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  1. Does anyone know if Mack put steel tanks on CL model trucks? Scott
  2. My brother and I are repainting a 1999 CH613 and we would like to freshen up the door jamb paint. Is the door jamb paint the same paint that you would use on the dash? If it is then can't you buy it in spray cans from Mack? Thanks, Scott
  3. I have another question. Does Mack make the black textured vinyl in a roll, for the part of the dash with the gauges and swithches? And how much do the cans of spray paint cost from Mack for your dash? That doesn't make much sense that you can't get new interior parts for a R-model cab when they just stopped making them just a few years ago. Scott
  4. What is the height and the length of the plate? Thanks, Scott
  5. I was wondering wheather Mack made a vinyl dye "simigloss paint" to refinish a R-model dash that the finish is worn through on. Or to paint an old tan dash to match the newer style Mack interior. Also I thought someone told me that you can't buy new interior parts for R-models is that true or not?? Thanks, Scott
  6. Whatever you do don't do the things your friend does! I just lost a friend last night from a car accident that was caused by drinking. And I lost another one last year because the person driving her was drunk and wreaked. Scott
  7. Looks good keep up the good work and keep the pictures coming. Scott
  8. I e-mailed Goody's Truck Parts about two E9s they had and they e-mailed me back and said "Sorry to say a gentleman from out of the country was just in our facility and bought all the E9 motors we had." Mack needs to start making E9s again. Scott
  9. You have one good looking Superliner Does it have a V8 or 6 cylinder? We had problems finding an E9 about five years ago. However we found one that needed rebuilt and had to pay big bucks for it. I might need another one so if anyone knows where another one is you can tell me. Scott
  10. Post some pictures of your truck. I'd like to see it. Scott
  11. Finally figured out how to get it all apart last night. A peice was bent and wasnt allowing it to come out. Scott
  12. My brother and I are painting one of my dad's CH Macks and we need to take the glass out. I've got the wing glass unbolted, the window track unbolted, glass unbolted from the track, and both door handles taken out. I can't figure out how the wing glass comes out. I think if it comes out the rest should slide out. We need it out pretty soon. Anybody know any tricks? Any help would be greatly appriciated. Thanks, Scott
  13. Yea I think the frame would break off behind the sleeper. The guy I bought the truck from said the people who had it before him got it reposesed because they owed a good bit of money for motor work. So he bought it and wanted to make it a over the road truck. Since the frame was corroded on his truck he bugged my father to buy my truck. So we almost sold my truck to him because he wanted to swap motors. Luckly he didnt come back to buy it. The motor must be destine for my truck. He also told me the previous owner used to haul 120,000 pounds with that single aluminum frame. I dont think I would have wanted that much weight on a single frame. I would love to see some pics of it when it was new. Thats all I know about it. Scott
  14. I'm not attached to the sleeper so I could take some pictures of it if you want me to. Just tell me if you want me to. You don't want to put that sleeper on your nice looking truck do you? Scott
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