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  1. I'm not going to worry too much about the gaps. They open and latch nicely,and are fairly even. I've welded an 1/8 metal rod around the perimeter of doors to build up the gaps a little tighter before.....add here, grind away there, this one will be ok though. It is what it is.
  2. New floor pans installed in the cab. Body work on the fenders , cab and doors finished and ready for first round of primer. Started a quick mock-up (or is it a "Mack-up") of the sheet metal to make sure all the bolt holes still line up. The doors open and latch nicely, the original gaps lrave a little to be desired though. Guess back in the day it was more about quantity and not quality.
  4. Looks like her pockets are filled with something
  5. I second that!!
  6. That is exactly what i'm going to do. Then i'm going to spray the floor, firewall and inner panels with bed liner to help deaden sound then paint it all with the same green for thr dash and interior.
  7. Looks good!! Somewhat simple to make, functions well and the best part is no more Flintstone mobile!
  8. I didn"t roll them either, I used a piece of 3/4 inch round tube cut in half lengthwise , relief cut the ends and flattened the ends and welded them to the new pans. They look almost exactly like a rolled bead and just as strong for a floor pan. Amazing what you can come up with to make do.
  9. I'm all about repurposing......home made tractor forks made from some type of commercial kitchen bench supports. They were the perfect length and even cut in a wedge shape on the ends. Drilled four holes total inth into the tractor bucket and they can be bolted on when needed.
  10. Made some more progress on the cab. Cut out three sections of rotten floor and made new panels and put the rolled beads in them to make them look as close to original as possible. Got the cab all blasted inside and out, top to bottom. I stripped all the paint on the sheet metal areas, the only areas left where all the cracks and crevices, inside surfaces, floor pans. Five hours and 400 pounds of blasting media, we have clean and rust free sheet metal. Time to start installing the pans and a few small patches here and there. I think I still have 100 pounds of the stuff in my shoes though!
  11. This is still available. Price is reduced to $2000 OBO. It needs to be saved. It was my brother's pride and joy until he passed away last year.
  12. Funny thing is, it's in bettet shape than the tanker I have now!
  13. That would look good parked next to my b model tanker truck!
  14. Thanks for any information you can come up with. I like the bluish green better than the gold that appears to be on the engine now.
  15. It's time to turn attention to the engine and transmission. Anyone know the color of an EN401 engine? The tanker truck engine looks like it was a pale gold. Also what type of hose clamps would it have had originally? I've searched for some pictures but can't see any clamps.