hand with a breaker bar. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  10. A couple more pics. How can I upload more? It won't let me
  11. I brought my B61 wrecker to the ATHS Long Island chapter show this past Saturday in Riverhead. It's the furthest I've ever driven it. I expected the worst, maybe a flat, maybe overheating, maybe catching on fire. (the truck being in mostly original condition) Made it from storage in Syosset all the way there and back. (approx.. 55 miles) The only problem was the batteries were both dead when I went to start it for the trip home. Luckily a great group of guys pitched in to help with a cummins powered jeep charging one battery and a 1970 Brockway wrecker jumping the battery on the other side. Got me going in short order. Thanks guys! It was a nice show and I met a bunch of nice people.
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