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  1. Seats

  2. B model glove box with hinges

    Yup. It was me. I'll take what I can get at this point.
  3. HELP

    Thanks a million. I need the hinges themselves, I'll take the door, latch, and box if they are any good. Look at where the hinges attach to the dash frame under the glove box area and see if the end is in fact welded to the dash frame. Again, thanks a ton.

    I know the place your talking about. It's a pool and spa supply company now.

    Absolutely. I'm in too deep to stop now.

    Just outside Woodstock.

    I did, the capfull of gas didn't last long enough.
  8. Got all the wiring harness installed, everything works except the front lights. (no front sheet metal yet) Poured a little gas down the carb, turned the key on and pushed the starter button, she fired up after about 4 revolutions. I didn't want to run for long with no radiator in yet. 5 seconds was long enough to know it will run. THE OLD TRUCK GODS ARE PLEASED!
  9. HELP

    That's how mine are supposed to be. Thanks for the picture. I might be able to make some if I can't find them. Nice looking dash BTW.
  10. HELP

    I'd like to see a picture also. Must be a common thing to break. I had one left and it looked like a pretzel. They are welded to the dash frame and attach to the door by two screws. Hard to describe but they're there.
  11. Is there ANYONE out there in B model land who has a junk cab they would be willing to sell the glove box hinges out of? Mine are completely missing. They are welded to the dash and would have to be cut out. I'll even pay for shipping and for the time it takes to cut them out. Thanks in advance.
  12. Wiring

    Beautiful. That is exactly what I plan to do. New wiring harness, looks original while modernizing it. I may even incorporate the old original fuse panel to appear stock original......make it so it will flip down and have the new fuse panel behind it. Open the glove box and you can see the old panel, behind it is the new one.
  13. Wiring

    Thanks everyone for the great info. It's always good to get different opinions and experiences from different sources. That's why I like this group so much. No one judges anyone or bashes anyone's posts. Unlike some of the antique cars for sale groups I belong to on Facebook. UGH! Don't even get me started on that.
  14. Wiring

    Thanks everyone for the info and advice. I'm sure I'm making it harder in my mind than it actually is. I've re-wired a few projects with the universal harnesses and had no problems. The positive ground issue kinda threw me off a bit. Still not sure if I should change the ground or not. Any other thoughts?
  15. Wiring

    Great info and thoughts. My main thought for the conversion is to be able to use an aftermarket, universal wiring harness. I want to make sure I can use such a thing to replace the original. I have looked at reproduction factory wiring harnesses but I am having a hard time swallowing the $1200 to $1600 price tag for them. Call me cheap but I gotta save where I can. I'm not much of an electrical engineer, I know just enough to be dangerous.