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  1. I purchased one of those from Barry for my '64 B61 and am very happy with it....I didn't like the price but oh well........
  2. good looking superliner, Superdog, if you don't mind, go to my post on my b-model in the forums and read my question to you about my engine failure, if you don't mind..I wanted your thoughts on what happened to my B model, I have the parts but still have to slide under it and get the new bearings spun in and replace the turbo...thanks, Jeff.
  3. Superdog, I have a question that you may be able to shed some light on with this whole thing....it looks like the turbo and the main bearing failure occured at the same time, but the oil feed for these 2 things are fed by separate passages...I originally thought that the main spun first causing the turbo to lack for oil, but I don't think that is what happened..I am wondering if something happened to the bypass system for the oil pressure allowing the oil to dump back to sump, could that happen??? I feel both the turbo and the main bearing failing are tied together somehow, but I am not sure how..the oil pump has wear but it doesn't look like it failed...and I really think this had something to do with low oil pressure..give me your thoughts, thanks, Jeff.
  4. Jeff, there are a number of things you will have to do, but it can be done. I have a '64 B61 with a '78 300 plus out of an R model in my truck. The best thing to do is give me a call and I can give you a few tips to get you started. My home is 814-225-4266, work is 814-368-4486 and mobile is 814-598-8366. on the weekends call my home, week days, call my work, it is no problem, I have my own business so call anytime.. Jeff.
  5. I use Gulfway, they do need photos but they are pretty easy to work with..
  6. You know, I have thought about that, and the person I bought it from said no, but I bet that may be part of it or maybe the start of the problem. The truck was tipped quite severly, but not clear over on its side, the frame was bad and that is what let the box go over on its side, but the cab and engine was probably at a 45 degree angle......good thought.
  7. Thank you for your input and you make many good points...My main bearing didn't spin within the block, it lost lube between the crank and bearing and had just started to weld itself to the crank..(luckily)..I could tell by the bearing tabs, that it was about ready to spin in the block, but I got it shut down very quickly. Maybe my oil pump is getting weak and with it idleing like it had been before I started out on this trip, the damage had begun, also, before I installed this engine in my truck, it had set for quite some time in a wrecked truck and I installed it in my truck and began to use it. It may have had a main or two (or three) dried out, which was a thought I had and it just finally spun now that I have began to use the engine again.. I am just trying to find out why both (main and turbo) failed pretty much at the same time...I am leaning toward replacing the oil pump, as there may be more wear there than I am seeing..thanks again.
  8. you could be correct on the debris from the main bearing taking out the turbo, I have seen that also. I know there is no antifeeze in the oil, I thought of that but found the oil to be good and clean. I will check the bypass valve in the oil pump, do you guys see many 673 oil pump failures?? if so, what goes bad, the drive gear looks ok as do the pump gears themselves, other than some wear from being a pump for a few years...thanks for the comments, keep the ideas coming, I sure don't want to have to pull that motor out and go thru this again.
  9. Well all, it was a great ride while it lasted, I have had a little set back with my B61...as some of you remember I got my B model running and actually pulled one load of my old cats to a small show here in PA in July, and it worked and looked awsome. I had a slight problem on the next trip though.. I lost oil pressure, ruined the turbo and spun #2 main bearing!!! Now the good news, after inspecting the crank and doing some deep thinking, I don't think the crank will have to be polished, due to me paying attention and getting it shut down as soon as I saw the oil pressure gauge drop. The babbit on the bearing is polishing off the crank and I think I can hand polish it and leave the engine in..But for my big question, WHY..... I removed the oil pump and it looks okay, the turbo has a bent shaft and of course, wheel damage so I know I have to replace that. I just can't determine why all of a sudden I lost a main bearing and a turbo... give me some thoughts guys and let me know what you think??I have studied the service manual and am trying to determine maybe which one occured first, thinking the main might have starved the turbo or if I lost the turbo it may have starved the main bearing, but I am at a loss...give me your thoughts..
  10. Hi all, thanks for all the great compliments and comments. The tractors on the low boy are a 1958 cat 955 track loader that was my fathers in his excavating business that I acquired a couple of years ago and a 1937 cat "22" gasser that I purchased a few years ago. I painted them both but they are not completely restored although they both run and work well. I had loaded them up to take to a small tractor show about 12 miles from my home. The b-model handled the load real well and was a real neat trip to take... I am planning a few more of those hopefully before the summer is over...thanks again for all the answers I got on here and I will post a few more pictures...Jeff.
  11. Just thought I would post a couple of pic's of my load to a small show this weekend here in PA...truck ran really well. This is the truck I had a number of photos of over the past year or so in the engine/trans section...Thanks to all of you for the answers I got on this site for the questions I had....
  12. I posted these pictures in the drivetrain section as I am thinking of changing diff's but I wanted to post them here so all could see the completed pictures. As soon as I hook up my trailer with an old cat on it, I will post them too...........
  13. Hey guys, I mentioned I would get some photos on here of the truck when completed, well here they are.......
  14. Hey y'all, Herb was correct, I looked on my diff's and it is 7.49 ratio......what do you think I should go to for some road speed..I have in on 11.00 x 24.5 tubeless radials, but it originally came with 11.00 x 22 rubber....tell me what you guys think..thanks, Jeff.
  15. Thanks Herb for your help, I am going to find out what the ratio is and then look for something "taller" if I can...it runs well but is just too slow...as soon as I get the pictures downloaded I will get them on here...
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