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  1. I will give them a shot, thanks!
  2. I had looked there first, nothing on there looked like it was compatible
  3. Quick little update; I have most of the items off the cab, and am shooting for a late September timeframe for painting. I've been looking online for mounting strips for the chrome trim pieces, as some of them are rotted beyond repair, but haven't had any luck so far.
  4. I'm going to try to save it, I'd rather not buy a new one if I don't have to.
  5. In the process of tearing down my rig, I found the front intake adapter from NPT to NH thread is rusted on extremely tight, as was expected. Looking for any suggestions to help break it loose, short of cutting it off.
  6. A little progress from the other day, didn't get too crazy because of our recent heat wave here in southcentral PA. Removed the cab doors, front warning lights and turn signals, bumper, and the under dash panels to remove some extra wiring from over the years. Also have the front fenders off, and most of the cab trim.
  7. Looking for any tips/help on removing the "inside" door handle and window crank on my '63 C85 fire engine. I searched through the forums here, and pulled up the "escutcheon" as described in other threads here, but couldn't seem to see any pin to take out to remove the handles.
  8. Yesterday we loaded up the kids and went to the CAFAA muster in Westminster, MD. Lots of nice rigs this year (I think they said 58 total), and plenty I had never seen before.
  9. Bump/update: I've searched extensively online for rebuild kits or parts breakdowns on these style valves, and have come up empty, as the only style I can find are for swing-out valves. It appears to me that the seats on these valves are brass? Are there any special tricks to getting them out? They are all tight in the valve bodies, and I don't want to damage anything trying to get them out.
  10. With some nicer weather, in between rainy days, I've been able to dive back into this rig. I've removed the 1" discharge valves from the pump (booster lines and pump to tank), and found that 1 is an akron, but I am not finding any manufacturer name or number for the other two, which look like this:
  11. Looking for a little insight on these discharge valves for the booster lines off my engine. I've removed most of the valves from the pump to rebuild them, and can't seem to figure out how to further disassemble these.
  12. It's been a while since I've posted any updates, because I hadn't really had time to work on the rig due to my work schedule. I did take it to the York muster in the end of September, this year featuring Mack apparatus. I was fortunate in mid-September to start a new career as a paid firefighter, which means a better schedule and should mean more time to work on the rig. I'm attempting to make the rear lights work again, and am pretty sure that when I painted the body, I covered the grounding points for the lights; I am getting power to the lights, just none of them actually light up. Does anybody know whether the lights ground to the body through the housings, or through the mounting bolts?
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