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  1. yessir it was, then a yard truck at a dredging company.
  2. Yes sir, is was. A dredging company had it the last 30 or so years as a yard truck just used for loading stuff up. The owner sold the company probably 6-7 years ago and used it at his ranch after that.
  3. Oh yeah! It's on there the right way. It goes pretty far back on the frame. I actually had to chain it to another tree a few times to winch these damn trees out, no brakes made for an interesting day. I looked like wylde E coyote with all the snatch blocks and whatnot. I think i heard the looney toons acme song playing in the back ground.
  4. Thank you, i bought the cab lights off of ebay. And i will see what the two shops have on hand monday it's been a very very busy week haha. I found a cab, this one is just too far gone. Im going clean it up pressure wash the chipping paint off and rustoleum it while i do some work with it. Ill put it down for the cab swap afterwords. Most of my time has been spent just un-rigg'n everything. This truck just has just been bandaided over and over through the years. Cab swap, re plumbing the whole thing and spring brakes will be my main priorities. Let me know on the mirror brackets if you get the time to dig them out, I'm just loooking for some usable correct looking ones
  5. Hello everyone, My name is Robert I'm trying to get some usable cosmetic pieces rounded up for my B613sx, don't need anything perfect by any means. just looking for something to work for now. Full set of cab roof lamps (completely missing) Front turn signals One front Parking light (Amber if you have one) Side mirror brackets and mirrors, all the ones i find local just don't look right at all and i'm not trying to buy the ones from watts just yet. My current ones are about to fall off side grab handles by doors The truck is rough but running. I should have the cab blasted and primed up soon. I'm In south Texas (Victoria), But I don't mind paying for shipping. I do work a lot and am a little slow on replies but send me an email if you want as well. Turnbowr85 AT gmail DOT com Thanks guys
  6. Sorry i had the quality on my phone cranked up for the pictures and can not resize them. Today we got the old dog cranked up and drove around the pasture. Engine sounds great made 80 psi of oil pressure after we dug it around with a tractor priming up the fuel and oiling. Win h works too. The trans and pto sound good as well. Just gotta get on the electrical and air sytem. The air tanks looked about ready to go.
  7. Here's a picture of the former coil unit and the Mack I'll be picking up.
  8. Hello everybody, My name is Robert and i love working on anything, and old junk. I started young, My grandfather was a truck pusher for Butler drilling and later Mitchell energy and as a little kid seeing and riding in all the winch and pole trucks mostly Mack B and R series and a few Autocars are some of my earliest and best memories. Now grown up I'm fifth generation oil field lmao. I stepped a little outside the box and instead of chasing rigs i got into coiled tubing. I was able to drive some decent sized units at my old company, 230k gross 12x14' and a jeep. Rode like a Cadillac. Anyhow i have always wanted a B model mack in anyshape or form but recently i ran into a truck that had disappeared for a few years (behind a barn). Ready to pick it up as soon as i can get a day off. I re contacted the seller and he will still part with it for our agreed price years ago.
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