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  1. 1985 superliner , 425cat 15 speed rtx ,40000mack on newway..4year project
  2. thanks ..it always nice to have spare parts
  3. full load for monday gona have to leave early to miss the DOT scales lol
  4. I learn to drive those two stick shift before a car.. its kind of fun
  5. Hi, yeah i like them too bud..I remember the first time I drove in one its when my dad bought a brand new one in 89..add a 5oo ..18 speed and 46 full lock in the back..lets say its was beautiful to see it pull in front of those 425cat, since that day i knew i wanted one, Ii know its suck for the cat inside..i got another superliner in the yard with a v8 450..but when i stsrted adding to change the motor parts, it was to much $$$ so ill stick with the cat fot no. Thanlk for the information where to call for parts , really appreciate it. Eric
  6. hey yhat would be nice!.. how much millage on it?
  7. yep went from a 400..to a 425..gona drop her in probally 3 week from now.
  8. ok thanx Staxx..I will check
  9. Well thanks for the warm welcome.. If any of you guys knows where I could order the two aluminum air tank for this baybe at a good price please let me know.. I already cheched with Mack Canada and lets say it's overprice..
  10. Thanks ..yep the left log loader is a u model , 1984 Lafarge old concrete mixer
  11. Hi everybody, i'm like new to this but looking foward from a bit from help on the overhauling of my 85 superliner on the year to come. Thanx
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