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  1. Lol🤣 I'm just a big stickler for keeping things "stock" appearing anyway. I'm assuming the availability of the o.e replacement filters are next to none so that's probably why it was deleted 🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Possibly. Right now I have nothing. I'm not sure what would have been on the truck originally being a gas engine.
  3. I'm looking for a lead on the air filter housing and related ducts. The one that connects through the cab shell to the heater core is there but missing everything else. It has the EN402. Someone put a small element filter on the carb and it just looks ridiculous.🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. Just seeing this now, I apologise. Yes, I bought the truck from Chad.
  5. Revisiting this post now that it's finally home. The rear that was swapped in is an Eaton housing with 4:11's. Working on cleaning the mildew off of her yet and learning more and more about her. Got the 401 running. Mechanically it sounds quiet. The carb could definitely benefit from a rebuild though. Everything except the rear appears original to the truck.
  6. Mine has said set-up. I've yet to really get to look at mine though. Just bought it and getting it moved to my place is proving to be a hassle
  7. Ok, my B42 has the air ride rear suspension installed. From what I can see, whoever did it did a decent job. My question is: to run airlines to the brakes and bags, would I be Better off trying to graft in a complete system off of a donor truck or is it feasible to "build" when whole air system with individual parts? I'm new to the Antique truck scene so I'm looking for any and all information.
  8. I worked in a tire shop for several years doing truck wheels. The shops insurance company actually had a clause about these such wheels and also split rims. We still did split rims but boy is there a pucker factor when one let's loose....😳
  9. Beautiful truck buddy. What engine are you running? I'm thinking more about ditching the gasser and swapping in something... Either staying true to the era or going newer...
  10. If I have my way, it'll be more for conversation and hauling my other true love to car show's.
  11. I'll be able to give more details once it's actually at my place. As of right now my plan is to make the truck either a rollback/ramp truck or maybe a tractor. As soon as it's home I'll update everyone. Depending on how the gas motor runs, I may stick to the original drivetrain. If not, then maybe a diesel/trans swap will be in the future.
  12. I just purchased my first B. The previous owner (2 owners ago) ditched the rear axles and swapped in a Hendrickson suspension. I think it's off of a Freightliner by the looks of it. None of the airlines are hooked up and also the driveshaft needs figured out. Best I can tell is the pinion angle is off from the original carrier bearing. Has anyone ever attempted this conversion? Would it be easier to just go back to the OE setup? Until I get it home and look at it, I'm not sure what the gear ratio is. It's a Spicer rear and definitely heavy. I get the direction the previous owner was heading bu
  13. Awesome info, thank you. It appears that I do not have a B61 but rather a B-42. VIN reads B42S15224. Regardless, I still love it. I can't wait to get it home. Also, it has the power steering setup that's driven off the rear of the generator. From what I gather, that's a hard to find option? Maybe it'll become a B-61 someday 😉
  14. Cool, good to know. Is there any way to decode a vin number for these online? Having a hard time finding information.
  15. I was told it started life as a cement mixer. It is double framed. I need to dig into it more to figure out which gas motor I have. I believe it is the Continental 6 cylinder. It's married to the quadraplex 5x4. Couldn't pass it up for how solid it is. I'd love to switch it back to diesel and as cool as it would be to keep the trans, maybe put an 8LL in it. The suspension on the rear was changed two owners ago and basically left as is by the owner I got it from. He included a newer style front axle to complete the conversion.
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