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  1. hi

    do you still have the fuel pump and turbo setup of that engine?

    1. seensee


      I have the turbo set yp and manifold but the turbo needs a rebuild. Do not have the fuel pump

  2. I have an E9 block which includes front timing housing, pistons, lifters, crank, camshaft. I can offer a thirty day warranty on this block. 3,000.00. Have plenty of other parts to.
  3. Sorry about the water pump being gone. A guy on ebay got it. I am going to get BMT's to notice me when I get a response.
  4. The E9 parts listed here have all been reduced. Connecting rods are now 320.00 , Heads are 2800.00 , and water pump is 125.00.
  5. Price reduction on E9 connecting rods. 320.00

  6. price reduction on E9 heads. 2800.00

  7. Price reduction on E9 water pump. 125.00


    1. BGarofalo


      I'll take the water pump for $125.  How do you want payment?


  8. Parting out E9 water pump 175.00 obo
  9. I've got a very good set of two peice pistons and liners for the 866. 

  10. Set of E9 heads complete. 2600.00 obo
  11. Have a complete set of E9 connecting rods in perfect shape. They are from two piece pistons. $300.00 plus shipping
  12. I have two stick in my 1972 r-600 Will sell.
  13. I have one off a 1972 model in very good shape.
  14. These rods are off two piece piston engine. Just about perfect , I'd run em without even changing the races. Make offer. Contact me at hglucky52@yahoo.com
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