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  1. Thanks for the info. Who knows the procedures ref. Sterling rims? Should I search for a Sterling truck forum web sight, or what other rims would interchange ? I will look for a better photo.
  2. The Waukesha (WI) Fire Dept. was given a pumper that was sold back in the 70s. The dept. bought a set of tires for it assuming that a local tire dealer could install them on the cast iron rims. Not kosher to assume. The tire store has struck out. I will try to forward a detailed picture of the Peter Pirsch taken in the early 1950s. If the rims are in fact Mack, instructions would be appreciated. If they are not Mack, instructions would still be appreciated.
  3. Thank you. If I hear it's not a Model B, I'll be back.
  4. I am a long time member of the Milwaukee Fire Historical Society. We own several fire trucks to include shop built, Peter Pirsch and a 49 Mack model B open cab pumper. It is currently in a local body shop. It will need a complete rewiring. I owned a 55 Peter Pirsch pumper for 10 years. Compared to a commercial truck / car, the wiring was straight forward / simple. Where does one obtain wiring diagrams? Board members directly responsible may also inquire. Assistance is appreciated.
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