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  1. Well the tow truck just pulled my truck put of my driveway. We will see b what the problem is and I will let you guys know. Thank you all for your input and I must say this is by far the best trucking community one the Web. Thanks again guys!
  2. Yes I ran the truck without the air cleaner pipe and it did spin by itself. But the manifold was smoking.
  3. I took the air cleaner hose off turbo and checked if blades were spinning and they were.
  4. When it is started and I Rev it a little smoke is coming out of my exhaust manifold. Not sure if that helps but every mechanic I've spoken to isn't available unt8l next week
  5. Oh sorry it's a mechanical em7 300
  6. When I say idle normal grey smoke was pouring out but she wasnt about to stall
  7. It keeps saying upload failed for my pics. So I started it up and it actually was idling normal but when I would.hit the gas black smoke would pour out and the pipe going into exhaust manifold would smoke
  8. BC thank you for looking out, again I apologize I'm not that mechanically sound when it comes to diesel. I've tried uploading images and it keeps giving me an error message. Let me fill you in as to where I'm at with my "diagnosis" lol Took hoses off going to turbo So i can spin the fan by hand and it spins freely so from what b I've been told the turbo isn't broken. I removed my fuel filters and it seemed as if my secondary had some water and my primary was half way full with fuel???! Not sure why but I am filling them up as we speak and will put them on and check
  9. I know I shouldn't do that but in certain situations I have to to avo8d stalling on a hill coming from a r3d light. Just tried starting again she had a little trouble cranking. Got her started a d it would Rev then drop Rev then drop etc. While blowing grey smoke
  10. I apologize I'm new to diesel engines. Leading up to this I've had trouble with this truck pulling. Loaded down I'd have to kind of work the clutch from a dead stop pulling a grade t9 avoid it from stalling. I have a sister truck it's a 94 same motor and all and it's a completely different animal. She pulls stronger and gets ip to spend a lot faster.
  11. When started it idles like shit and when I give it Amy throttle it wants to stall. Silly question but it possible that the air cleaner is doing this?
  12. When I start her up now she just pours black grey smoke also more oil on top of motor where breather cap is and 9ne l8ne from 8njector pump has oil on it where 8t go8ng into motor
  13. I don't have the governor on. Now that it is light I see burn marks on my turbo and the pipeople going to my turbo. I also see oil on one of my lines going f49m injector pump into engine block. Again I'm new to the trucking industry as well as to diesel engines
  14. What's the question?