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  1. Check your local chrome shop dynaflex and lincoln make brackets that will bolt up depending on you have the same factory brackets that bolt to the sleeper
  2. Ya sal is a good friend of mine what do you want to know about it just ask me... heres a pic of his and mine together a few years ago
  3. it has 40k rears at the heaviest because it only has 5spoke hubs 44k and up is 6 spokes
  4. btw just to correct some info a superliner is Not an R700 a superliner model is the RW series for ex. RW600 RW700 were superliners no regular r series was a superliner... some r models were known as valueliners. You could get any engine you wanted in a superliner.
  5. ya no problem and thanks ill get a pic of my drop visor up monday when im down there!! and u hav a good day too!
  6. elizabeth truck center is in elizabeth nj and carcraft is located in staten island ny the number to carcraft is 718-948-6422 and ask for anthony or roger !
  7. ill get some next week for you my truck is being painted so right now it is stipped to nothing but cab hood and chassis!!
  8. If your anywhere near ny or nj give anthony at carcraft truck center a call he will be able to custom make one for you... he just made one for my superliner!
  9. 860-570-7080 try this dealer i just ordered all new mack dash panels for both my superliners in black. ask for don or dave.
  10. where in southern Ct are you? you can bring it to Barnicks truck and equipment in North Haven, Ct they do great work and will do insurance repairs! the number is 203-239-7369
  11. PNA 2007 TRUCK SHOW ALL TRUCKS WELCOME!!!! Saturday June 16, 2007 8:00am - 4:30pm Located at PNA park Wallingford, CT 06492 230 N Plains Industrial RD Directions: From I-91N - Take exit 15 turn right onto CT-RT 68/Barnes RD travel that for 2.3 miles, then turn left onto N Plains Ind. RD travel 1.2 miles to the 1st 4 way intersection (stop signs),PNA park on your right. From I-91S - Take exit 15 turn left onto CT-RT 68/Barnes RD Travel that for about 2.4 miles, turn left onto N Plains Ind. RD travel 1.2 miles to the 1st 4 way intersection (stop signs), PNA park on your right. Entry fee $10.00
  12. If anyone needs anything moved on a flatbed in Ct or Mass id be willing to do it for a low fair price and weight is not an issues. Pm me
  13. hey Hk did u grow up in CT? if so what town were u from? damn thats a sweet chevelle!!!!
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