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  1. Cool rig, a train cab and a stack right out the hood... pure business
  2. My favorites were the long nose GMC and the bullnose Pete, very nifty trucks
  3. So if anybody got caught up in the exit 27 traffic jam, that was my parents. They are ok, both in Albany hospital. The other guy didn’t fair so well.
  4. Show was nice, my son got to sit in a Mack fire truck, all smiles.
  5. Gas or diesel I have a 9 speed for a gas job.
  6. Is it possible the pictures you are trying to upload are too large in data size? Even with posting pictures from my old ladies phone I end up resizing or cropping them so they will upload.
  7. Had a blonde moment, will be at the show on Saturday
  8. Anybody going to the Ballston Spa show this weekend? The plan for us is to go Friday, would be nice to meet some people from here.
  9. Not to be funny but I actually like that panel truck.
  10. I sometimes wonder what could be seen on the open road, if only I had gone OTR. Your mobile photography is always interesting to see, thank you for sharing.
  11. If I remember right, it will not much matter if you switch up polarity on accident being such simple machines. You may have the voltage/amp gauge read backwards or something but as long as it is a 12v system and not a 6v I don't think you will hurt anything.
  12. Make sure all your injector plungers are freed up or you could end up with a runaway. I did an oil change and fuel filter change before I even attempted to start mine
  13. As with all technological advances, just more sh*t to go wrong and/ or allow for a dumber operator.
  14. I put a round fuel tank off a refrigerated trailer on my truck. Mounted it on the frame behind where the original square one was so I will either use the old tank just for a step or craft it into a toolbox.
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