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  1. Thanks for the good advice! I will definately pull the cover off the pump and check for stuck plungers and rack. I've seen a Detroit run away....not a fun experience. Also filters and oil change. I am also figuring on pulling the valve covers to check for any stuck valves before cranking it over with the starter. I'm sure it's been covered many times before, but is the 12/24volt system worth fixing, or should I just change over to a 12 volt starter. I would like to keep the truck as correct as possible, but im not sure it's worth the aggravation.
  2. Apparently I cant upload photos from my phone. My computer works tho. I submitted the Chassis # B61T-39755 to the Mack Museum, hopefully they respond with some info. The truck has the 673P engine with a 20spd quad in it. Any good tips on Mack specific things to look out for when trying to get this running for the first time since 1987? The motor is loose and does turn over by hand with a breaker bar on the balancer. Unfortunately Scrappers cut off all the battery cables and copper air lines, so I need to do some wiring before I try to crank it with the starter.
  3. New to the site. I've wanted a B61 tractor since I was about 12. Finally picked one up tonight. Although not new to the trucking or restoration world, im looking forward to getting into this project and learning what I can from the wealth of knowledge here. I would post a pic, but site keeps saying upload failed.........any advice?
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