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  1. Just found it scrolling craigslist. Any ideas? https://flint.craigslist.org/cto/6017006943.html
  2. Not Mine, http://appleton.craigslist.org/hvo/5806124419.html
  3. Hello everyone, I have been approached about purchasing a B model Mack that is in great running condition, therefore with great regret, I am going to list for sale my Mack B42 and B61 that I had lined up as a project. The 1956 B 42 x single axle I had picked up in North Dakota a couple of years ago and is very solid. It is all original with EN401 Magnadyne engine that is blown with rod out the side of the block. It has been inside storage for the last two years. The 1959 B 61 ST tandem has a endl 673 engine with a trdl 725 unishift transmission, 4.45 rear ration, 11,000 fronts and 32,000 rear
  4. I think your right, I will stop and see if i can get my next trip by there.
  5. Thanks for the info, there not real common around northern MI. We had a few 1989 superliners years ago and it looks like same cab.
  6. On these County trucks we put the fuel tanks behind the cab to put on under body scraper blade. Didn't know fenders were that squared on the R. What engines were available in these models.
  7. Just wondered what year and model this Mack was. It's been parked in a driveway at an abandon house for almost a year. You can tell it's a Michigan truck, pretty rusty.
  8. Couple of Mack AC, trucks, Tractors, hitmiss engines at estate online auction through Miedema auctions on the 27th Of October In Mancelona Michigan. May need a chainsaw to get one of the AC out of the woods. Anyone have a guess on what price both the AC will sell for. I do not know the seller. http://auction.orbitbid.com/items.cfm?auction=6452
  9. I didnot get a chance to check it over, im hoping it will be there next year.
  10. Back in the 80s and early 90s we would spec top mounted wipers instead of cowl mounted because they would notplug with snow during heavy snowfalls running side plow or vplow. Cowl mounted wipers would ice over with the defroster on high. I should say top mounted wipers would not ice over as bad. They still would freeze up. You had to make sure you had insulated boots plowing snow because you feet would freeze, especially in the older Oskosh trucks.
  11. no I didnt and I didnt talk to the owner either .sure was straight, good runner to, they had it in the parade of lights over the the big mac bridge with the other 200 trucks. Looked great!
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