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  1. Wow. Thanks a lot. It ain't perfect, but it does get some attention.
  2. The neat part is the lettering is all hand painted . I could never do that, my hands are not anywhere near steady enough.
  3. Got the lettering done. I got a "sponsor".....advertising for them, art work for me. It's a win for both of us.
  4. Oh yeah. When all else fails, check the manual. 😁
  5. No marks on the balancer. That's what threw me off. For the time being, I have the distributor in between way retarded and way advanced to where it "sounds about right".
  6. Next dumb question. How do you check ignition timing on a 401? I noticed there is an opening in the bellhousing above the starter that looks suspiciously like a place to check? How about the specs for the timing? As the dog said when the train ran over it's tail, "won't be long now".
  7. Thanks to all for the great advice. If it ever quits raining I'm gonna put all that info to good use.
  8. Thanks for all the advice and suggestions. I agree with the practice, practice, practice idea. If nothing else, it's a good excuse to get some behind the wheel time in an old truck.
  9. Thanks hatcity. I feel kinda dumb asking such questions.
  10. Ok, question and answer time......I got the tanker running good, brakes and everything else works. So far I have put a whopping 7 miles on it, venturing out a little farther each time. I have never driven a truck that large and old, so my questions are....., does it really take a literal football field to turn it in a complete 360 degree circle? I'm sure the turning radius is not so tight but.......and BOY DOES IT WANDER. Next question is to clutch or not to clutch when changing gears while driving? I can double clutch and not grind the gears too bad but, down shifts to make it up a hill or something are another story. I'm waiting to see if I have any teeth left on the gears. I know I have to get some more practice under my belt before venturing into traffic around town and the highway. Any ideas, opinions or thoughts are always welcome 😀
  11. I REALLY like the old look. I think I would make the inside nice, make it mechanically sound and drive it like it is. It's only original once.
  12. I don't know about the R models. I know the "universal" repair cables you get from the parts stores are only to replace the cable inside the housing. That's what is too small in diameter. I think they are more for cars and pickup trucks. If I can get an old used one that isn't broken, that will be fine with me.
  13. Anyone have a speedometer cable for a 58 b they want to sell? The cable inside mine is broken off inside the speedo head. The universal replacement cables are too small in diameter.
  14. Just normal acrylic enamel with a hardener added. No masking the controls, that way they will blend in to the wheel better. 😆
  15. I would NEVER steer anyone wrong about this......... Ok, how far will this go?🤣
  16. Thanks. I feel like things are finally "turning around"....BAH DUM, DUM.
  17. Who needs an expensive, proper wheel painting machine when a cordless drill and a few clamps will do the trick! 🤣 20180530_202928.mp4
  18. Not for me. I know someone who is. I'm just helping with the search.
  19. HAHA!! I had to ride in the school station wagon if that tells you anything!!
  20. I'm searching for a school bus anywhere from the late 40's to the early 60's, any make is fine. It doesn't have to run or even have an engine. I would prefer a short wheelbase one but would take a long one as well. Thanks in advance.
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