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  1. Ok I took it apart and the valve was stuck so i cleaned it and it seams ok but i her some air coming from the brake pedal so I'll take that apart and clean that next
  2. Yes feeds brakes. I put an air line from the house compressor to check the air system and it was leaking from this spot instantly
  3. I have an air leak from this hole. What is supposed to be in there? Can I plug it?
  4. yes according to the build sheet from mack museum it came with a en438. so you are correct some one had to put in some time to change the engine out. I took off the fuel pump and pulled a number from it. Its an AC 855573
  5. I only found stuff for the carb not the fuel pump
  6. Some one put on an aftermarket 12v fuel pump. Is there a company out there that sells rebuild kits for the original pump?
  7. Getting ready to fire up the b422. Someone put on an aftermarket 12v electric fuel pump. No name or part # on it. I am gonna say it doesn't work. Got power to it and can hear/feel it run but no fuel. So my question is what size pump should I put on it. I also can't fine a replacement oil filter for it so how would I go about changing it to a spin on filter
  8. b422


    thank you for all the help. i took off the line to the frame and checked it to a battery and it fits the positive on the battery.
  9. b422


    Ok the cable that goes to the starter is not labeled or marked. The cable that goes to the frame is a silver strap. There were no batteries in the truck when i got it.
  10. b422


    the guy said it has been siting for about 10 years. so i would like to change the oil before I fire it up. How can i tell if it is positive ground?
  11. I am thinking about trying to fire up this old girl. It has a EN 438. What oil/filter do i need and spark plugs and wires. Is there anything that i need to watch out for? The throttle cables seem free. I was gonna use the batteries from my backhoe to use they are a type 24 500 cca. Would those be ok to test the truck?
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