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  1. Troublemaker!!

    "I pity 'da foo that don't get a mohawk!"
  2. Getting closer

    I can start the second Tuesday of next week. 😁
  3. Troublemaker!!

    Nice collection. Guess you earn the nickname "Mr. T".
  4. Getting closer

    After thinking about it and remembering the beginning of the project, I took the column and box out before raising the cab. I'm pretty sure I can thread the needle by going from underneath the cab. You did ease my mind after reading your post. Thanks!
  5. Getting closer

    Oh crap....I hope that ain't the case.
  6. Getting closer

    That thought crossed my mind. It sure was easier to remove it than put it back on. I didn't have to worry about scratching anything taking it off.
  7. Getting heavier

    Me too actually. 😁
  8. Getting heavier

    Sure, I'm always looking for parts sources. Thanks.
  9. Managed to get the cab on by myself last night with no damage. I used 3 ratchet straps crisscrossed across the cab floor and used the engine hoist to raise it up and place it on the frame. It was a challenge to balance it and roll the hoist at the same time. I almost went in and woke up my wife to give me some assistance. I may regret having it on there now with all the climbing up and down I'll be doing. 😁🤤 Don't pay any attention to the plastic sheeting on the rest of the body, I gotta keep it covered while I paint all those pieces that seem to come out of the woodwork when it's going back together.
  10. Getting heavier

    I can't wait to get it on the road, it will be a totally different experience than what I'm used to.
  11. Getting heavier

    It's the 401. It has the dual belts and an oil cooler in the filter housing. It has a provision for coolant to pass around the housing. I like to add the details to make it look like I've actually done something. 😁
  12. Getting heavier

    Thanks. I know I'm over doing it, the factory never never never polished the brass fittings and copper lines but I can't help myself. 😁
  13. Got the engine and transmission assembled, painted and detailed. Now they are together and finally in their home. Still have a LONG WAY to go before it's first maiden voyage.
  14. Nah. I'm just anal when it comes to paint. My jobs never suit me, I see every flaw in them.