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  1. Still working on my B61. Interior painted and seats redone in original material. Frame painted, front fenders painted. New 22.5 tires and wheels. Gonna leave can as is for now
  2. Thanks, sorry for the late reply. It was the rear cab mount, cab was repaired there in the past. Rewelded and replaced mount, much better now. Thanks for the help
  3. The 63 B61 Thermodyne, 20 speed,I just got running has a noise / squeak I can't figure out. Put in this forum because I'm not sure where it's from. Engine running, either stick in or out of gear, moving or not. Get louder when moving, mostly in cab. And the wierd part, gets less when I'm sitting in the seat when not moving. Not from the engine, thinking maybe a cab or trans mount? Clutch in or out, no difference.
  4. My latest project. Sat for many years, got it running well. Painted interior original color, seats out getting redone original. Now trying to decide to strip and paint exterior or leave as is.
  5. Central Mn Couple engine pics
  6. Still have it. And yes its under direct over aux stick Then main then the 4 speed stick
  7. Here are some more pics of the truck.
  8. Was out of town for a while . Sorry about not replying. It is a twin screw. I will measure the frame to get the length. Not sure on the next project. Something to keep me busy. If anyone had an interesting trade that might work too.
  9. Thinking of selling my 64 B755 and starting a new project. Bought the truck a year ago or so, pics of it when I bought it on on the site.Solid cab, had some rust in floor which I repaired. Has a 262 Cummins , runs great. Oil analysis good. Quad with 3 speed Aux.236 inch wheelbase New 22.5 Michelin Front tires, 10x22 drivers. Good tread Some weather checking on rears. Air slide 5th wheel, Jake Brake. Drive it a few times a week. Drives great, does 70+ but I keep it 55-60 usually because of the rear tires. Brakes good, steering tight, would pass DOT with new rear tires. All lights, heat ,wipers all work. Located in central Minnesota. Looking to get around 6500 for it.
  10. Pulled the radiator yesterday. Info was right on. Thank you both. Now to find a place in Mn to get it recored.
  11. Thanks again for the info. Ill probably tackle the job this weekend .
  12. Thanks for the help How about getting it out of the truck? Does the whole polishef part, top and sides, come out with the core?
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