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  1. Certainly showing her age now, some call it patina others call it negligence lol
  2. Wouldn’t have traction issues with a load
  3. B42 plans

    I will run the flathead for the spring so I can enjoy it before it is in pieces in a garage, I am sure someone on here would want a running 401 for their project.
  4. B42 plans

    I found a 671 mated to a rt910 for $500 would really go at a snails pace with direct drive. Did they make different gear sets for the rad 508?
  5. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

    Funny how they look like they're built from scraps of other truck brands. Johnny cash must have had a hand in that company
  6. B42 plans

    Take her out for a ride! Did you do the repower yourself?
  7. B42 plans

    It has an odd ratio I think it is 7.23 the tandems in my donor has 6.34s with 20 inch rubber. I pondered long and hard on the idea of swapping them but thought it might ride funny with smaller rubber in the back and the front axle would be pretty close to the cab
  8. B42 plans

    I am thinking the 671 is too long, the 6v53 can fit in some pickups so it may be an easier fit. The idea is just having 1 truck with everything I want rather than buying a separate unit just to have a driptroit
  9. 1975 Marmon Tri Axle

    Anything that sits that long is bound to be a bigger problem than you initially expect as some have elaborated on. I had a 318 detroit in one of my trucks and the damn thing loved to over fuel and start winding up for the kill if it idled too long. As they said EVERYTHING under the hood was covered in oil and from what I have looked up before you can't stop them from doing it.
  10. Well having the 401 race ready and waiting for tax refund to show up to buy rubber has had me thinking about the repower project. Would a 671 or 6v53 fit and mate to the quadbox? I am in the dark about differences in clutches and bellhousing patterns.
  11. I believe it was your father I talked to, he was camping behind your truck which was quite nice I must add
  12. Doesn't seem anything maintaince free is worth having. My sterfathers zero turn smokes deck pullies that dry out. So after the new pully and belt you are paying over $100 every time.A little grease can go a long way.
  13. Snapped a few and got some words of wisdom from an older fella on my project. Who's rig is in the second picture?
  14. Hudson Mohawk aths show

    I will be heading there in the morning. Would be nice to meet some members and pick a few brains but I wouldn't know any of you from a crowd. I hope to have my B42 in it next year
  15. He certainly put a lot of love into that truck