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  1. Yes you are correct. I can't recall his name either. Nice old truck. He said the grill and original fiberglass fenders were from an old firetruck.
  2. The International was in pretty good shape with an older restoration. I removed the lettering from the doors and pinstripes from the rest of it...overhauled the carburetor and rebuilt the sloppy accelerator linkage.
  3. I'm not sure of the engine size but it's a straight 6 gas engine.
  4. Here's a few pics of the latest project to leave the shop. It's a 1960 International R 190 I "fluffed up" for a customer to haul his 1952 Caterpillar D2 that I also restored for him.
  5. Here's the inside of the cab. For those who asked about the color it was matched to a panel that didn't get much if any sunlight or abuse. As far as primer I used , it's Nason brand urethane primer.
  6. Season of what year?
  7. Thanks Bob. I will keep the updates coming.
  8. Got all the bodywork and primer done.....block sanded and primed twice. Inside of the cab and doors painted original green. Outside of the cab and doors painted in the gulf blue.......on to the tank next! As the dog said when the train ran over it's tail, "Won't be long now!"
  9. I'm not going to worry too much about the gaps. They open and latch nicely,and are fairly even. I've welded an 1/8 metal rod around the perimeter of doors to build up the gaps a little tighter before.....add here, grind away there, this one will be ok though. It is what it is.
  10. New floor pans installed in the cab. Body work on the fenders , cab and doors finished and ready for first round of primer. Started a quick mock-up (or is it a "Mack-up") of the sheet metal to make sure all the bolt holes still line up. The doors open and latch nicely, the original gaps lrave a little to be desired though. Guess back in the day it was more about quantity and not quality.
  12. Looks like her pockets are filled with something
  13. I second that!!
  14. That is exactly what i'm going to do. Then i'm going to spray the floor, firewall and inner panels with bed liner to help deaden sound then paint it all with the same green for thr dash and interior.
  15. Looks good!! Somewhat simple to make, functions well and the best part is no more Flintstone mobile!