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  1. I had a fly wheel housing that wasn’t square. Now machined and true. Worth a check.
  2. Thanks for the info Vlad. I can get pai parts but the ee9 560 pistons are later model two piece type pistons which pai don’t do as far as I know. I was just hoping on the off chance there would be a kit sitting on someone’s shelf . Time will tell. Thanks again
  3. Hi Vlad and sorry to change subject everyone. Vlad do you know if there are any Renault ee9 560 piston kits available anywhere over there? I think the part number is 5001831040. Thanks
  4. Send me your email. Can give you some options.

    1. hqplz





  5. Anyone interested in new e9 parts or buying and selling their own mack V8 parts, check out 'Mack E9 Parts And Performance Worldwide Store Buy & Sell' on facebook
  6. Scania V8 euro-6 no probs. new Volvo boss opening the door the revised V8. Sounds good to me.
  7. Can't spec a mack manual in Aus anymore. I shift or eaton.
  8. Does the unit pump e9 still exist. I would love to see it
  9. Not entirely correct outback. An electronic v8 was released in the Renault magnum as the ee9 560. They were euro two or three I think and were available to about 2000 ,2001. Either way they were meeting euro emissions when Volvo stopped production. I have always been of the understanding Europe leads the emissions race but I stand to be corrected. I have also read on this forum that mack had a complient e9 with unit pump tech that would meet the next level. Ks carbel would be the man to ask on this forum.
  10. i did see a chart at one point and thought it was on here but can no longer find it. thanks all the same
  11. Does any have the flow ratings for injectors fitted to etech, etech ccrs, and Ai, ac aset 460 engines. Are all these injectors interchangeable. Eg ac to ccrs. Any help appreciated.
  12. I think everybody should send an email to Oshkosh hq and plant a seed. As said earlier volvo may need quick cash and mack could become all american again taken over by a very successful all american company. Did under estimate planting a seed either. People in top jobs are only human and could take to any small idea and run with it. Many emails, many seeds. May take a while to grow, but you never know Here's to hope for all american MACK
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