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  1. With some nicer weather, in between rainy days, I've been able to dive back into this rig. I've removed the 1" discharge valves from the pump (booster lines and pump to tank), and found that 1 is an akron, but I am not finding any manufacturer name or number for the other two, which look like this:
  2. Looking for a little insight on these discharge valves for the booster lines off my engine. I've removed most of the valves from the pump to rebuild them, and can't seem to figure out how to further disassemble these.
  3. It's been a while since I've posted any updates, because I hadn't really had time to work on the rig due to my work schedule. I did take it to the York muster in the end of September, this year featuring Mack apparatus. I was fortunate in mid-September to start a new career as a paid firefighter, which means a better schedule and should mean more time to work on the rig. I'm attempting to make the rear lights work again, and am pretty sure that when I painted the body, I covered the grounding points for the lights; I am getting power to the lights, just none of them actually light up. Does anybody know whether the lights ground to the body through the housings, or through the mounting bolts?
  4. Before Woodsboro, it served in Waynesboro, PA and was recently seen at the town's 4th of July parade. Their old CF Aerialscope behind it is owned by the current owner of Interstate, which is now in Marion, PA just off I81. Waynesboro used to have a handful of Mack's, including some C's and CF's; I believe at one time they had a C mid-mount aerial, but can't find any pics of it right now. Pics from their Facebook page:
  5. Alrighty, back to posting updates for this old war wagon. My time to work on it has been limited due to the kids and overtime at work, but I have the painting almost done on the rear body, and got barely used tires for the back wheels from my parent's church, who had bought new tires for their bus and then decided to scrap it. I slapped things together quick to get me to the Pump Primer's muster and back. I didn't attempt to draft this year, but had a neighboring rig flow water through the pump for about an hour. The night before the muster, I was planning on going drafting, but found the primer to be inoperable again, took it apart, tested the motor and solenoid which were both fine, cleaned up the gears and body of the primer itself and put it all back together, all for it to still not work. There is no power getting to the primer switch, but even bypassing that with power the primer will not turn. An air primer is looking better and better every day! I've also been finding that since I painted the body, the rear lights (tail/brake lights, turn signals) don't want to work anymore; I'm figuring because of the new paint, they aren't making contact for grounding.
  6. And my favorite non-Mack apparatus:
  7. A few shots from this year's muster. I pretty much only got pics of my favorite rigs and new ones that caught my eye, but unfortunately missed the aerialscopes from Waynesboro and Lancaster. It was a beautiful day for a muster, and there were 115 rigs pre-registered, not sure if all of them showed up or not.
  8. Also keep in mind, Boston had another aerial failure a little while back that was found to be caused by improper maintenance and "band-aid" type fixes to the hydraulic controls. Here they have a 13 year old reserve rig, and seeing there is a history of improper maintenance on other rigs- I would bet that has something to do with it. To echo Red Horse's comment, the Commissioner came up through the ranks, and over the last few years of seeing him in the news during and after incidents, I have a lot of respect for him as a guy who seems to keep the best interests of his men in mind- hopefully they are able to get their maintenance issues resolved soon!
  9. @MACKTRUCKS4 check your private messages
  10. Looks good! What were they stripped with?
  11. Net Neutrality wasn't a thing until 2015, how did we possibly use the internet in the years before that? I'm still not quite sure how I feel about the whole issue, on one hand, I like that this will now be one less thing that the Government can micromanage, but I'm also afraid that the ISP's will try to screw their customers. Although in our free market, consumers have the right to shop around for the best bang for their buck. I don't see where so many people are getting the "sky is falling" mentality, but I do agree that there is potential for abuse of the system.
  12. Fire apparatus are not exempt from emissions rules, unfortunately.
  13. I have to agree, Pierce is killing the rest of the apparatus manufacturers, at least here in southcentral PA. Most of that is due to an excellent salesman and service shop, who are willing to work with and accommodate the customers. I actually disliked Pierce until my former department bought one. There are many departments in this area who have been heavily leaning towards Seagrave, but the salesman wouldn't even talk to them. Same with Sutphen, who basically wants customers to pick a rig out of a book of pre-designed specs. That Keene rig looks great, I have in-laws (wife's grandparents) who live in Keene, and we visit usually at least once a year. I might have to finally stop in at the firehouse one of these days!
  14. I bought some parts from him for my rig, he is very knowledgeable/helpful, but definitely doesn't like people being on his property very long! I drove by there a week or 2 ago and he had the bay door up and this rig was sitting inside, it still looks decent from the road!
  15. Here are pics of most, but not quite all, of the Mack's from this years PPP Muster. Aerials seem to be the growing trend in collecting, as there were 5 tillers and and 7 straight body aerials attending this year. Afterwards, some of us headed over to the Allison Hook & Ladder for their annual Pump Primer's "after party"
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