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  1. If you had a pn of the kit that would help me out a lot
  2. Thanks for the help. I haven't had a chance to look at it closely yet. Pretty good drip.
  3. Found out by routing around it to get it home I also was taking out the pump to supply the engine. I should have figured that but on the side of the road it didn't register
  4. Hand primer leaking on my 63 END673. So to get home I bypassed it, line from tank directly to secondary fuel filter inlet. Truck ran for about 5 minutes, quit on the side of the road. Put it back the way it was, started right up, still leaking of course. Am I missing something on the fuel system flow? Thanks
  5. I have not checked the screen. If it has one I will take a look. I've thought of going to spin on filters, I will have to look into what is involved in changing over.
  6. My 63 Thermodyne on start up takes a good 20 seconds or more to show pressure on the guage. After that holds 30 lbs at idle . Has the remote filter housing, full flow I believe. 3 lines to it. Is there a check valve not working possibly? Or just the way they are? This is with 15 40 oil, 60 degrees outside. Thanks
  7. Still working on my B61. Interior painted and seats redone in original material. Frame painted, front fenders painted. New 22.5 tires and wheels. Gonna leave can as is for now
  8. Thanks, sorry for the late reply. It was the rear cab mount, cab was repaired there in the past. Rewelded and replaced mount, much better now. Thanks for the help
  9. The 63 B61 Thermodyne, 20 speed,I just got running has a noise / squeak I can't figure out. Put in this forum because I'm not sure where it's from. Engine running, either stick in or out of gear, moving or not. Get louder when moving, mostly in cab. And the wierd part, gets less when I'm sitting in the seat when not moving. Not from the engine, thinking maybe a cab or trans mount? Clutch in or out, no difference.
  10. My latest project. Sat for many years, got it running well. Painted interior original color, seats out getting redone original. Now trying to decide to strip and paint exterior or leave as is.
  11. Central Mn Couple engine pics
  12. Still have it. And yes its under direct over aux stick Then main then the 4 speed stick
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